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Infratemporal fossa torres

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Infratemporal fossa torres

  1. 1. Torres, KathleenINFRATEMPORAL FOSSA
  2. 2. Borders StructuresLateral Ramus of the mandible and coronoid process of the mandibleMedial Lateral pterygoid plate of the sphenoid, the superior constrictor muscle, and the pyramidal process of the palatine boneSuperior Infratemporal surface of the greater wing of sphenoid with the foramen ovale and foramen spinosumAnterior Posterior portion of the maxillaPosterior Styloid process and condylar process of the mandibleInferior No anatomic floor as the boundary of the fossa ends where the medial pterygoid attaches to the mandible
  3. 3. Contents of Infratemporal Fossa
  4. 4. Contents of Infratemporal Fossa
  5. 5. Contents of Infratemporal FossaMuscles1. Temporalis2. Lateral pterygoid3. Medial pterygoidArteries1. Maxillary and its branchesVeins1. Pterygoid plexus of veins and tributaries
  6. 6. Contents of Infratemporal FossaNerves1. V3 and branches2. Posterior superior alveolar3. Chorda tympani4. Otic Ganglion4. Lesser petrosal
  7. 7. Vascular SupplyI. Maxillary Artery
  8. 8. Vascular SupplyI. Maxillary Artery
  9. 9. Vascular SupplyI.A. 1st part (Mandibular part)-Passes between the ramus of the mandible andthe sphenomandibular ligament
  10. 10. Vascular Supply I.A. 1st part (Mandibular part)1. Deep auricular Supplies TMJ2. Anterior tympanic Aids in supplying the tympanic membrane along with some branches of the internal carotid artery3. Middle meningeal Divides into anterior and posterior branches to supply the meninges4. Accessory Supplies the trigeminal ganglion and durameningeal mater5. Inferior alveolar Supplies the dental alveoli
  11. 11. Vascular SupplyI.B. 2nd part (Pterygoid part)- Passes obliquely and anterosuperiorly between the ramusof the mandible and insertion the the temporalis muscle
  12. 12. Vascular SupplyI.B. 2nd part (Pterygoid part) Branches supply the muscles of the same name: 1. Anterior and posterior deep temporal 2. Masseteric 3. Pterygoid 4. Buccal
  13. 13. Vascular SupplyI.C. 3rd part (Pterygopalatine part)Passes from the infratemporal fossa into thepterygopalatine fossa via the pterygomaxillary fissure
  14. 14. Vascular Supply I.C. 3rd part (pterygopalatine part)1. Posterior superior Supplies the molars andalvelar premolars, lining of the maxillary sinus and the gums
  15. 15. Vascular SupplyII. Pterygoid Plexus•An extensive network of veins that parallel the 2ndand 3rd parts of the maxillary artery•Receives branches that correspond with the samebranches of the maxillary artery•The tributaries of the pterygoid p;exus eventuallyconverge to form a short maxillary vein•Communicates with the cavernous sinus,pharyngeal venous plexus, facial vein via the deepfacial vein, and ophthalmic veins