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Route:                                                       Route means that we now have unprecedented                   ...
Want to know whether POS at the supermarketwill deliver incremental cover on a roadsideschedule targeting SkySports-viewin...
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Route: The Right Direction in the OOH industry

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Posterscope's thought on Route, the OOH industry's new ground-breaking audience measurement system.

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Route: The Right Direction in the OOH industry

  1. 1. Route: Route means that we now have unprecedented understanding of journey patterns and how people move around when out-of-home. By its very nature, the medium is “always on”, so has theThe Right potential to reach anyone at any time. The new data also allows us to build campaigns around any combination of audiences, including those notDirection traditionally receptive to OOH advertising. We have accumulated afor OOH wealth of data about OOH campaigns but, historically, it has been outside of the measurement system. Now, from targeting main shopper Guardian reader to new technology innovators Route lets us plan the right OOH campaign.At Tuesday’s launch of Route, out-of-home’sbrand new audience measurement system, As Steve Hatch, MD of MEC, highlighted, theRichard Silman of Ipsos MediaCT (who led the most interesting nuggets are the “unknownresearch team) talked about geeks. unknowns”… and Route is chock-full of them. Take businessmen aged 35-55 being targetedGeeks, he reminded us, will inherit the earth. But with a digital campaign. Your natural instinct mightbefore they do that they will take over the ad tell you that the morning / evening commute is thebusiness. And they’re starting with Route… most efficient time to reach them, and Route confirms that. What you may not have known isRoute has finally arrived after 4 years in the that the next most efficient daypart is weekends 4-making. The survey has a total database of 19 7pm. Route tells us this.billion GPS records, which are matched to over 3million Navteq road links and over 100,000roadside poster frames.A staggering 160 million data records have beencollected and applied to the new framework –making it the world’s biggest ever GPS survey,and offering a level of detail with the potential totransform the entire OOH planning and tradingecosystem.This big data will allow us to define our audienceslike never before, leap-frogging other mediameasurements and propelling us on our ownjourney of re-defining OOH. For us, as the underwriters of Route, this accessThis is most definitely revolution, not evolution. to respondent level, granular data is particularly exciting, especially for those of you in the planningAs Glen Wilson suggested on launch day, with community, in that it presents an opportunity toRoute we have been given a Ferrari… and we ‘remix’ it with other data sources be theyshould drive it like we stole it. proprietary, client generated, external or open source. As a result, you will start to see more innovative approaches to planning driven by new tools to do this with.Posterscope – Pioneering Out of Home
  2. 2. Want to know whether POS at the supermarketwill deliver incremental cover on a roadsideschedule targeting SkySports-viewing White VanMan? Route lets us work that out.Which brings us back to the geeks… The game-changer with this application is that for the first time ever the start point is audience ratherAs a Route stakeholder, we are hugely excited than inventory. This means that we can nowabout getting “under the bonnet”, using the raw confidently maximise the delivery of targetdata to unlock further insight from the sheer audience metrics on each and every campaign,volume of information available, and combining it whether they be standard measures such aswith our own data, learnings and assets. reach, frequency and impact or key planning considerations such as geographic distribution, As a result we have developed a proximity to retailers, creative constraints or even unique proprietary planning tool, with desired consumer behaviours. Route data at its core, which enables Currently in the testing phase, us to combine that granular we have seen significant respondent data with infinite other increases in reach and impact data in order to create plans more delivery when comparing like-for- reflective of our planning craft, like campaign weights; intelligence and strategic approach. exceptionally positive learningsThose data fusing permutations are genuinely made possible by 18 months ofendless as what we have developed is an intensive development work supported by £1m ofapplication that will ultimately be evolved by the investment, and access to respondent-level dataend user. Campaigns can be built around as underwriters of Route.standard social demographics, geographically, Route is an opportunity for all of us to develop ourbased on retail location data but also mobile, businesses and to become infinitely more adept atlocation-based search information, sales profiles answering client needs. It advances the OOHand advertiser-specific assets. medium significantly, while connecting firmly to cross-media tools such as IPA Touchpoints. With this, Route will be as future-proof a research vehicle on OOH as can be, to stand alongside other media metrics and be the sole input for industry cross media planning and analysis systems. Route marks a new chapter for OOH – and we’re looking forward to writing the rest of the story. If you’d like any more information please contact the team at Posterscope.Posterscope – Pioneering Out of Home