Mobile Ecosystem - Marketing and Advertisement Past, Present, Future

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3 de Sep de 2013

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Mobile Ecosystem - Marketing and Advertisement Past, Present, Future

  1. Firat Isbecer  Pozitron  Managing Partner  Twitter: fisbecer  Galata Business Angels, Endeavor, Shakespeare In Love, Lig Radyo.
  2.  Mobile Strategy  Timeline of Mobile Marketing  The Mobile Ecosystem  Types of Mobile Marketing  Trends – Past, Present and Future  SMS – MMS  QR Codes and Mobile Ads  Glossary  Best Cases in Mobile Marketing Todays Outline
  3.  Use the three pillars of mobile strategy to guide your marketing programs in each phase: Immediacy: Provide content that is timely and actionable in the moment. Simplicity: Provide programs elements that are easy to see and navigate on a mobile phone. Context: Send relevant messages based on time, location, and mobile behaviors What is your Mobile Strategy?
  4. Mobile Marketing Timeline 1995 2000 2005 2010 2011 Targeted Msgs (2003) Mobile Applications (2007) Sosyal Medya Mkt MMS Mkt SMS Mkt (2000) Wap Banners (2001) Single Shot SMS (2009)Interactive SMS (2001) Ringtones & Screensavers (1995) In App Banners Wap (1999) Bluetooth Mkt (2003)LBS Mkt (1999) Palm VII Logo Mkt (1994) Ingame Advertising (2007) Sweepstakes 2002 Mobile Gaming (1995) QR Codes
  5. The Mobile Shift Slow Connection High Speed Connection Primitive Devices TouchScreen Phones & Tablets WAP Apps and HTML 5 Personal Experience Social Experience
  6. The Mobile Ecosystem Networks Carriers Platforms/Operating Systems Mobile Users Handset Manufacturers DevelopersEnterprises
  7. Change in Power Dynamics • Satisfying user expectations is the main goal. • Platform providers and developers are acquiring more power over networks and carriers day by day.
  8. Basic Mobile Marketing Channels Thanks for visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain. We hope you had a great time. Connect Real World QR Code / Aug R Mobile Messaging SMS Platforms Apps/Sites LBS Location Based- Services Mobile Ads Display/Search
  9. QR Code Marketing QR codes, or quick response codes, are two-dimensional barcodes QR code can be produced on any surface with sufficient contrast
  10. QR Code Marketing 11Copyright Pozitron 2010. Yöntem 2: Cebe gelen barkodu okumak. Yöntem 1: Basılı bir barkodu Cep telefonu ile okumak
  11. 12Copyright Pozitron 2010. Hızlı ve mobil alişverişte... Derginizin Mobil Katalog’dan Puan’larınızla ürün alın
  12. 13 McDonald Kart sahiplerine ikinci menü bedava. İŞCEP’i buradan cebinize indirin. Coca-Cola reklam videosunu buradan izleyin. Copyright Pozitron 2010.
  13. Augmented Reality 14Copyright Pozitron 2010. Terminator 2 filmi. 1990’ların başı 2009 yılında ilk Augmented Reality iPhone uygulaması App Store’da yerini aldı.
  14. SMS & MMS Marketing (Content Based) SMS marketing is still used by the majority of companies. 100 million advertising SMS sent out every month in Europe alone. By 2008 worldwide MMS usage level had passed 1.3 billion active users who generated 50 billion MMS messagesand produced annual revenues of 26 billion dollars SMS Marketing MMS Marketing • 96% of people that receives texts open them. • Reach targeted costumers with techologies like «Hedefli Mesaj» • With Interactive SMS companies can receive replies from customers. • Its low-cost, fast and all of the mobile phones supports SMS
  15. SMS & MMS Marketing (Content Based)
  16. More Content Marketing Different marketing methods are used in games such as creating branded game, ad insertion to an existing game, ad funded gaming and giving away free mobile games Mobile operators and other companies give away ringtones and screensavers in order promote themselves. Highly popular in early 2000, the interest in ringtones and screensavers remains. InGame Marketing Ringtone & Screensaver Marketing
  17. Proximity Marketing – Bluetooth The Bluetooth based proximity marketing involves setting up Bluetooth "broadcasting" equipment at a particular location and then sending information to Bluetooth enabled devices within range of the broadcast server
  18. Proximity Marketing – Location Based A location-based service (LBS) is an information or entertainment service, which is accessible with mobile devices through the mobile network and which uses information on the geographical position of the mobile device • 30 million people tried Facebook places • Foursquare gets 15.000 new users everyday • 2.4 million people use Foursquare worldwide • Gowalla has almos 1 million users
  19. Location Based Services Local targeting through geolocation gives merchants the tools they need to get information for discount coupons, online deals
  20. Location Based Services Incentivize your most loyal brand advocates Create rewards and reinforcements that meet your business objectives 3rd Party LBSs are games above anything else; be entertainment and encourage social sharing Effectively target consumers at the most important point in the consideration cycle POS but also train your staff
  21. Proximity Marketing – NFC Based NFC tags are embedded in the NFC Smart Poster, Smart Product, Smart Book. Any NFC-enabled phone can activate this tag by placing the device in close proximity. GSM Based Services allows messages (advertising, public information, etc.) to be broadcast to all mobile users in a specified geographical area. ProximityMarketing– GSM & Cell ID Based
  22. WAP Display and Search Ads  Advertising implemented into the mobile websites • Text Ad & Image Ad • Search Ads & Jump Page Sold on Cost Per Click (CPC), Cost Per Impression (CPM) Platforms include iAd (Apple), Ad Mob (Google) and all main Portals
  23. Types of Ads Banner + Video Custom Ads App Integration
  24. InApp Advertisement and Marketing  Putting ads inside the app still remains as a business decision.  While some apps promote its own brand and highlight their campaigns, some use ads as a source of income
  25. Mobile CTR vs. Desktop CTR
  26. App Marketing  Enterprises are launching their own apps to reach wider audiences, especially the younger tech-savvy audience  Especially profitable for eCommerce and mbanking applications, mobile apps are offering a brand new platform to complete transactions.
  27. Marketing through mCommerce Any eCommerce done in a wireless enviroment, especially via internet  Mobile Commerce is expected to grow $31 billion by 2016 in US only Type of mCommerce Services  Financial  Entertainment  Shopping  Payment  Advertising
  28. Social Media Marketing Mobile marketing is not only constituted by company or agency generated content. Some of the most influencial marketing tools are social media apps that have user generated content. Users like to share information with each other and express their opinion, be the contributer not just the audience.
  29. Wrapping Up... The concept ‘Mobile’ refers to the user, and not the device or the application !!
  30. Types of Mobile Marketing thru Channels  Content Marketing  SMS and MMS Marketing  InGame Marketing  Ringtone and Screensaver Marketing  Proximity Marketing  Bluetooth  Location Based  NFC Based  QR Codes  WAP Display and Search Ads  Application Marketing  InApp Advertising  Mobile Social Media Marketing
  31. Mobile Marketing Terms Trivia Widget QR Code NFC Tag HTML 5 Immediacy Hedefli Mesaj Proximity Augmented Reality WAP Push Roaming Yelp! Gowalla Admob Push Messaging Pull Messaging
  32. Türkiye’de Mobil Pazarlama ve Reklam  Go Pepsi videosu  İşcep videosu  Mobil akşam (imaj)  MMS  1 kontör
  33. Mobile Ecosystem Life Spans • 16 mobile platforms since 1996 • 3 platforms are terminated and 3 platforms had replacements 1997 2001 2005 2009 2012
  34. Case Study – Starbucks

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