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Room2shop pitch desk

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Room2shop pitch desk

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Room2shop pitch desk

  1. 1. Mission & Vision Mission: Our mission is to be the India’s largest online marketplace and erase the distance and gap between the sellers and buyers digitally. Objective is to provide every individual, artisan, trader, distributor, wholesaler, manufacturer & exporter a digital, safe and secure platform to do business. With our Auction facility we want to present a different experience of shopping to the shoppers nationwide. Vision: Vision is to create a digital environment for even the smallest of the artisans in the country to be able to showcase & sell his creative products to the whole nation.
  2. 2. We help e-commerce retailers increase their conversions by providing them an ecosystem where they can sell new as well as used products efficiently. Room2shop offers the tools to merchandise product trends throughout the digital shopping journey: onsite, in email marketing and in advertising. We also provide buyers a unique way of buying the products through Auction Facility which helps them in getting used products at their doorsteps from other parts of India. We also help Manufacturers and wholesalers to sell their products in Bulk through our Wholesale Room Facility. ELEVATOR PITCH
  3. 3. Loopholes in Current Scenario Problem 1: I would like to share my own personal experience “ Once I wanted to buy a used mobile phone and when I searched for online, I got one from Bangalore. On completion of negotiation with the seller I decided to purchase the same but there was no option of online payment and he told me to pay on pick up”. Problem 2: Sellers from India have to use different platforms to sell their products in different formats like sellers use retail marketplaces to sell in retail and use B2B marketplaces to sell in bulk which is very difficult to manage.
  4. 4. Solution 1: Room2shop offers Auction Facility to the buyers as well as sellers where sellers will be able to list his second hand goods as well as dead stocks and will be able to sell it nationwide buyers who are not required to travel and can pay online. Hence the problem will be eradicated. Solution 2: We offer a platform for the sellers where they can list their products in Wholesale, Retail, Auction all at the same place. Hence managing different sites will not be an issue. SOLUTION
  6. 6. 8 USP E-Auctions Lifestyle E-Auction is currently live on the site. Plan is to increase the trend of auction in India. Other plan is to get Used cars and Real Estate into auctions
  7. 7. 9 USP E-MLM Plan: 1st company to launch e-MLM To give benefit to buyers for the lifetime. Strategy: Create a unique code of buyer and let him refer to his friends through that unique code. Buyer will get a share of the purchased Item through his reference whenever the referenced buys at any point of time. Benefit: Cost of Customer acquisition will be lowered. Deadline: E-MLM will be live on the site by EOM September 2016.
  8. 8. 10 USP Plan: Be a one stop shop for retailers as well as wholesalers and manufacturers. Strategy: Get sellers to list their items in wholesale and paid samples in retail. Benefit: This will get us buyers who are businessmen themselves and retail will get a boost. Deadline: wholesale will be live on the site by EOM August 2016. Wholesale room
  9. 9. COMPETITION $ 1.6 BNTotal e-Sales in India 1%Share of Auctions No Real Competition in Auction Sector as the market size is huge. We are trying to change the way people shop in India and our motto is “Stop Buying Start Winning” Company Auction Facility Packaging Material Free Packaging Material Free Shipping Free Returns Total room2shop Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 5 ebay Yes Yes No No No 2 amazon No Yes No No No 1 flipkart No Yes No No No 1 snapdeal No Yes No No No 1
  10. 10. GO-TO MARKET STRATEGY/ MARKETING PLAN Major Expenses in e-commerce is required for CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) which is a challenge on our part too. Currently we are focusing only on Radio and Social media advertising but acquisition of customer requires a large team and we will expand the Team as and when required We are also planning to launch a AV campaign wherein we will be able to reach out to a huge chunk of users.
  11. 11. TEAM “We are the right team who can execute this business because we are a blend of youth and experience in Finance, Marketing and Technology which is Core attributes of any Business model.”
  12. 12. Share Holding Pattern
  13. 13. TRACTION/PROJECTIONS Founded in January 2015 and operations started from July 2015, room2shop is relatively a New Age Startup. Current revenue is almost 30 Lakhs and counting. By 2018, room2shop is aiming at increasing reach to 40 identified cities in India and Target is to add 50 Thousand sellers by the same time and start generating Revenue and hence EBIDTA Margins to take off by 3%. By 2020 we are targeting to add 1.5 lakh sellers across India and taking EBIDTA Margin to 8-10% during this period.
  14. 14. TRACTION/PROJECTIONS 31654 Buyers* 3245 Sellers* INR 6,456,476 GMV* Our Profit is 12-20% commission on sale depending on the category. *All traction till 20th April 2016
  15. 15. Current equity structure, fundraising history and investors $ 165,000 Invested* 15% Equity Cap* $ 6.67 Mn Valuation* *All traction till 30th April 2016 All the above mentioned numbers are in-house funding and we did not raise funds till date.
  16. 16. Other Plans 1. Take e-auction to a new level in India where people can actively take part in Bidding and experience a new way of shopping. 2. Tie-ups with banks for e-auction of Properties and Automobiles too. 3. Expand the reach of the company to Tier-2 and Tier-1 cities of India. 4. Create an ecosystem where “practically anyone can sell practically anything” on the site. 5. Buyers “Refer & Earn” Program will help buyers to earn Lifelong royalty income from the site.
  17. 17. NEEDS We want to raise “Early stage funding”. This will be used for the below mentioned purposes. 1. Increase Team size & Pan India Visibility. 2. Marketing & Advertising 3. Product Development 4. Improving Technology Requirement is $1 Mn.