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Tata Motors

  1. A Seminar on TATA MOTORS By Piyush Porwal Mansingh Lavhate Pranav Thombare Violet Ogwora Pradip Patil
  2. Objective To study the 4 P’s of Marketing Mix used by TATA Motors.
  3. • Worked in fathers company till the age of 29 • Started trading company in 1868 • In 1869, Purchased oil Mill – Converted into Cotton mill (Alexandra Mill) In Chinchpokli • Purchase cost - Rs 21000(Worth 21 million in 2015) • 4 Goals – Iron & Steel industry (Asia’s 1st & worlds 5th largest) - World class learning institute (IISC) - A Unique Hotel (Taj – 1903) - Hydoro-electric plant (TATA Power – 8000MW)
  5. Chairman 1. Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata (1868-1904) 2. Dorabji Tata (1904-1932) 3. Nowroji Saklatwala (1932-1938) 4. Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata(JRD Tata)(1938-1991) 5. Ratan Tata (1991-2012) 6. Cyrus Pallonji Mestry (28 Dec 2012….
  6. About • Tata Motors Limited (formerly TELCO, short for Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company) • Established in 1945 • It is the world's 5th-largest motor vehicle manufacturing company, fourth-largest truck manufacturer. • Second-largest bus manufacturer by volume. • Dual-listed company traded on both the Bombay Stock Exchange, and New York Stock Exchange
  7. • It is an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, and a subsidiary of the Tata Group • 'India's most valuable brand' in a annual survey conducted by Brand Finance and The Economic Times. • in 2005, was ranked among the top 10 corporations in India with an annual revenue exceeding INR 320 billion. • Tata Motors has produced and sold over 4 million vehicles in India • Employs 24,000 workers • Operations - 85 countries across six continents. • Export - in more than 120 nations
  8. • Tata Motors is India’s largest automobile company, with consolidated revenues of USD 20 billion in 2009-10 • Manufactured its first commercial vehicle in 1954 in a collaboration with Daimler-Benz AG • Tata Motors' principal subsidiaries purchased the British premium car maker Jaguar Land Rover and the South Korean commercial vehicle manufacturer Tata Daewoo. • Tata Motors has a bus-manufacturing joint venture with Marcopolo
  9. Vision “Most admired by our customers, employees, business pertners and shareholders for the experience and value they enjoy being with us”. Mission “To be passionate in anticipating and providing the best vehicles and experience that excite our customers globally”
  10. • Maximising customer satisfaction • Contineous improvement through design & dev. • Maintain international standards • Environmentally sustainable technologies • Improve quality of life of both within & outside of org. Key points
  11. TATA Motors Board of Directors Mr. Cyrus P Mistry – Director & Chairman Directors • Dr. Raghunath A. Mashelkar - Non-Ex Director • Mr. Nasser Munjee - Non-Ex Director • Mr. Subodh Bhargava - Non-Ex Director • Mr. Vinesh K Jairath - Non-Ex Director • Dr. Ralph Speth - Non-Ex Director • Ms. Falguni S. Nayar - Non-Ex Director • Mr. Guenter Butschek (CEO & Managing Director) • Mr. Ravindra Pisharody (Commercial Vehicles) • Mr. Satish B. Borwankar (Quality)
  12. PRODUCTS • Passenger utility vehicles • Commercial vehicles • Concept vehicles • Military vehicles
  13. PLANTS • Jamshedpur - Truck factory, Engine factory, Cab & Cowl factories • Pune - Production Engineering division, Press tools, Jigs, Fixtures, Gauges, Metal patter and Special tools • Lucknow - Manufacturing of commercial vehicles, Modern buses, CNG & RE Buses • Patnagar - Manu. Of Mini Truck, ACE, and passenger carrier MAGIC • Sanad - Manufacturing of Tata Nano • Dharwad - Manu. Of Bolt, TIago
  14. Marketing Mix 1. Product 2. Price 3. Place 4. Promotion
  15. 1. PRODUCT a. Brand •. Advertisement to create brand image Quality, performance, features & class (all of these meanings are added to the product by advertising) •. Many people buy the branded products as a symbol of status •. Tata motors is successful in creating and maintaining a professional brand image b. Packaging •. Here, packaging refers to and effective assembly of features
  16. • They provide many innovative features to suit the target customers and product • E.g. Tata Safari Dicor has ‘Reverse Guide System’ which includes a weather-proof camera to help the driver while reversing the vehicle. c. Innovations • To meet the needs and expectations in innovative ways • Indian psychology – ‘More at less price’ • spent the maximum (Rs 2,200 crore) in the financial year 2015 (Ranks among top 50 companies in the world) d. Quality Control To avoid defects in products and maintaining the quality
  17. e. Product range
  18. Military vehicles
  19. Concept Vehicles
  20. Upcoming Cars in 2016-17 • Tata Nano Diesel (2.4 – 3.5 Lacs, MAY – DEC 2016) • Tata Hexa (Crossover) (13.0 – 18.0 Lacs, OCT – NOV 2016) • Tata Kite 5 (Sedan) (4.0 – 5.5 Lacs, OCT – NOV 2016) • Tata Nexon (SUV) (7.0 – 10.0 Lacs, FEB – MAY 2017) • Tata Megapixel(Hatchback)(5.0 – 7.0 Lacs, JUN – SEP 2017) • Tata Pixel (Hatchback) (2.0 – 2.5 Lacs, NOV – DEC 2017) • Tata Indica Vista Electric (Hatchback) (5.00 – 7.00 Lacs, JUL – SEP 2017)
  21. e. Unique Feature •. High wheel base (greater stability, comfort& safety) •. Electronic Anti-skid programme •. Separate engine & cabin compartments which gives more safety and prevents from major accidental damage •. Strong exterior body (made of thick metal sheet) •. The range of Super Milo fuel efficient buses are powered by super-efficient, eco-friendly •. engines. The bus has optional organic clutch with booster assist and better air intakes •. that will reduce fuel consumption by up to 10%. f. Service Service provided by these products are transportation of goods and passangers
  22. 2. PRICE a. Pricing Strategy The various determinants of price are i. Market Condition ii. Costs incurred iii. Profit percentage desired by the Co. iv. Dealer Profit b. Alterations No alterations in performance for lowering the price. may be alterations in the accessories, if desired by the customer
  23. c. Discounts • Decided every month • Types – i. Festival offers ii. Exchange offers iii. Promo. offers iv. Special discounts for govt. servants ( maxRs.5000 )
  24. 3. PLACE  a. Channels of Distribution • Through dealerships (Dealers negotiate, & buy the vehicles from co. & gets profit through sale, as MRP is fixed) • Bulk order from govt. or pvt. Companies are handelled by company itself b. Physical Distribution   • Manufactured at Commercial vehicles - Jamshedpur,Lucknow and Pantnagar passenger vehicles – Pune, Dharwad • From the plant, vehicles are transported through containers by road
  25. c. Market coverage •. Highest commercial vehicles sale in india •. Exports to 120 countries all over the world •. R & D centres in South Korea, UK & Spain •. Highest manufacturer of military vehicles for India and South Africa
  26. 4. Promotions a. Personal Selling • Sales Officers at the dealerships • Collect prospective customer databases and try to attract customers (offers through calls, mails, messages) b. Advertising •. T.V., Newspapers, Magazines, Hoardings, Internet, camps etc •. Eg – Camp for the advertisement and promotion of tiago, conducted by Unity Motors (Klpr) in Kolhapur, Ichalkaranji & Raigad.
  27. c. Sales Promotion • To persuade consumers to purchase immediately by providing special incentives such as cash rebates, prizes, extra product, or gifts • Company conducts intensive sales promotion during festivals such as festive discounts during Diwali d. Public Relations • Co. takes serious measures to maintain good public relations. • They follow business ethics to ensure that the customer is satisfied and receives good service whenever and wherever he desires • Eg – Taking feedbacks, giving good service and offers
  28. • Involved in a wide variety of community development and environment preservation projects & social activities relate to health, primary education, skills training and entrepreneurship, livelihoods, women empowerment and strengthening services for the differently-abled. e. Internet marketing •. Advertisements •. Promotional videos •. Online information of products •. Customers feedbacks
  29. 5. People • Highly motivated and talented staff • Rigorous training programmes to hone their entrepreneurial skills and impart comprehensive product knowledge 6. Processes • motors follow Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, Inc for achieving excellence
  30. 7. Physical Evidence • management of the company has managed to keep their hopes alive even in the recession time • On just launch of Tata Nano, company received 2,03,000 bookings with 70% payments made
  31. HORIZONEXT  • FUELNEXT – Cleaner, Greener & efficient transportation • CONNECTNEXT - Advanced Navigation & connectivity system (smartphone integration, multi/auto drive, touch display, HARMAN audios. ) • DRIVENEXT - CSC Corner Stability Control, Dual air bags • PERFORMANCENEXT – To give the optimum blend of performance
  32. SWOT Analysis a. Strengths • Innovation & strong financial condition • No. of patents & trademarks • Environmental Friendly Policies • Aggressively acquiring foreign brands to increase its global presence • High amount of foreign investment
  33. b. Weaknesses • Tata large range is based on very old models expect for the Nano • Ignorance of Tata's involvement in the Car sector • Not able to meet safety standards in their vehicles. • Low return on investment on Tata Motor’s shares • in English, ‘tat’ means rubbish - Brand sensitive British consumer would buy, instead, they would buy Fiat, Jaguar and Land Rover c. OPPORTUNITIES • Exploitation of large markets in India and China • Acquisition /Take over • By launching low cost car (Nano) into countries where people have low purchasing power
  34. d. Threats • Can introduce more safety • Less experience in car manufacturing • Increases in Raw materials and Labour Costs • Industrial espionage intellectual property right • Rising fuel prices • cheap cars in India will have an adverse effect on pollution
  35. Visit Unity Motors Plot no. 170/176 Pune-Banglore express highway Gokul Shirgaon Date - 10 AUGUST 2016
  36. Conclusion • Tata Motors is an overall strong company that has found strength and expansion through its parent company TATA GROUP. • Tata has grown from a small company based in India to a global leader through their innovation, hardwork and fair business policies.
  37. Thank You