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What is Customer Delight & how it is different from Customer Satisfaction

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Customer delight occurs when a business delivers a customer a strong, positive experience that exceeds that customer's expectations.

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What is Customer Delight & how it is different from Customer Satisfaction

  1. 1. Customer Delight
  2. 2. Customer delight occurs when a business delivers a customer a strong, positive experience that exceeds that customer's expectations. The favorable emotional response of a delighted customer can lead to repeat buying, loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals What is Customer Delight Delight = Expectation + 1
  3. 3. When most people hear about Customer Delight, they think it’s the same as Customer Satisfaction; however, there is a very important difference between the two, and it comes down to exceeding versus merely meeting expectations. So let’s take a moment to compare: • Customer Satisfaction: Expectations are met • Customer Delight: Expectations are exceeded Customer Delight Vs Customer Satisfaction Are they similar…??? Absolutely NOT!!!
  4. 4. The majority of businesses spend most of their money and time on acquiring customers and building products. However, what happens after a customer is obtained? This should never be the end of a company's goal but rather just the beginning. Why Customer Delight Is Important
  5. 5. • Promoters of your brand. Social media has empowered your clients to speak aloud about their experience with your brand. • It always cost more to search for new business, than getting recurring business from existing clients • Delighting the customers will lead to repurchase behaviour or customer loyalty • A delighted customer is less price sensitive Why Customer Delight Is Important
  6. 6. If you do not take care of your customers, someone else will. You make mistakes  you lose  competitor wins Why Customer Delight Is Important
  7. 7. • Every interaction is important, they should feel delighted with call or visit. • They should learn something with each interaction. When… Is it after they make a purchase???? NO..!!
  8. 8. Pillars Of Customer Delight • Understand, support and suggest Understand their problem, show concern & suggest a solution • Deliver Beyond Customer Expectations Of course this requires knowing what customer expectations are in the first place. But even the little things (like a link to blog, relevant videos, forum links, etc.) can put a smile on your customers face, making the experience that much better.
  9. 9. Pillars Of Customer Delight • Empower your Employees Bottom line is pretty simple – happier employees really do mean happier customers. Empower them with the authority and the tools to improve customer experience, and watch employee (and customer) engagement soar.
  10. 10. Pillars Of Customer Delight • If You Screw Up, Apologize – and Mean It Everyone makes mistakes. After all, companies are people too. And of course, customers get annoyed – but it’s rare that a sincere apology can’t placate even the most upset. Provided, of course, you back that apology up with action, and resolve the issue.
  11. 11. Pillars Of Customer Delight • Listen to your Customers 80/20 rule Don’t just pick up the phone and start drooling your sales pitch or the awesome solution you have for their problems. Spend 80% of your time listening to your customers & do only 20% talking.
  12. 12. Pillars Of Customer Delight • Educate Your Customers Helping customers better your understand products and services transforms buyers into promoters, as well as helping them get immediate (and often greater) value from their interactions. • Get into their culture: Respect their boundaries Don't just make assumptions about who your customers are and how they respond. Get to know the neighborhood/city/state/region where you are based and express an interest in the culture.
  13. 13. Pillars Of Customer Delight Respond Quickly (within one hour are likely to get more sales, and if you don’t have the solution/ attendant at that time, at least tell them how & when they will be getting assistance) Every customer desires swift action, regardless of the situation. The speed with which you reply to an issue or inquiry is a perceptual indicator of how much you care. Something as simple as a quick acknowledgment that someone’s begun the process of resolving their issue might be all it takes.