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  1. Topic Construction Industry and Construction Projects Presented By:- Prasad Kadam
  2. Aim of Topic • To understand the importance of construction industry.
  3. Construction Industry • It is the 2nd largest sector in India after agricultural sector. • Around 16% of the population working in this sector. • It contributes more than 5 per cent to the nation's GDP.
  4. Types of Construction Industry Construction Industry Construction of Buildings Infrastructure
  5. Departments Liasoning D&D Planning Tender & Contracts Execution & Billing Purchase Accounts Tax Sales
  6. Selection of Professional Service • It is required to save the timeline of project and complete the activity within or before timeline. • In this following professional services involved :- I. Architect Consultants II. RCC consultant III. MEP Consultant IV. Geotechnical Consultant V. HR consultant VI. Marketing Consultant
  7. • Architect Consultant :- • It is the most crucial and primary part of construction projects. • They provide the supervisory service for the assign project and maintain the elevation of buildings. • D&D ,MEP, Geotechnical Consultants :- • Above mentioned all are linked with each other and discussions, decisions among them creates profitable business for their clients. • HR Consultants :- • It provides the best talent within the companies budget for the particular work and take care of all the problems, needs, Work culture related stuff.
  8. Construction Contractors • To relieve the headache of owner generally every owner appoints a descent contractor who can manage the things from start to end of the project. • Contractor supposed to have a good technical team with supervisor and then material, manpower and money to complete the task in given time. • Sometimes, owner keep a specialize team to complete the particular work or main contractor award the work to sub- contractor.
  9. Legal & Regulatory Requirements
  10. Role & Responsibility of Project Manager • Project Manager plays vital and main role in any project. • He is MVP of project because he knows about scheduling, costing, billing, execution and other technical skills. • He must have attitude of keeping everyone as a group and open mind to welcome new ideas and suggestions. • He is the link between project staff and management, so he need to think rationally.
  11. PMC :- Project Management Consultancy • It is offer expertise, Well knowledgeable and sound in technical parts people to owner. • They offer each and every part of service like billing, execution, contracts, budgeting, safety to owner. • Some times owner doesn’t want to hire a staff for a project so he directly appoint a PMC. • Some large infrastructure projects hire PMC service to keep an eye on quality of work.
  12. Construction Project Residential Commercial Industry
  13. Residential Project
  14. • Shown project in last side has total 6 buildings which comprises of total of 975flats. • This project have a swimming pool, tower parking, garden, clubhouse and basements too. • It has slightly lower value than commercial and industrial area.
  15. Commercial Project
  16. • Picture shown in last side is pure commercial project which is of total 80,000 sqft and total cost of project is 40cr. • This project is comprises of 3parts i.e, shops + offices + theatre area. • Rates of this type of commercial projects are 20 to 30% higher than the residential one. • Such projects have special zone for e.g, 1. Bandra-Kurla Complex – Mumbai 2. Midtown Manhattan – New York 3. Connaught place – New Delhi 4. CD Belapur- Navi Mumbai
  17. Industrial Project
  18. • Industrial projects have special zone which is very near to the national highways or sea. • One can easily find industrial zone in a district. • For eg, 1. MIDC-Kalyan Dombivli 2. Additional Dindori (Nashik) 3. Dighi – Mangaon (Raigad) 4. Khalapur (Raigad) 5. Talegaon (Pune) • These projects improve employability and offer a chance to develop other business which are co-relate to the main business.
  19. Thank You