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Vedic Sciences and Computers

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A small presentation which I presented at mathematics workshop on how vedic science and sanskrit can bring in huge difference in computing technology.

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Vedic Sciences and Computers

  1. 1. Vedic Science and Computers Pravin Hanchinal Co-founder & CEO INSPIRE- groups
  2. 2. presentations
  3. 3. Meaning Veda: wisdom / knowledge
  4. 4. Vedic is practical philosophy
  5. 5. Vedas Timeline (Sruti) Lord Narayana Brahma Guru Students
  6. 6. Computer works on OOP OOP: Object Oriented Programming OOP contain Classes Objects are instances of classes Computer works on grammar i.e., syntax and semantics
  7. 7. Sanskrit follows OOP systematised formal grammar Sanskrit has best grammar suitable for computers written by Pāṇini
  8. 8. Example Main (sutras) gam gamanam cow .... gaith .... ....
  9. 9. About Panini grammar modern formal language 3,959 sutras -> Theory of everything Ashtadhyayi (अ टा यायी Aṣṭādhyāyī, meaning "eight chapters"), the foundational text of the grammatical branch of the Vedanga, the auxiliary scholarly disciplines of Vedic religion
  10. 10. Got questions? mail to
  11. 11. Thank you more presentation at
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  13. 13. Stay connected
  14. 14. Useful Resources