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Preposition Usage Don't you thaink that doing grammar and punctuation mistakes is awful? According to statistics people tend to make a lot of mistakes when it comes to preposition usage, check this guide out to avoid awkward moments!

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Preposition Usage

  2. 2. What is a preposition?
  3. 3. it is a word or set of words that indicates location…
  4. 4. …or some other relationship between a noun or pronoun and other parts of the sentence.
  5. 5. Rule #1 A preposition generally, but not always, goes before its noun or pronoun.
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  7. 7. Rule #2a The preposition like means "similar to" or "similarly to," should be followed by an object of the preposition
  8. 8. Rule #2b Instead of like, use as, as if, as though, or the way when following a comparison with a subject and verb.
  9. 9. Rule #2c Do not use as unless there is a verb involved.
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  11. 11. Rule #3 The preposition of should never be used in place of the helping verb have.
  12. 12. If you are unsure what to use, utilize preposition check online.
  13. 13. EXAMPLE Correct: I should have done it. Incorrect: I should of done it.
  14. 14. Rule#4 It is a good practice to follow different with the preposition from.
  15. 15. Or perhaps, have your preposition checked.
  16. 16. Rule #5 Use into rather than in to express motion toward something.
  17. 17. Use in to to tell the location.
  18. 18. Rule #6 The word of is used for belonging to, relating to, or connected with.
  19. 19. Used to indicate reference. Example: I got married in the summer of 2015.
  20. 20. Used to Indicate an amount or number. Example: I drank three cups of tea.
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  22. 22. Rule #7 For is used to indicate the use of something
  23. 23. Example: I baked a cake for your birthday.
  24. 24. Is used to mean because of. Example: I am so happy for you.
  25. 25. Also used to indicate time or duration. Example: This is all I have for today.
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  27. 27. Rule #8 By shows the latest time at which an action will be finished.
  28. 28. So it is usually used with a future tense.
  29. 29. Example: I hope to finish the work by Monday.
  30. 30. Rule #9 On s generally used to talk about things at rest.
  31. 31. Example: She sat on a chair.
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  33. 33. Rule #10 Upon is used about things in motion.
  34. 34. Example: He jumped upon his horse.
  35. 35. It may sometimes be confusing on how prepositions are to be used.
  36. 36. But it is best to use preposition check online instead
  37. 37. Rule #11 At shows an exact point of time. Example: I have a meeting at 3 pm.
  38. 38. It is generally used for small and unimportant places like villages, small towns etc.
  39. 39. Example: We shall meet him at the club this evening.
  40. 40. Practice will enhance your writing, as well as use of correct prepositions.
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  42. 42. Proofreading may sometime take hours.
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