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Human trafficking

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Human trafficking

  1. 1. The abuse and trafficking of humansis truly a human rights violation
  2. 2. Everyday all around the worldwomen, teenage girls, andchildren are being sold or forcedinto trafficking. They areseparated from their families,raped, abused, and sometimes leftfor dead with no way to escapeexcept to survive another day. Thethree types of human traffickingare; organ harvesting, sextrafficking and labor trafficking.
  3. 3. Illegal OrganHarvesting-“Organ harvesting refers tothe practice of removingusable organs from someonewho is dead so that they canbe transplanted into someoneelse”.Organ harvesting is donewithout the victims consent.Many are captured andviolently killed only toharvest their organs and usethem for small profits.
  4. 4. Sex Trafficking“Sex trafficking occurs when people areforced or coerced into the commercial sextrade against their will. Child sex traffickingincludes any child involved in commercialsex. Sex traffickers frequently targetvulnerable people with histories of abuse andthen use violence, threats, lies, false promises,debt bondage, or other forms of control andmanipulation to keep victims involved in thesex industry”
  5. 5. LaborTrafficking“Labor trafficking is a formof modern-day slavery inwhich individuals performlabor or services through theuse of force, fraud, orcoercion. Labor traffickingincludes situations of debtbondage, forced labor, andinvoluntary child labor. Whilethis type of trafficking is notspecific to any geographicregion or population, thematerials below discuss twovery prevalent forms of labortrafficking in the U.S.”
  6. 6. Human trafficking takes place allover the world; the areas with themost severe cases are: “SoutheastAsia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand,India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistanand Sri Lanka, Russian Federation,Ukraine, and Moldova”The FBI estimates that as many as18,000 victims are trafficked intothe US each year from all over theworld.There are not many to no laws inthe United States that protectvictims of or even fight againsthuman trafficking.It is almost impossible to keep trackof how many victims there are ineach country in which all the factsand numbers of persons involved inhuman trafficking will always be anestimate.
  7. 7. One of the main problem is thatmany women and children are notgiven the proper care. Particularlyhealth care assistances that aregreatly needed. A lot of victimsare overlooked and so they gowithout aid because they fearbeing hurt or perhaps killed bytheir trafficker. Most times,victims are not only scarred fortheir own lives but more so for thelives of their families, which isoften times the main reason theyare in the trafficking trade to beginwith.
  8. 8. With a policy ineffect…The effect of a policy would deliver morevictims with individual care for their healthconcerns and provide them better health.The policy would help stop the spread ofhuman trafficking victims.As well as the number of individualsreceiving free healthcare benefits because ofthis problem would increase & the number ofpeople being trafficked would decrease.
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