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Marketing strategy

The Marketing Strategies Explained !
~ Have a great time learning !!

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Marketing strategy

  1. 1. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 1
  2. 2. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 2
  3. 3. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 3 Free Powerpoint Templates Contents Market Scope Strategy Market Entry Strategy Product Strategy Promotion Strategy Distribution Strategy Pricing Strategy
  4. 4. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 4
  5. 5. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 5 Single Market Strategy Concentration of efforts in a single segment
  6. 6. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 6 Multi Market Strategy Serving several distinct markets
  7. 7. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 7 Total Market Strategy Serving the entire spectrum of the market by selling differentiated products to different segments in the market.
  8. 8. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 8
  9. 9. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 9 First In Strategy Entering the market before all others  Risks  Technological competence  Stay ahead  Promotion  Create primary demand  Carefully evaluate strengths.
  10. 10. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 10 Early Entry Strategy Entering the market in quick succession after the leader  Marketing Strategy  Ample resources  Challenge market leader
  11. 11. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 11 Laggard Entry StrategyEntering the market towards the tail end of the growth phase or during the maturity phase Imitator o Market research ability o Production capability Initiator o Market research ability o Creative marketing strategy
  12. 12. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 12
  13. 13. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 13 Product Positioning Strategy Placing a brand in that part of the market where it will have a favorable reception compared with competing brands. • single brand - stand competition from the toughest rival and maintaining its unique position by creating the aura of a distinctive product. • multiple brands - multiple brands do not compete with nor cannibalize each other.
  14. 14. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 14 Product Re-positioning Strategy Reviewing the current positioning of the product and its marketing mix and seeking a new position for it that seems more appropriate. existing customers - promotion of more varied uses of the product . new users - product presented with a different twist, current ones are not alienated. new uses of the product - latent uses of the product should be sought after.
  15. 15. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 15 Product Scope Strategy The product-scope strategy deals with the perspectives of the product mix of a company • Single product: company must stay up- to-date on the product and even become the technology leader to avoid obsolescence • Multiple products: products must complement one another in a portfolio of products. • System of products: company must have a close understanding of customer needs and uses of the products.
  16. 16. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 16 Product Design Strategy The product-design strategy deals with the degree of standardization of a product. • Standard product : To increase economies of scale of the company • Customized product : to compete against mass producers of standardized products through product-design flexibility • Standard product with modifications : to combine the benefits of the two previous strategies.
  17. 17. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 17 New Product StrategyA set of operations that introduce • within the business, a product new to its previous line of products • on the market, a product that provides a new type of satisfaction Three alternatives emerge from the above: • product improvement/modification • product imitation, and • product innovation. Requires - new product development system Five components of this system •corporate aspirations • organizational openness to creativity • environmental favor toward creativity • screening method for new ideas • evaluation process.
  18. 18. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 18
  19. 19. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 19 Promotion Mix Strategy  Product factors  Market factors  Customers factors  Budget factors  Marketing mix factors Determination of a judicious mix of different types of promotion.
  20. 20. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 20 Media Selection Strategy Choosing the channels (newspapers, magazines, television, radio, outdoor advertising, transit advertising, and direct mail) through which messages concerning a product/service are transmitted to the targets. • Media-selection objectives to product/market objectives • Unique way • Measure-minded -- evaluating the quality of the audience • Base media selection on factual not artificial grounds • Optimistic - take advantage of the lessons learned from experience • Seek information on customer profiles and audience characteristics
  21. 21. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 21 Advertising Copy strategy Designing the content of an advertisement To transmit a particular product/service message to a particular target • Eliminate "noise" for a clear transmission of message • Consider importance of : source credibility, balance of argument, message repetition, rational versus emotional appeals, humor appeals, presentation of model's eyes in pictorial ads, comparison advertising
  22. 22. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 22
  23. 23. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 23 Distribution Scope Strategy Establishing the scope of distribution that is, the target customers. • exclusive distribution • intensive distribution • selective distribution Assess – customer’s buying habits gross margin/ turnover rate capability of dealer to provide service, capability of dealer to carry full product line product styling.
  24. 24. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 24 Multiple Channel Strategy Employing two or more different channels for distribution of goods and services Complementary channels prompted by • geographic considerations • volume of business, • need to distribute non-competing items • saturation of traditional distribution channels. Competitive channels - response to environmental changes.
  25. 25. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 25
  26. 26. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 26 For New Products Skimming pricing Strategy Setting a relatively high price during the initial stage of a product's life. Penetration Pricing Strategy Setting a relatively low price during the initial stages of a product's life
  27. 27. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 27 For Established Products • Maintaining the Price • Reducing the Price • Increasing the Price
  28. 28. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 28 Price Flexibility Strategy • One Price Strategy Charging the same price to all customers under similar conditions and for the same quantities. • Flexible Pricing Strategy Charging different prices to different customers for the same product and quantity.
  29. 29. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 29 Price Leadership Strategy This strategy is used by the leading firm in an industry in making major pricing moves, which are followed by other firms in the industry To gain control of pricing decisions within an industry in order to support the leading firm's own marketing strategy (i.e., create barriers to entry, increase profit margin, etc.). Requires An oligopolistic situation
  30. 30. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 30 ?
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