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Health And Hygiene Education

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Health and Hygiene
Hygiene: Meaning
What is Personal Hygiene
Why required?
Importance of Health & Hygiene
Nose & Throat
Nails and Fingers

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Health And Hygiene Education

  1. 1. By : Priyanka
  2. 2. The word hygiene has been derived from Greek word ‘ Hygieons ’ which means healthful. However hygiene is also termed as ‘ Hygia‘ which means the goddess of health. In modern world it means the art of living.
  3. 3. ,, Washing your hands regularly Especially after going to bathroom Have a clean uniform available. Place a band aid on cuts
  4. 4.  Personal hygiene means proper and systematic working of body . It is essential to have proper hygiene.  Personal hygiene means the study and application of preventive medicines and principles of physiology for the prevention of health of an individual.
  5. 5.  serves as an instrument for promotion of health. Developing healthy habits and attitudes. Developing emotional stability. Encouraging the individual for reading of health and literature. Maintaining healthy atmosphere in the home classroom and institution.
  6. 6. Personal cleanliness is one of the main ingredients of good health . It is preventive measure against diseases . So one must know how to keep himself clean and healthy . It includes :  care of teeth Care of ears Care of eyes Care of nose and throat Care of hands Care of nails and fingers Care of skin Care of hairs Care of clothes Care of feet
  7. 7.  Brush teeth daily.  Don’t eat sweet and sticky food between meals.  Avoid alcohol , cigarettes pan chewing to avoid mouth cancer.  Consult dental surgeon regularly.  with proper personal care one can keep natural denture throughout life.
  8. 8.  Avoid hair pins needles or any sharp things.  Don’t expose ears to loud noise.  Avoid hitting on ears.  Don’t neglect cough or cold ,learn the easily sign of deafness.  Swim the ear after bath.  Treat the illness early.
  9. 9.  Wash eyes with fresh water  Protect eyes from dust  Don’t neglect eye strain.  Avoid close work  Avoid reading in dim light  Give proper rest to eyes  Sit 10 feet away while watching tv  Eye sight should be tested regularly.
  10. 10.  Sense organ responsible for giving the idea for smell.  Both should be kept clean.  if any problem experienced doctor most be consulted accordingly.
  11. 11.  Hand washing prevent the spread of diseases.  After using the bathroom.  Before and after eating meals.  After handling pets.  After being exposed to blood or tissue discharges.
  13. 13.  Nails short so no dirt accumulates and chances reduced.  Nails should not be bitten by teeth.  Must clean the hands before cooking handling etc.  Nails of toes must be cut straight.
  14. 14.  Avoid tight fitting clothes.  Avoid being chilled by drought or cold during winter.  Avoid over heating during summer.  Massage stimulates the skin to activity.  Apply oil to the body.  Shower baths are somehow stimulating.
  15. 15.  Daily massage of the scalp.  Brushing or combing the hair.  Oiling by hand on scalp.  Washing with cold or warm water off or on.  Through drying.  Proper diet rich vitamins B, iodine ,iron, copper etc.
  16. 16. Clothes should be fit , clean and tidy as clean dress adds to one personality. Clothes should be washed regularly depending on weather. Underclothes which are in direct contact must be cleaned daily. Clothes should be comfortable to body. Avoid wearing tight clothes.
  17. 17. After heart feet carry the highest load of the body .The feet contains the sweat glands and excessive sweating results changing of shocks . Foul smell is the result of decomposition of sweat .Therefore the feet should be washed well soon after taking off the shocks. Shocks should be changed each time after use and the ill fitting shoes may lead to bunions(swelling , flat feet etc) Shoes with high heels should be avoided.
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