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What is the most Effective Website Design for My Business?

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Everyone knows the importance of establishing a website for their business, but few understand what’s needed to position their website for true success. We'll explain how to develop an effective website.

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What is the most Effective Website Design for My Business?

  1. 1. What is the Most Effective Website Design for My Business?
  2. 2. Is it important to establish a website for your business?   YES… and most business owners in today’s market know this.
  3. 3. Sadly, most business owners do not know what will position their website for true success.
  4. 4. An effective website will help you attract potential customers and will help you gain a high rating in Google searches. 
  5. 5. When looking for a website designer, many people focus on pricing for:   • A simple website • A good-looking site • Basic or necessary features 
  6. 6. Low prices and simple, attractive websites do not attract clients. Avoid this trap. There is more to a successful website than a web address, looks and a few pages. 
  7. 7. Your most important question should be: “What is the Most Effective Website Design for My Business?”  How can YOU achieve an effective website with winning results?
  8. 8. Viewers have an intention when they visit a website.   To be effective, your website must respond by providing the desired information, products or services.
  9. 9. An effective website must: 1. Be easy to use, and 2. Provide information viewers want. If so, they will take the action you provide (contact, buy, subscribe). 
  10. 10. An effective website must start with: • A strategic online marketing plan, and  • Good content. If so, you will have a website with a purpose and better chances of attracting clients. 
  11. 11. Stay away from these temptations that lead to ineffective websites: • Friends and relatives who will create a site for you and • Cheap templates to build your website.  This will disappoint your audience and lose business opportunities for your company. 
  12. 12. To avoid disappointment, ask the right question: “What is an effective website design for My Business?”  
  13. 13. Your provider should help you answer that question by: • Learning about you and your business goals • Helping you create a purposeful marketing plan, and   • Designing an awesome, yet effective, website that produces results. 
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