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A lifecycle for microservices

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A lifecycle for microservices

  1. 1. An SDLC for Microservices Presented by: David Asher June 2019
  2. 2. Which begs two questions: What is an SDLC? What is a microservice? SDLC? microserivce? Asher – SDLC for Microservices2
  3. 3. SDLC is Software Development Life Cycle Asher – SDLC for Microservices3
  4. 4. microservice Asher – SDLC for Microservices4
  5. 5. Which begs one more question: What is an API? API? Asher – SDLC for Microservices5
  6. 6. API is Application Programming Interface request responseresponse API Asher – SDLC for Microservices6 service with goodies
  7. 7. This is a talk about how to build services in the cloud that are: • Robust • Scalable • Secure • Delivered on time • Generally, marvelous Asher – SDLC for Microservices7
  8. 8. Who is your presenter? • David Asher is… • Software manager at Bose Corp • Product manager at Iron Mountain Digital • Software and product management at ViziApps, Dialogic, NMS Communications, Banyan Systems, SystemSoft, … Asher – SDLC for Microservices8
  9. 9. Why is he talking about SDLC for microservices? • Wrote SDLC for Bose, Iron Mountain, NMS Communications • Team of ~50 developers at Bose • Built an IoT cloud platform • For connected audio products • Millions of them Asher – SDLC for Microservices9
  10. 10. API Formalism Use an API Description Language • OpenAPI (Swagger) • RAML • json:api • Apache Avro Put your API descriptions in a repo Asher – SDLC for Microservices10
  11. 11. µServices Life Cycle 1.0+ End-of- Service 1.0 Production 0.9 System Test 0.5 µService Alpha/Beta 0.4 µService Prototype 0.3 API Model 0.2 API Spec 0.1 Concept Asher – SDLC for Microservices11
  12. 12. 0.0 – API Style Guide Start your journey by writing a Style Guide Find examples on the Internet and modify No, really. DO THIS. Asher – SDLC for Microservices12
  13. 13. 0.1 – Concept Why? Clarify ideas and align with market requirements How? Document requirements in your favorite tools (wiki, Jira, etc.) Hint: Look at technology options and have the arguments Hint: Inform developers what the Production Readiness end-state looks like (emotionally prepare them!) Asher – SDLC for Microservices13
  14. 14. 0.2 – API Specification Why? Everything follows from the API design. Get that right and the rest is easier. How? Use an API Design Language Asher – SDLC for Microservices14
  15. 15. 0.3 – API Operating Model Why? Validate the API design from a client perspective; unblock client developers How? Writing code, might be a lightweight mock service or prototype. Asher – SDLC for Microservices15
  16. 16. 0.4 – µService Prototype Why? Enable client teams to validate their code as early as possible Why? Enable cloud ops, systems quality, security, etc. – to plan their support of the new service Hint: Build an API client reference design Asher – SDLC for Microservices16
  17. 17. 0.5 – µService Alpha/Beta Why? A service can’t be ready for production if it hasn’t been thrashed by real users Hint: Do not declare your API to be “in production” until you have completed Beta, in other words, allow things to break Asher – SDLC for Microservices17
  18. 18. 0.9 – System Testing Why? You just won’t believe all of the things that you messed up – wrong error codes, huge latencies, won’t scale, security vulnerabilities, … Hint: This is where a quality function belongs Hint: System quality is all of functional correctness + scalability + robustness + security + proper logging & alarming, … Asher – SDLC for Microservices18
  19. 19. 1.0 – Production Why? You’re not done yet! Run books, smoke tests, health checks, roll-out plan, provisioning, deprecate old services, … Hint: “Release” is just an ordinary day in the lifecycle Asher – SDLC for Microservices19
  20. 20. 1.0+ – End-of-Service Why? The day will come when your service is no longer needed. So be prepared for it. Hint: “Release” is just an ordinary day in the lifecycle Asher – SDLC for Microservices20
  21. 21. µServices Artifacts and Reviews • API Design Review • µService Architecture Review • Test Plan • Ops Plan • API Spec Review 1.0+ End-of- Service 1.0 Production 0.9 System Test 0.5 µService Alpha/Beta 0.4 µService Prototype 0.3 API Model 0.2 API Spec 0.1 Concept • System and Security Test • Production Readiness Review • Production Review • Performance Review Asher – SDLC for Microservices21 • µService Concept Document
  22. 22. µServices Culture • Do not version your APIs • You build it, you own it • You own it, you own what it costs • Build test standards, not a QA team • Test in production • It will fail, now deal with it Asher – SDLC for Microservices22
  23. 23. Asher – SDLC for Microservices23 Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 Audio Sunglasses Shameless Plug –
  24. 24. Thanks: Icons made by Freepik, Smashicons, from Flatiron are licensed by Creative Commons BY 3.0 Asher – SDLC for Microservices24 David Asher June 2019 Feedback Survey