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From Empathic Design To Content Leadership by Valerie Bourdeau

Over the last 10 years, design has gained strategic importance, design thinking has become the norm in many fields outside R&D such as product management, sales or even strategic planning. None of this has any meaning without the thorough understanding of the customers’ needs (a concept which has become known as ‘empathic design’), and the notion that all business efforts should be based on these. However, empathic design is only a starting point, I have experienced that it is essential to develop a common company mentality to really make it work.

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From Empathic Design To Content Leadership by Valerie Bourdeau

  1. 1. From empathic design to content leadership AKA from UX design to customer driven innovation / Valérie Bourdeau Date of publication (13-11-14)
  2. 2. / V Date of publication (13-11-14) Valérie Bourdeau
  3. 3. / Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  4. 4. D a t e o f p u b l i c a t i o n ( D D - M AMu-tYhYor) / D a t e o f p u b l i c a t io n ( D D - M AMu-thYoYr)
  5. 5. / Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY) Consolidated turnover EBITDA Net profit Own capital Net cash position Employment 132 mio +/- 18% 8 mio 133 mio +/- 55 mio +/- 620
  6. 6. Ageing in place Environmental and Energy Concerns Flexible living arrangements Well being & Safety / AuthorD ate of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  7. 7. Residential & Small Commercial buildings Schools & Offices / Family houses & Apartments 1 2 Care Homes & Service Flats 3
  8. 8. Solutions in Key Functional Domains / Energy Care Lighting Access Home / Building Control
  9. 9. Date of publication (DD-MM-YY) / Author Niko (3/6)
  10. 10. / Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  11. 11. Author / Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  12. 12. / Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  13. 13. / Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  14. 14. / Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  15. 15. From customer experience to customer journey to customer driven innovation Author / Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  16. 16. • Your customers are the experts on your market, because they are your market => use them as such • The closer you feel to your customer, the more you empathise with their needs and drivers, the more rewarding it is to work for them • Visualise all touchpoint experiences and ideas for improvement Author / Date of publication (DD-MM-YY) will automatically follow • Share your findings to create a customer centered mentality
  17. 17. / Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  18. 18. / What did we do? Observartions in the field to see which problems show up when installing NHC. - observations in different stages - putting the cables into the wall - just before completion - after completion - programming Date of publication (DD-MM-YY) Author
  19. 19. What did we see? / Date of publication (DD-MM-YY) Author
  20. 20. What did we see? • Don’t ask for new feature suggestions – observe the • Customers are pleased to be asked • Assumption check Findings • Cold, dark, wet & dirty environment at first • Noisy, lots of people, lots of movement, - difficult to concentrate • Difficult to keep track of belongings • Frequent interruptions: arrival of client, helping out others • Desk work vs buildingsite work – context! • … / workarounds Date of publication (DD-MM-YY) Author
  21. 21. What did we see? / Date of publication (DD-MM-YY) Author
  22. 22. What did we see? Programming with no NHC background (@niko) / Installer has to complete an exercise in the NHC software. All his actions are captured in a movie . Date of publication (DD-MM-YY) Author
  23. 23. What did we note? While observing we noted down several things: - quotes from the installer - things that cauth our eye - the enviromental conditions - … These notes are split up in 6 categories: - good installation practices - context driven - learn by doing - product improvements - step by step check - separation between thinking & actions / Date of publication (DD-MM-YY) Author
  24. 24. Customer journeys / Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  25. 25. The Niko experience? • How do we want to be perceived by the customers? • How to translate this into design objectives which are maintained in the entire communication & interaction chain towards the customer. • How to transmit this image to build a strong customer experience over all the touchpoints with the customer. • How to involve the entire company to direct their efforts in the same customer strategy, to deliver a successful customer experience. / Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  26. 26. / End User drivers Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  27. 27. / Installer drivers Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY) independence wealth challenge pride
  28. 28. / Installer drivers Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  29. 29. / Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  30. 30. / Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  31. 31. / Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  32. 32. / Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  33. 33. Customer driven innovation? • Take customer drivers as a starting point for any development, • Customer = any potential client ≠ current buyer • Analyse any change in the customer context and continuously formulate concepts around them • Think of solutions instead of products • Share your findings internally / not technology or resources Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  34. 34. Product Solution Author / Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  35. 35. / Product Solution Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  36. 36. Solution 1 Solution 2 / Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  37. 37. Customer driven innovation / Tech-nology partners Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY) Customer drivers Customer context Solution
  38. 38. / Technology? Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  39. 39. Content leadership • Content leaders see the story others don’t because they live and breathe the industry / Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  40. 40. Content leadership “live” • Brown bags • Observations by all • Small scale experiments – fail fast fail often • Funeral of projects • Wall of shame • The assumption pitfall • Inside out vs outside in • Ecosystems development • Competiton analysis based on customer drivers / Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  41. 41. Content leadership / • Visibility • Credibility • Human factors • Accessibility • Legibility • Language Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  42. 42. From empathic design… / Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  43. 43. …to customer driven innovation / Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY)
  44. 44. / Author Date of publication (DD-MM-YY) Reading list