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Software Adoption Initiative (SAI), is ISPIRT's effort to help the Indian jeweller adopt and implement the right technology

Software Adoption Initiative (SAI), is ISPIRT's effort to help the Indian jeweller adopt and
implement the right technology, at the right price. As the first step towards that, we bring you this
Software Adoption Guide.

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Software Adoption Initiative (SAI), is ISPIRT's effort to help the Indian jeweller adopt and implement the right technology

  1. 1. Most jewellers realise they need sofa/ vare to grow. © ® But who can advise them 8 A I on how to adopt software? Software Adoption Initiative 5. Indian Software Product Industry Round Table l r
  2. 2. Helping entrepreneurs adopt technology. isfiri‘
  3. 3. ISPIRT is the think tank of Indian software product developers. Our mission is to ensure that small and medium businesses across India are equipped to do the following: Identify their need from software Discover the right software Approach the right vendors Install and implement at the right price O@ Supported by leading software companies from across India — Martjack, ACME Software, Tally Solutions, Capillary Technologies, MMI Softwares, Cerera Softwares and Ornate Software — ISPIRT endeavours to bring the right products to the right customer. And thereby, help the Indian entrepreneur reap the benefits of technology. Software Adoption Initiative (SAI), is lSP| RT's effort to help the Indian jeweller adopt and implement the right software, at the right price. As the first step towards this, we bring you this Software Adoption Guide. To make it even easier, and clarify any doubts that may exist, an ISPIRT Guide will be calling you soon [or call ISPIRT Support on I800 I03 4072 [toll free].
  4. 4. Step 0 Evaluating your requirements from software. Why do you need software? As a jeweller, this should be your first question. To help you answer this, we have researched and identified some of the growth challenges most jewellers face. Go through and tick the challenges you identify with. Understanding these will help you when the ISPIRT Guide calls you. (If you face issues not listed here, jot them down for discussion later. )
  5. 5. Customer Relationship Management Do you need to maintain the monthly saving schemes and track your customer's payments? Do you think access to your customer's profile will help you better understand their preferences and hence, help you plan inventory better? Would you like to capture customer information and profile them for personalised SMS communication with them? OOO Is it difficult to compute profitability both in metal and amount (factoring in old gold purchase)? Stock 0 Do you get accurate, instant stock information with details on item purity, stone, diamonds and making/ labour charges? Along with the image of the item? 0 Does day closing take you longer because of stock audit? Accounting O Is it time—consuming to file e—returns of all taxes like / AT, Sales Tax, Income Tax etc. 0 O Goldsmith management Do you find it cumbersome to record material, consumption, wastage, labour and making charges for each order/ job? Purchase Q Do you need to manage old jewellery purchase and segregate charges (with purity) on the jewellery item? Sales 0 Does it take you long to calculate the sales bill, leading to queues at the cash counter? E—commerce Q Do you intend to sell in other cities without opening a store there?
  6. 6. Learning how other jewellers have countered similar issues. The easiest way to see how software can help you, is to see how it has helped others like you. For that, we request you to go to www. ispirt. in and check ‘Case—studies' to see how other jewellers have arrived at managing inventory, accounting, loyalty programmes, branch connectivity, online sales etc. I’ I’ Gitanjali To capitalize on its heritage and reputation, Gitanjali set out to create a successful e—business. Martjack, chosen for the effort, began with a systematic strategy—led approach, providing extensive planning and information architecture with their proven methodology. Working together with Gitanjali, Martjack developed a website that engages both with existing fans and potential customers. It offers a variety of features to enhance the shopping experience, including easy navigation, advanced product zoom capabilities and an easy and secure payment process. The site also allows integrated marketing capabilities, with Gitanjali being able to inform, engage and communicate with customers. The site elegantly reinforces the brand, boasts intuitive navigation and enhances the user experience. 1' I r’ Jagannath Mohanlal Sarraf Ajewe| Ier's time should be invested in finding ways to increase sales. But what happens usually — as in the case of Jagannath Mohanlal Sarraf — is that the key stakeholder is often stuck in micromanagement; controlling leakages, pilferage, managing stock and accounting for price fluctuations, managing loyalty, discounts. With the introduction of Jwelly from MMI Softvvares, the stock management tasks were automated. The jeweller could also keep track of extra gold to be sold or purchased based on rates. The booked future rates for customers could also be arrived at instantly. With all of this, the management is free to concentrate on growth.
  7. 7. " " ‘‘ Gehnajewellers ‘‘ ‘ "‘ Rishabh Gold Jewels While Gehna had been an early software adopter, The primary issue was keeping an efficient track the problem lay with multiple softvvares — one for stock of all their stock items right from taking orders, manufacturing, and billing, another for accounting, another for supplier maintenance of inventory, delivery to customer and streamlining management. With the introduction of Ornate NX the billing process to match corporate standards that promote trust from Ornate Software Solutions, all store management among customers. To address all of these, Rishabh introduced issues were handled at a single point. Which also Cerera Software's solution. Apart from achieving the above enhanced control and gave the jeweller a better handle requirements, Cerera also helps in keeping an eye on employee on pilferage. A single solution also makes the entire sales targets and sales tax submissions with the help of an process easier to manage and more accurate. on—demand sales summary. <’ r’ Wjay Gems F <’ r’ Abaran Jewellers Vijay Gems is among India's leading manufacturers and Maintaining accurate customer information and using it for suppliers of diamond jewellery as also one of the premier better customer relationship management was an issue with destinations for antique Victorian jewellery. Manual Abaran. It was to resolve this that they approached Capillary bookkeeping, data entry and maintenance of records was Technologies. With Capi| Iary's TruTouch, Abaran has been able adversely affecting quick decision—making. / Wth a growing to create a registered database of more than 85% of their product line, it became essential to find a solution to customers (since implementation). Since it is integrated into manage the business more efficiently. Which is when Vijay the billing system, Abaran now has purchase history and Gems introduced Ta| Iy. ERP 9. Now weekly accounts, bank contact information that helps them create customised reconciliations, online banking and tracking are all managed campaigns that are more effective and measurable. Customers by Tally. This has resulted in efficiency, accuracy, reduction also receive personalized messages from Abaran. And there in manpower costs and time. has been a visible increase in sales. " V 1’ Davanam Jewellers Davanam has over IO decades of experience in gold and diamond retailing. In 2008, they installed Acme Infinity to help them minimize errors and wastage of time. The Online Branch Connectivity Module made the management of all branches an easy, efficient affair. To add to that, the Automatic Order Supply chain made customer service faster. The Customer Relationship Module facilitated in building an engaging relationship with customers. And the Saving Scheme Module made the management of promotional schemes easier and more satisfying for the customer.
  8. 8. Step 6 Software products available for the jewellery industry. For now, ISPIRT has identified the following software companies with products for the jewellery industry and outlined their key benefits. ISPIRT will keep updating this list to accommodate new products and developers. (For more, visit wvvw. ispirt. in)
  9. 9. I I‘ “ MMI Softwares Stock management Separate stock of loose and tagged items and various methods of stock maintenance according to the property of the items. Profit & loss Keeps an eye on sale/ purchase transaction rates for a clear picture for hedging of bullion rates. Analyze profitability by party, by item, by purity for informed decisions, Data security JweIIy9 prevents misuse of confidential data by staff. Retain only current day's data at your showroom and at the end of the day merge it into your storage device to keep records complete. ’ I” I’ Capillary Technologies Customer transaction history Just enter phone number to see customer purchase history. Capture and view customer purchase history — view product purchased, amount spent and store purchased from. Secure data on cloud TruTouch stores data securely on cloud accessible only to the store owner. www. mmsoftwares. com www. capiI| arytech. com Goldsmith working Stay informed Raise bills for Goldsmith Issue/ Receive with predefined wastage and Get daily SMS and email reports of new and repeat labour and manage their balances. customers and their purchases. Cardless loyalty programme Manage a simple, paper—free, card—free loyalty programme, get additional sales from loyal customers. 1' Tally Solutions Inventory tracking Always know your stock status. Track receipts and despatch of goods efficiently. Jewellery purchase and sales Track transactions, manage supplier database, purchase orders and sales effectively. Statutory compliance Easily manage VAT, service tax and excise duty, get immediate updates when government implements changes. Remote connectivity and SMS Know your company's finance details when you are travelling, connect from anywhere. wvvw. talIysolutions. com
  10. 10. 0 0 0 ACME Software Owner absentee model Manages the jewellery business even in absence of business owner. Multi-branch management Centralised, effortless and secure management of multiple branches. Counter management Smooth management of crowded and busy counters and timely delivery of customer orders by constant order supply chain tracking. Cataloging www. acmeinfinity. com Software to create images and catalogue ornaments to maintain track of stock. 0 0 O Martjack Online store in 7 days Use templates and customize your design with just a drag and drop. Over 20 payment solutions and easy set—up of taxation and shipment. Easily define product categories, assign multiple pictures to products and manage variants easily. Market and measure results Connect your store with Martjack Exchange to reach 20 million customers. Manage onsite promos, integrate social media networks, create discount vouchers and gift cards. Get reports for orders, leads and abandoned carts. Create Facebook and mobile stores. wvvw. martjack. com
  11. 11. O 0 0 Cerera Softwares Inventory Management Complete inventory management solutions forjewellers in retail, wholesale, manufacturing on job—work or manufacturing unit with financial accounts in Tally. Goldsmith Accounts With metal—based accounting, metal payment and receipt. WWW. C6 re rasoftwares . COl'T1 Inventory maintenance Maintain records on gold, silver, platinum, diamond and precious stones, old ornaments and branded jewellery on purity basis. Pawn Broking Keep and manage records accurately for efficient and instant resolution. 0 0 0 Ornate Software Experience Over I5 years, Ornate has computerized over 3000 jewellers across India. are. com Front-end solutions Jewelry Kiosk helps customers try on jewellery on their photographs digitally. Back-end solutions Manage inventory, sales/ purchase, accounting and goldsmiths. Internet and mobile solutions Solutions that can immediately widen your base, help reach out to more customers. www. ornatesoft
  12. 12. Step 9 Educating yourself about costing. It is also essential that you understand the different cost components in installing software. There could be factors like Iicencing, training and support that come into play. It is also a fact that different software developers have different ways to arrive at the cost. Ensure that you check each ofthe points below with vendors that you speak to.
  13. 13. I Licence fees Rental licence Training Implementation Customisation On—going support AMC Upgrades ‘ Services O O O OOOOO A one—time cost that allows you to use the product perpetually. Allows you to pay on a monthly basis. Cost for onsite visit to train you on the software. Set up software to suit your business needs, help you configure the product and suggest methods to enter data and get started, Tailor the software for your specific needs. Te| e—support or onsite visit for any support, periodically. Costs for annual maintenance. Charges for software improvements and upgrades. Additional services, if any and their charges.
  14. 14. Ste F) 6 Choosing the right vendor. This Software Adoption Guide and a discussion with ISPIRT should help you clearly identify your requirements. After that, use the chart below to identify developers, evaluate their costs based on your requirement, benefits and your budget. This will give you a clear idea of what your goals from the exercise and the associated costs are.
  15. 15. Benefit Total cost Contact
  16. 16. ® ‘ ‘ r Indian Software Product Industry Round Table SPIRT is the think tank of Indian software developers. Our services are free and our ask is to point you to the best software product for business efficiency. We will keep oringing you the latest on software for the Indian jewellery industry. 30 feel free to call ISPIRT Support for a discussion. Call ISPIRT on I800 I03 4072 [toll free] Visit ISPIRT at wvvw. ispirt. in

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Software Adoption Initiative (SAI), is ISPIRT's effort to help the Indian jeweller adopt and implement the right technology, at the right price. As the first step towards that, we bring you this Software Adoption Guide.


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