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SaaS India Struggling with Inbound Lead Response

SaaS, India Landscape,, Disruption, Lead Responses, Gaurav

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SaaS India Struggling with Inbound Lead Response

  1. 1. with Inbound Lead Response SAAS INDIA STRUGGLING As Indian SAAS companies are aspiring to make a global footprint, the sales growth can make or break their goals. Companies who respond fastest as compared to competitors always have first mover advantage to close sales. TexoCC targeted 90 B2B SAAS funded companies in India contacting the companies by filling their web forms on their websites. The Research found- Are you getting an ROI from your Inbound Digital Marketing? 3 Top Rankers as per our survey are KartRocket, Greytip Software, Sigmoid Analytics and 99 Tests. Few companies set-up automated email response as a way for instant confirmation on the prospect’s interest Only 28% companies shot an instant response email stating that the concerned representative will contact them 01 We found that 16 companies choose to directly call the prospects and 4 companies choose to directly send personalized emails without sending an auto response. 4 companies sent personalized emails along with an auto response 03 Only 4 out of 90 companies responded in less than 10 minutes. And only 7 companies responded in an hour 05 Kartrocket 4 mins (Mail) Greytip Software & Sigmoid Analytics 6 mins (Call) 99Tests 7 mins (Mail) 02 Overall, only 26% companies responded to inbound leads out of which 67% adopted calls as the mode of contact and 33% used email as the mode of communication 04 RANK 1 RANK 2 RANK 3 Inbound Lead Response Time. Improve your know more at B2B companies invest $25 to $500 for generating an inbound lead. The money spent goes down the drain if inbound leads are not responded in an efficient way. @ @@ @@ 67% Response Time No. of Companies 10 Minutes 1 Hour 6 Hours 12 Hours 24 Hours 50 Hours No Response TOTAL 4 7 11 15 22 24 66 90 33% @