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Using human centered design to create better products - Tânia Sousa Vieira

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As David Kelley, Founder of IDEO said: “If you want to improve a piece of software all you have to do is watch people using it and see when they grimace, and then you can fix that.” Come and see how the Human Centered approach transforms a bundle of technology, with the ability to provide functionality into a product. These people will ultimately desire to interact with and driving engagement and growth.

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Using human centered design to create better products - Tânia Sousa Vieira

  1. 1. Tania Vieira Productized talks Using Human-Centered Design to Create Better Products UX Designer @ Premium Minds
  2. 2. Who am i
  3. 3. Using Human-Centered Design to Create Better Products
  4. 4. The cereal box
  5. 5. “Is a creative approach to problem-solving (…) a process that starts with the people you’re designing for and ends with new solutions that are tailor-made to suit their needs” IDEO
  6. 6. An “approach [that] aims to design products suitable for their intended users by involving them in the design process”. Human-Centered
  7. 7. Users Goals and needs Stakeholders Goals and requirements
  9. 9. Case Study
  10. 10. Solutions-first design example: “Our app should show people how much kwh and m they are consuming.” 3
  11. 11. Human-Centered Design example: “How can we help people understand their electricity and gas bills by explaining their consumption as easily as possible?”
  12. 12. Round 1
  13. 13. "I feel more comfortable with euros. My income it’s in euros. " "If this is about me, the examples of my consumption should be customised." "I don’t know how much the kwh costs." "This is very complicated. kWh here, and euros there. Uncomplicate. " "I only compare with the values from the previous invoice." "I am spending too much."
  14. 14. Round 2
  15. 15. "Kwh mean nothing." "It has too much detail. Why do i need all of these comparisons?" “This is exactly the problem with this kind of companies, they talk a language only they understand.” "Readings are a concern I do not want to have." "So you think people will send readings every month?" "Wow, if you do the math this is expensive."
  16. 16. Round 3
  17. 17. "Why do we need the Kwh?" "Is this going to be in real-time?" “If these How to save were real would be great.” "I never send readings. The energy company does it for me."