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Short list of interview do%27s and don%27ts

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Short list of interview do%27s and don%27ts

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Short list of interview do%27s and don%27ts

  1. 1. A SHORT LIST OF INTERVIEW DOs AND DON'Ts DO:  Have an agenda. The interview is your chance to express your messages.  Use facts, figures and anecdotes to make messages credible.  Use illustrations to tell your story in a way that’s more relatable than numbers. "More attendees than at the Superbowl" is better than "85,000 people.”  Anticipate the range of questions you may get, and practice your answers.  Be yourself. Reinventing yourself for an interview sinks your credibility. Be engaging, likable, enthusiastic — but not manic.  Use simple terms. Avoid jargon, acronyms and technical language.  "Flag" key points with phrases like "The most important thing is ..." or "The bottom line is ..." DON’T:  Repeat a negative question as you answer. Questions rarely appear in the final story, only answers – but if you repeat a bad one, you air the charge.  Over-answer. When you've delivered your message and backed it up, stop.  Be afraid to pause. A few seconds to think feels much longer to you than to your listener(s) and provides valuable thinking time.  Lose your cool.  Imagine the reporter knows everything about your topic. You’re the expert.  Guess. If appropriate, assure the reporter you will provide the needed facts in a timely manner, or refer him/her to another source.  Say something in an "off the record" discussion you wouldn’t want reported.  Lie.