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PuppetConf 2016: Implementing Puppet within a Complex Enterprise – Jerry Caupain, KPN

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Here are the slides fromJerry Caupain's PuppetConf 2016 presentation called Implementing Puppet within a Complex Enterprise. Watch the videos at

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PuppetConf 2016: Implementing Puppet within a Complex Enterprise – Jerry Caupain, KPN

  1. 1. Ready, set, go! Implementing Puppet in a Complex Enterprise
  2. 2. Who is this guy @mistajaydawg
  3. 3. 3 About this Talk What Does Complexity Even Mean?
  4. 4. 4 Connected and free About the company
  5. 5. 5 For a connected society About the company
  6. 6. About the company Timeline: A very brief overview 1852 1881 Telegraphy Nation Wide Telephone Network 1962 Manual Switching Fully Automated Telephone Network. 1989 Privatized 2007 Combine Telco and ICT services Mobile Internet Digital Television Big Data Managed Services Cloud Infrastructure
  7. 7. The KPN Technology Book The 13 generic technology trends
  8. 8. Technology trends that matter for KPN Outlook toward 2020 Business Impact Technology Impact 2016 2020 2017 2018 2019 Data ScienLst Open Standards 4.5G Mobile Machine Learning 5G Mobile Small Cell Xpoint Memory Container Apps Developer centric Photonics IoT 3D
  9. 9. Raising the bar Taking successful strategy to the next level Innovate Grow Simplify Strengthen Digital & simple service and delivery Converged Telco & IT services Excellent user experience Flexible & simplified networks and operating model Best-in-class secured integrated networks Applying innovative technologies Commercial Operational SIMPLIFY GROW INNOVATE
  10. 10. IT Services TI Services (BSS/OSS) Services Domain IA-Coding Domain Infrastructure Domain Plaorms Power/Sparc Generic x86 Plaorms Compute, Storage and Networking resources Different views, different interest One common goal….. Composable and Automated ConsulLng HosLng Services CloudNL VMware CloudNL Microsoa KVM OpenStack MANO Corporate market Consumer market MSP1 MSP(X) AWS/Azure Soalayer Managed services (SO) Resource orchestraLon Workload automaLon KPN I(C)T Domain TI (ETSI) Domain API API API API API B2C B2B Loosely Coupled
  11. 11. Business Operations WE help take care of the Netherlands
  12. 12. Goals Changing the conversation with the customer. Nice! What else do you have to offer!
  13. 13. What an Effective* IT Services Partner Looks Like Commercial flexibility and innova>on Automa>on applied to managed operaLons Deep and focused industry domain exper>se Flexible delivery model able that is both scalable and agile Applies data analy>cs to enhance operaLons @ Bakes enterprise class cybersecurity across the whole porolio Contract ----------- ------------- ------------ Ability to manage risk ! *) CXP Group, CXO scan 2016 It isn’t just technology that matters!
  14. 14. Goals Improve the quality of our services, and become the best! v Standardized services v Automate as much as possible v Re-shore our managed operations v Maximum visibility v Auditability v Increase Speed of Delivery v Predictability Hard Work!
  15. 15. It’s challenging but…… No Excuses! You Still Gotta Do The Work!
  16. 16. Snowflakes In The Datacenter Are Not Cool Challenges Low standardization ratio
  17. 17. Challenges Change is needed in a lot of different areas Challenges v Manual way of working v Siloed Organization v Heterogeneous landscape v Low Standardization ratio v Managing Windows with Puppet v “Taming the Brownfield” v Lot’s of different tools People Process Technology
  18. 18. Challenges Can we change human nature?.............
  19. 19. Agile Organization From silo to effective collaboration Module Dev Team Teams v Full Stack Engineers v Fully responsible v Agile way of working v Infrastructure as code Community Lead Community Lead v Get feedback v Way of working v Standards v Guidance v Organize Meetups v Soft link between the teams Tooling Infra Team Customer Teams IaaS Teams
  20. 20. Toolbox Tools to automate the complete chain GitHub Enterprise Puppet Splunk Jenkins Core Tools vRealize Process Automation
  21. 21. Puppet Eco-system It’s all about the integrations •  Broad platform support •  Flexible •  Great support •  Ops Friendly •  Unix, Linux and Windows •  Desired State Why Puppet? Configura>on Management Enterprise
  22. 22. Configuration Management Moving up the stack! Install VM Configure Agent Set custom facts Apply base profile Apply customroles +profiles Networking Disks Services+SeOngs Backup Monitoring Hardening Compliance Time Services Etc. Platforms Windows 2008 / R2 Windows 2012/ R2 Centos 5,6,7 Red Hat 5,6,7 Solaris, AIX (Roadmap)
  23. 23. Puppet Eco-system It’s all about the integrations •  Stability •  Predictability •  Multi-platform •  High Quality •  Managed by Puppet Why? Automated Acceptance Tes>ng Enterprise
  24. 24. Puppet Eco-system Module CI/CD Pipeline syntax check Auto puppet-lint unit test acceptance test Merge to TEST Auto Auto Manual Merge to PROD Manual Change in git Periodic trigger NoLfy by mail & Hipchat Fail Fail Fail Fail
  25. 25. 1.  kpn_jenkins::pipeline::module { 'kpn-puppet-forge/puppet-kpn-hosts': 2.  test_platform => ['linux', 'windows'], 3.  pe3_syntax => false, 4.  pe4_syntax => true, 5.  pe4_unit => true, 6.  pe3_unit => false, 7.  acceptance_test => true, 8.  acceptance_platform => [ 'centos-7-x64-pe4', 9.  'windows-2008r2-x64', 10.  'windows-2012r2-x64', 11.  'windows-2008r2-x64-pe4', 12.  'windows-2012r2-x64-pe4', 13.  'windows-2016-x64-pe4', 14.  ], 15.  hipchat_notification => true, 16.  hipchat_room => 'Module team', 17.  email => ‘', 18.  } 25 Puppet Eco-system Adding a module to the pipeline Which tests do you want to run? Which opera>ng systems do you want to run the code on? How do you wish to get no>fied?
  26. 26. Puppet Eco-system It’s all about the integrations •  Familiar Developer Workflow •  Easy to manage •  Easy setup •  Security (RBAC) •  Support •  Integrations Why GitHub Enterprise Version Control Enterprise
  27. 27. Puppet Eco-system It’s all about the integrations •  Nodes •  Platforms •  Applications •  Modules •  Module versions •  Puppet run info •  Nodes in NOOP mode •  Puppet facts •  Configuration Changes •  GitHub commit details •  Capacity Management •  Patch Management •  Compliancy •  Real Time Troubleshooting About? Opera>onal Intelligence Enterprise
  28. 28. Benefits & Challenges Making progress…..but not there yet Benefits Challenges v Operational Intelligence (Troubleshooting) v Standardizing the brownfield! v Auditability v PCI DSS compliancy v Data is far more reliable v Quickly modify generic configuration changes v Growing community v Online Documentation v Etc. v Adoption is still slow v Steep learning curve v Brownfield still painful
  29. 29. What did we learn Current State Technology v ~ 4000 nodes……and counting! v 30 Puppet Masters v 129 Puppet modules 87 in-house developed 42 Puppet Forge v 22 teams on boarded People v 170 Puppet Fundamentals v 100 In-house technical training v 25 In-house non-technical training Lessons Learned v Have infrastructure capacity for testing purposes v Training is good, just doing it is better v Get the right feedback fast v Monitor the change….closely v Don’t over-centralize v Start with Greenfield first. v You cannot please everybody
  30. 30. Roadmap Strengthen and improve Roadmap Items Provisioning v Infrastructure deployment with Terraform v Image management using Packer (In progress) Configuration Management v Application Orchestration v Microsoft DSC integration v Docker integration for automated testing Analytics v Improve Splunk integration Collaboration v Extend the use of GitHub v Implement ChatOps KEEP INNOVATING!
  31. 31. JUST……........... GETTING STARTED!
  32. 32. Thank you team @KPN!