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Maribor, 25 28.01.2012..ppt

  2. 2. ●REFLESS TEMPUS project is a part of TEMPUS IV familyof EU projects in Serbia.●The kick-off meeting held at the University of Belgradeon December 2-3, 2010. *
  3. 3. REFLESS TEMPUS PROJECT MISSION●We are dedicated to implementation of positivereforms in foreign language studies in Serbia and theirharmonization with the language study standards inEU.The main goal of the project is to put Serbia into aposition to have formally educated and highly skilledlinguistic mediators and professionals (translators andinterpreters). *
  4. 4. IMPORTANT STEPS●We work on:●harmonization of foreign language studies withEuropean standards, European language policies andimplementation of the CRFR and other relevantdocuments, as well as on the●reforms of the language study programs in terms ofstructure, content, teaching methods and assessment. *
  5. 5. IMPORTANT MILESTONES TO BE REACHED●Developing and implementation of two Masterprograms - in●Translation and Interpretation (T&I) and● Serbian as a foreign language *
  6. 6. REFLESS PROJECT MAJOR DELIVERABLES●Project deliverables include tangible and intangibleresults, which are a product of a series of activitiesthoroughly planned and organized into fiveworkpackages (WP) with clearly defined timings and inaccordance with our goals. *
  7. 7. ●First phase of project realization (WP.1) is related toanalysis, design and development of existing and newnew study programs at Bachelor and Master’s levels.●Outcome of the exploitation phase of the project (WP.2) is a successful implementation of both new andredesigned study programs, which is facilitated by priorteachers training, equipment installation andestablishing of teaching environment. *
  8. 8. ●The project achievements are disseminated in closecollaboration with the Ministry of Education and alsoover our own Web site, press conferences,participation in scientific-educational programm on thestate television, education fairs in Novi Sad, Belgradeand Nis, as described in WP.3.● All of this would not be possible withoutimplementation of the management methods andquality control procedures, described in work packagesWP.5 and WP.4, respectively. *
  9. 9. BUDGET●The REFLESS Project budget is a planned projection offunds necessary for its realization - 925 592,80 €, out ofwhich●830 592,80 € is TEMPUS program grant financed byEACEA and the rest, 95 000,00 €, is co-financed by themembers of a Consortium. *
  10. 10. PROJECT COSTS SUMMARY●TOTAL ELIGIBLE COST 925 592,80 €● Direct cost 865 040,00 €●Staff costs 279 640,00 €●Travel costs and costs of stay 416 400,00 € Equipment125 300,00 €●Printing & Publishing8 700,00 €● Other costs 35 000,00 €●Indirect costs 60 552,80 € *
  11. 11. REFLESS PROJECT ORGANIZATION●We are a consortium that consists of more than 150professionals from 18 Serbian and EuropeanInstitutions organized in teams and coordinated by theUniversity of Belgrade.●It is a modern interaction between national and EUacademic institutions, regional Chambers of Commerceand Serbian government bodies who all work aspartners. *
  13. 13. REFLESS PROJECT INSTITUTIONAL SUPPORT●REFLESS TEMPUS project has gained support of allnational policy and decision makers in the in the areaof higher education, language education policy andEuropean integrations.National Council for Science, Commission for Accreditation and Quality Assuranceof the Republic of Serbia,National Higher Education Council participates in all the meetings of the REFLESSproject consortium and contributes actively to thequality of project’s work. *
  14. 14. SUPPORT●Council of Europe Office to the Republic of Serbia,● European Commission Office to the Republic ofSerbia,●European Center for Modern Languages in Graz,●Subject Center for Langauges, Linguistics and AreaStudies in the UK,●National Center for Languages (CILT),● Directorate General for Interpretation of theEuropean Commission *
  15. 15. RISKS AND ASSUMPTIONS●The principal risk is the fact that the university’smanagement structures are insufficient to secure thecooperation of faculty members, and that, at policy andmanagerial levels, the institutions involved may fail todeliver the necessary political and practical support.●Also, the outcomes of the project depend on thestability of political situation, governmental support,strong commitment of all partners involved and themotivation of all target groups. *
  16. 16. REFLESS OBJECTIVES●REFLESS BROAD OBJECTIVE●ESTABLISHING SERBIA’S POSITION to have formallyeducated and highly skilled linguistic mediators andprofessionals necessary for the integration of Serbia inEurope and for its regional and internal development. *
  17. 17. REFLESS SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES●IMPROVING AND HARMONIZING the current Bologna-tailored modern language study programs in all Serbianuniversities with foreign language curricula, namely,Universities of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, Kragujevac andNovi Pazar, at bachelor and master levels, in terms ofstructure (including the degree structure), content,teaching and assessment methods, materials●ESTABLISHING CLEAR AND COMPLEMENTARYSTRATEGIES for the development of foreign languagestudies at each university in accordance with European,regional and internal developmental priorities. *
  18. 18. ●DESIGNING TRANSLATION AND INTERPRETATIONSTUDY MODULES (T&I) at bachelor and master levels atall participating Serbian universities and 3 masterprograms in T&I at the Universities of Belgrade, NoviSad and Kragujevac.DESIGNING TWO MASTER PROGRAMS in Serbian as aForeign Language at the Universities of Belgrade andNovi Sad.●IMPLEMENTATION of improved and newly developedstudy programs. *
  19. 19. ADDITIONAL OBJECTIVES●Defining benchmark statements for philologicalprofession, which would give opportunity to developstrategy for languages.●Cooperation with DG Interpreting and DG Translation●Legislative changes●Initiative for joint Masters *
  20. 20. ●Elaboration of terminology glossary related toorganizing foreign language studies in higher education●Serbia becoming a member of ECML●Pilot reform of English language studies at the Facultyof Agriculture as well as the analysis of the situationon other non-native faculties according to theaccredited study program. *
  21. 21. ACTIVITIES DONE●Labor market survey●Review and analysis of the current curricula state andaccreditation standards at PC and EU universities●Analysis of the T&I modules and master programs atPC and EU universities●Analysis of the Serbian as a Foreign Languageprograms at PC and EU universities *
  22. 22. PERMANENT ACTIVITIES●Project Web Page●Brochures●Participation in the Scientific-educational programmeon the state TV●Education Fairs in Novi Sad, Nis, Belgrade●Press conferences●Meetings for coordination and evaluation●External evaluation●Daily management and coordination activities●Marketing activities regarding reformed and newstudy programmes *
  23. 23. IN PROGRESS●Development of the toolkit for re-describing subjectsand modules in a harmonized fashion●Determine internships and assign ECTS●Determining which accreditation standards need to bemodified●Working sessions to define structure and contents ofthe master in T&I and curricula development and themaster in Serbian as a Foreign Language●Buying and installing the equipment●The redesigned study programs approved by the HEinstitutions●Implementation of the reformed and new studyprograms *
  24. 24. STEPS TO BE DONE●Re-description of the subjects and modules●Key members language teachers trainings in the use ofthe toolkit.●Language teachers training in planning, monitoringand assessing L2 teaching●3 x 2 weeks Serbian as a L2 trainings in Versailles,Bratislava and Graz●3 x 2 weeks I&T teacher trainings in Strasbourg ad Graz●3 x 2 weeks Serbian as a L2 trainings in Serbia *
  25. 25. FOLLOW US!●YouTube●Facebook●Twitter!/REFLESS●Slideshare *