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Denotation and Conotation

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Denotation and Conotation

  1. 1. Lesson 2:Choosing the Right WordsDenotation and Connotation
  2. 2. “What is in a name?that which wecall a rose byany other namewould smell assweet.”
  3. 3. Think of words assuperheroes.They appear ordinary mostof the time, but they havehidden powers.
  4. 4. Manchester United Miami HeatReal Madrid LA LakersFC Barcelona Chicago BullsAFC Ajax Boston CelticsGlasagno Rangers Dallas MavericksOklahoma City Thunder
  5. 5. DENOTATIONIt is the dictionary definition of a word.
  6. 6. CONNOTATIONSecondary meaning of the word.Emotions or feelings are attached.
  7. 7. dove
  8. 8. star
  9. 9. Number13
  10. 10. + positive- negative
  11. 11. Home or House?Which word connotes love,comfort and security?
  12. 12. Home or House?Which word connotes abuilding or structure?
  13. 13. Which connotes aslight insult aboutbeing thin?Which connotes adesirable oradmirable trait?Skinny or Slim?
  14. 14. Which connotes aslight insult aboutbeing fat?Which connotes adesirable oradmirable trait?Fat or Curvy?
  15. 15. lazy or relaxed?Which word has aconnotation of criticism?
  16. 16. juicy or greasy?Which word has atastier connotation?
  17. 17. victim or loser?Which word has a moresympathetic connotation?
  18. 18. cheap or thrifty?Which word has a morepositive connotation?
  19. 19. Activity 1:Shades of MeaningArrange the 20 wordsinto a list of 10 pairswith similar definitions.Complete the“Connotations Chart”by correctly identifyingthe word in each pair aspositive or negative.
  20. 20. CONNOTATIONS CHARTCareerCheaterChefCookCopCowardCrazyCuriousEccentricJobNosyMentally UnstableOfficerPlagiarizerPoliticianStatesmanStrong-willedStubbornTimidWeird
  21. 21. CONNOTATIONS CHARTPositiveConnotationNegativeConnotation
  22. 22. Put a + sign next to the one with a positive connotation and a– sign next to the one with a negative connotation.1. a powerful stinka powerful aroma2. a dynamic leadera pushy leader3. old peopleelderly people4. a reckless plana daring plan5. energetic childrenwild children.6. answered with arroganceanswered with confidence7. sloppy clothescasual clothes8. an aggressive attitudea hostile attitude9. an easy-going frienda lazy friend10. a thoughtful responsea calculated response
  23. 23. Choose one set of words. Identify if these words are positiveor negative. Then, choose 2 words from the list anddemonstrate their meanings through a drawing.• student, apprentice, learner, novice, scholar• skinny, bony, malnourished, slender, thin• run, dash, gallop, lope, sprint• vacation, break, holiday, intermission, recess, layoff• busy, active, diligent, occupied, persevering• fear, dread, anxiety, panic, terror• fat, obese, chubby, stout, plump, stocky• friend, companion, acquaintance, colleague, playmate
  24. 24. -the secondarymeaning of the wordassociated to youremotionsDENOTATIONCONNOTATION-dictionary definition of the word
  25. 25. Choosing the best words:Pay attention to your words,Grow your vocabulary,Use the power of connotations