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  1. 1. 801.558.5891 in/rachaelwallace Henderson, NV EDUCATION University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT) December 2010, Magna Cum Laude Major: Chemistry, Emphasis in Biology Degree: Bachelor of Science Certification: Capsules & Trouble Shooting on Capsule Filling Machines, held by ACG North America LLC RACHAEL WALLACE Formulator Pro Caps Laboratories (Henderson, NV) Formulate new and existing products from small lab formulations to scaled up production runs; formulating and maintaining all botanical, amino acids, women’s products, fish oil/algal oil soft gels, tea and vitamin angel products; new and secondary raw material qualifications; proposing new formulas; managing and depleting raw materials due to sourcing issues; researching and keeping up to date on new trends and materials in the industry; assisting production with troubleshooting with V and slant cone blenders, semi-automatic and automatic encapsulation machinery, and soft gel encapsulation machinery Research Associate 4Life Research (Salt Lake City, UT) Researched and compiled information including, monographs, in vitro, in vivo and clinical studies on the ingredients within our products using several different search engines; researched and substantiated current and new product structure function claims ensuring ingredients are at an efficacious dose; created documentation for in-house use and FDA; managed outsource substantiators; researched ingredients and dosing for new product formulation; assisted marketing and legal with developing product claims according to FDA regulations; researched and provide safety and adverse effect information for IPR for both US and international product information Research Associate I BioFire Diagnostics Inc. (Salt Lake City, UT) Chemistry optimization of current product; reagent and specimen inventory; aliquoting and extraction of nucleic acid of micro organisms; assay development; primer titration for PCR reactions; chemistry optimization and troubleshooting; testing and data analysis of clinical samples Lab Technician DNA / Peptide Core Facility, University Of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT) Synthesized, processed, and purified DNA and RNA primers; analyzed samples using HPLC and UV spectrophotometer Volunteer Lab Assistant Dr. Barrows Papua New Guinea Research (Salt Lake City, UT) Assisted Ann Pole researching and working on malaria study; learned to grow and manage malaria cultures; formulated media for cultured specimens; streaked, stained and quantified organisms; minimal experience handling tritium EXPERIENCE Dec. 2014 - present March 2013 - Nov. 2014 Feb. 2011 - Dec. 2012 Oct. 2008 - Feb. 2011 June 2007 - Aug. 2007 Researcher / Formulator RELEVANT COURSE WORK Organic Chemistry Inorganic Chemistry Cellular Biology Calculus I, II, III Genetics Biological Chemistry Applied Statistics Physical Chemistry Quantitative Analysis Comparative Vertebrate Morphology Foundations of Business Marketing & Computer Applications
  2. 2. PUBLICATIONS 2012 AMP Conference poster Detection of Bacterial, Viral, and Protozoal Pathogens using the FilmArray® Gastrointestinal (GI) System M. Rogatcheva1 , M. Vaughn1 , B. Harrel1 , R. Wallace1 , R. Trauscht1 , C. Li1 , J. Gardner1 , R. Crisp1 , A. Pavia2 , T. Barney3 , G. Alger1,3 , J. Daly2,3 1 BioFire Diagnostics Inc. (Salt Lake City, UT), 2 University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT), 3 Primary Childrenʼs Medical Center (Salt Lake City, UT) 2012 ASM Conference poster Evaluation of the FilmArray® Gastrointestinal Pathogen Detection System for Infectious Diarrhea M. Vaughn1 , J. Gardner1 , B. Harrel1 , R. Wallace1 , R. Crisp1 , A. Pavia2 , T. Barney3 , G. Alger3 ,2 , J. Daly3 ,2 , M. Rogatcheva1 1 Idaho Technology Inc. (Salt Lake City, UT), 2 University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT), 3 Primary Childrenʼs Medical Center (Salt Lake City, UT) 2012 CVS Conference poster Detection of Viral Diarrheal Pathogens by the FilmArray® GI POUCH B. Harrel1 , R. Crisp1 , J. Gardner1 , C. Li1 , M. Vaughn1 , R. Wallace1 , J. Daly2 , T. Barney2 , G. Alger2 , M. Rogatcheva1 1 Idaho Technology Inc. (Salt Lake City, UT), 2 Primary Childrenʼs Medical Center (Salt Lake City, UT) 2012 SAFMLS Conference poster Rapid Multi-target Detection of Gastrointestinal Pathogens in Patients Presenting with Diarrhea M. Vaughn1 , L. Banks1 , J. Gardner1 , B. Harrel1 , R. Wallace1 , R. Crisp1 , A. Pavia2 , T. Barney3 , G. Alger3 ,2 , J. Daly3 ,2 , M. Rogatcheva1 1 Idaho Technology Inc. (Salt Lake City, UT), 2 University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT), 3 Primary Childrenʼs Medical Center (Salt Lake City, UT) SKILLS FORMULATOR Experienced in capsule, tea, and softgel formulation; manufacturing; troubleshooting; raw material qualification; writing and implementing SOP’s/guidelines; writing and reviewing supplement facts; managing and depleting inventory of raw materials LABORATORY & RESEARCH Experienced in synthesizing and processing DNA/RNA; cultivating and maintaining cell/bacteria cultures; HPLC; single/multiplexed PCR; gene sequencing TECHNICAL Experienced in experimental data analysis; writing/analyzing technical reports; FDA regulations for dietary supplements; creating/editing structure function claims; statistical analysis of clinical studies; trouble shooting and performing quality control of products, assays, reagents, and primers; performing analytical testing techniques, including: HPLC, GC, UV/Vis spectroscopy, PCR COMPUTER Mac OS and Windows; iWork and Microsoft; CDC Software; Access; Mathematica; MatLab; Maple; PubMed; Natural Standards Database; Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database; Dukes REFERENCES Jon Kwantes, Senior Formulator, Pharmavite 702.812.1497 | Brent Vaughan, PhD, Director of Health Information Services, 4Life Research 801.918.7738 | Bob Schackmann, PhD, Director of DNA, Peptide Cores Facility 801.647.8246 | Cherie Zeringue, Owner / Marketing Consultant, Growth Solutions 801.652.0398 |