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Tale of Two Men

This is our final session of our series on The Book of Daniel with the amazing Steve Watts

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Tale of Two Men

  1. 1. Two Kingdoms Daniel 10-12
  2. 2. The story till now Historical background The temple/city
  3. 3. The tabernacle “Focal point of the camp – in the middle of life”
  4. 4. Where and how do you worship without a temple?
  5. 5. Ch 10-12
  6. 6. Remember the context!
  7. 7. Ch 10 Compare Ezra Ch 1 – 6 • Persecution • Distraction
  8. 8. Ch 11-12 • Three more kings • A mighty king • The four winds
  9. 9. Alexander the Great
  10. 10. How does this work for me? What application is there?
  11. 11. • Are you distracted in the building of the Kingdom? • Are you living influenced by Old Covenant thinking about how and where you worship? Do you need a building? Has the veil been removed?