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QLD Ambassador Retreat Meltdown Doc

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QLD Ambassador Retreat Meltdown Doc

  1. 1. Qld Ambassador Retreat November 7, 8, 9 2015
  2. 2. Get Quiet, Live Loud Living Full Cheetah… The overarching theme for our retreat was Get Quiet, Live Loud. We wanted to introduce this idea to our ambassadors, how do you get quiet in your life, get present to your authentic self, so you can truly live loud. I felt very inspired post conference by Seth Godin, and the idea of living “full cheetah” and we tied in this theme throughout the weekend. Our goal was that every ambassador felt more connected to themselves, to each other and to lululemon. With this vision in mind, we built out our retreat with activities and content to bring this to life. Every activity and content session tied into how we get quiet or how we live loud. From blindfold yoga, mediation hikes, and quieting our inner critic, to finding our purpose, setting goals, and discovering our legacy, the collective left inspired, connected and ready to live “full cheetah” style! Details: Location: Altitude 261, Mullumbimby, NSW Date: November 7-9, 2015 Who: 13 ambassadors plus our retreat dream team, Trevor and Nikki Ralston
  3. 3. The Collective
  4. 4. Team Regulators • Rachel Mitchell (project lead and budget controller) • Caitlin Kuipersmith (Ideator, lead look and feel) • Sef (lead-activites, mr. connections) • Jordana Demos (activities ideator) • Jacinta Conza (graphic design guru) • Kate Flynn (savior #1, the level head) • Jessica Waghorn (savior #2, the FUN, the heart) • Michael Bryne (event photographer) • Trevor Holland (Content master) • Nikki Ralston (yogi, fun police, magic maker)
  5. 5. Partnerships Key Partners • Altitude 261 – Rod and Josh • The Farm – Bess the yogi – Farm tour • Julian Waghorn – the Meat man • YouFoodz – in house meals • Andy Dub – resident lulu dj • Xcede – Charter bus • Three Blue Ducks – Beautiful dinner location • AMPM – Sweat sesh and all around amazing dudes!
  6. 6. Winning! Where We Won The Weekend • Fulfilling on our vision and watching it come to life • The finer details – look and feel, location, food, experiences. • Food and drink – delish and nourishing and catered to everyone’s dietary needs. • The team we built based on strengths and the connection we created as a group. • The content was inspiring, timely and relevant to our vision • The Farm tour and hearing how they brought their community vision to life • Going local and negotiating with vendors to work within budget restrictions • Deep connection between ambassadors and the team, and ambassadors to each other. • Burning our inner critic in the fire – powerful and lasting. • Experiences- sweating out of their comfort zone • Came in under budget! • Guest ambassador Nikki from NZ, who brought the magical edge to each experience.
  7. 7. • Location- Ambassadors and Team stay in same location will allow for more connection time between team and ambassadors • More team members – team could have been bigger to allow for more helping hands and more connection • Less is more – allow for more time for experiences and content sessions • All In or All Out! Enrollment of the SM’s in how they set up their ambassadors for the entire experience – clearing their schedules and being able to be present and engaged for the total experience. • Pre-retreat communication to ambassadors. • Budget was tight to provide the premium experience that our brand stands for – without Sef’s YouFoodz connections we would have gone over budget or had to cut out key aspects of weekend • Location too close to home, allowed for ambassadors to come and go too easily • More clear communication for last minute team members- felt unclear to their roles • More clear communication to Kate and Jaimee around expectations of their roles for weekend – felt unclear to roles of weekend What We Learned
  8. 8. For next year… • Weekly Team Calls – everyone feels set up at all times • Pre- set up convos with SM’s to ensure they knew clearly how to engage and set up their ambassadors. • Request for more frequent coaching and support from community team. • Setting the team up in the way we did – creating a vision for who we wanted and then putting that out to the SM’s lead to us having our dream team. • Smarter choice of dates- ambassador request for winter retreat. • All In or All Out! • Bring in Guest Speakers (brand, business)
  9. 9. The Leadership Journey Key leadership learnings were: • Start earlier – you can never be too organised or prepared • When to ask for support and from who • More meetings among team to feel connected and ideate • Coaching and partnering ambassadors on their leadership journeys • Creating a vision and bringing it to life. • Agility is Key – reading the energy and making decisions on the needs of the group
  10. 10. Connection Is Everything
  11. 11. “One of the best weekends of my life…” –Brodi Rees ambassador Carindale