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April 23, 2015 Rachel Parrish (314) 447-2346
The 2015 Rosenberg Survey...
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Rachel Parrish Writing Portfolio

  1. 1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE For more information contact: April 23, 2015 Rachel Parrish (314) 447-2346 The 2015 Rosenberg Survey Now Open St. Louis, MO – The Rosenberg Survey team is pleased to announce the 2015 Survey is now open. The Rosenberg Survey, now in its 17th year, provides CPA firms an in-depth and highly relevant look into the factors impacting profitability and helps guide strategic decisions. Some of the value adds in participating in The Rosenberg Survey, include:  Results are reviewed for accuracy and validity by three top CPAs including acclaimed industry consultants, Marc Rosenberg and Charles Hylan.  Clear, valid and unique statistics not available in other industry surveys.  Reliable year-to-year comparison with a return rate of over 80% from the previous year's participants.  Robust pool of participants from over 380 firms makes our data relevant to firms of all sizes.  Data is displayed by firm size for easy comparisons. The Rosenberg Survey serves as the benchmarking tool for CPA firms of all sizes to look into the factors impacting profitability. Accounting Today considers The Rosenberg Survey “the generally accepted barometer for practice management for mid-sized CPA firms.” The Rosenberg Survey measures and analyzes dozens of special statistics, such as correlation of partner charge hours to profitability and how staff-to-partner ratio impacts profitability. The Rosenberg Survey will be sent to participants in September 2015. For more information, visit The St. Louis based advisory firm, The Growth Partnership, collects and compiles the data for The Rosenberg Survey each year. The firm serves public accounting firms in the areas of practice management, outsourced marketing and lead generation. Its leadership development division, The Partner Institute, is the accounting industry’s premier partner development program. TGP employs 17 individuals who, collectively, possess well over a century of accounting industry work experience.
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