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Industry Application: Higher Education

With 100% of college admissions offices using some form of social media, you’re probably already attuned to the power of online communication. And that’s great because college students are currently some of the biggest consumers of media.

What all of this means for you is that your students are congregating on the social web, and there’s no better time to gain insight into their discussions.

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Industry Application: Higher Education

  1. 1. Higher EducationWith 100% of college admissions offices usingsome form of social media, you’re probably alreadyattuned to the power of online communication.And that’s great because college students arecurrently some of the biggest consumers of media.What all of this means for you is that your students universities, Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins Universityare congregating on the social web, and there’s no understands the importance of student outreach.better time to gain insight into their discussions. Hosting a page on their website that lists where you can find them across various social channels,Current and potential students are gathered they also feature a blog written by JHU Insiders -electronically right now, discussing everything from current students who act as student ambassadorscampus dining options to course selection. And and share their experiences on campus with thosethose comments are just some of the things you who are both considering, and have already beencould be listening for. How about building stronger accepted to, Johns Hopkins. These conversationalconnections with alumni or learning what potential outreaches help to develop strong community tiesstudents are saying about other schools? Social before students even arrive on campus.listening can help with that, too. Whatever yourreason for getting involved, we’re here and we’reeager to help. The conversations are happening; Handle a Crisisdon’t you want to know what’s being said? Being engaged on the social web gives you another outlet to share information with studentsHelp Students Find the Right Fit during emergency situations. Use online channels to share information on campus evacuations,When it comes to choosing your ultimate fire drills, as well as any suspicious or dangerousdestination for higher education, it’s all about fit. activity. Different social channels will help youStudents want to know that when they arrive on interact with your followers in different ways –campus they’ll feel like they’re coming home. Twitter encourages real-time, brief messaging,Use your various social media profiles to show while YouTube is more useful for longer messagesstudents your institution is the right place for them. that do not carry the same sense of urgency.Prospective students are increasingly turning Once you’ve decided on the best channel for youraway from promotional materials, and instead messaging, you’ll be set to share.focusing on getting advice from friends, family andthe social web. Word of mouth is playing a large Sharing messages online is an effective method ofrole in choosing the perfect school, meaning your working through a crisis – but wouldn’t it be greatinstitution cannot afford to miss out on perception- to stop a situation before it escalates? Monitoringshaping conversations. social channels can give your campus administrators and security a heads up when it comes to potentiallyFrequently ranked as one of the top social dangerous situations. Staff members at Des Moineswww.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672-3426) Copyright © 2012 - Radian6
  2. 2. Higher EducationArea Community College understand the importance or to aid support services in responding to an on-of effective monitoring. Noticing that a student had campus e-request. Students want to engage withstated online that he planned to bring a gun to one of you using their preferred social channels – get outthe campuses, and was looking for someone to do there and meet them where they’re gathering online.the same at another location, the college was ableto intervene before the situation became potentially Tufts University excels at connecting students todeadly. They credit social monitoring for their ability numerous departments across the campus, via ato rectify the issue in such an expedient manner. number of social channels. Actively engaging on everything from Twitter and blogs to Foursquare and LinkedIn, Tufts gives their students the opportunityBring Social into the Classroom to not only see what is going on behind the scenes at the school, but to also get their questionsYour school might already be aware of how social addressed in a quick and convenient manner.can enhance your online profile, but have youthought much about the positive impact it can haveon classroom learning? Go ahead and surprise your Strengthen Alumni Connectionsstudents – encourage them to use social in theclassroom. And no, we don’t mean getting them to Higher education communities are usually somespend your hour long lecture surfing their favourite of the strongest we’ll ever belong to – just asksocial networks. There are many benefits to be anyone who’s ever attended a college or university.gained from exploring the interdisciplinary learning When a student crosses the stage at convocation itenvironment of the social web. doesn’t mean the relationship is over – they’re just transitioning into a different role in your community.Understanding the positive impact that integratingsocial media into the classroom could have on Happy students become happy alumni. Andstudents from all disciplines, Clemson University the social web is a great way to maintain thosefounded their Social Media Command Center. The connections. Reach out to alumni on socialCommand Center gives students the opportunity to channels to overcome the obstacle of lapsedconduct their own independent research, exploring contact information. DeVry University excelsthe topics that are of interest to them and honing at creating connections between their currenttheir critical thinking skills. One such group was able students and alumni. Through various channels,to use online conversations to predict movements in including LinkedIn, the school has succeeded atthe foreign exchange market, giving them a learning promoting networking events that have created aexperience they definitely would not have obtained real sense of a standard classroom. Remaining engaged with your alumni through the social web is one of the best ways to maintainSocial Service is the New Marketing the already strong sense of community, fostering pride in your school that could translate to donorEngagement on the social web is all about getting opportunities in the future.the right conversations to the people that matter,helping to bring an already tight-knit campus Interested in building your online presence in thecommunity even closer together. Use social to help field of higher education? Contact us to get startedyour admissions office field questions over the web, with Salesforce Radian6 today.www.radian6.com1 888 6RADIAN (1 888 672-3426) Copyright © 2012 - Radian6