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Surah al-muzzammil

this slide contain information about surah al muzzammil

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Surah al-muzzammil

  2. 2. CONTENTS:  Introduction  Theme and Explanation  Lessons for us
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION:  Surah al Muzzammil other names “The shrouded one”,”Bundled up”,”Enfolded”.  Muzzammil means wrapped in garments.  It is the seventy third (73) chapter of Quran.  This surah contain 20 ayats or verses.  This surah is split between Mecca and Medina.  Its first nineteen (19) verses were revealed in Mecca.  Its final verse (20) was revealed in Medina.
  4. 4. THEME AND EXPLANATION:  This Surah emphasized prayers and the reading of the Qur'an in prayers.  The prayer at night is more effective than at day because at this time person is free of obligations.  It tells the Prophet and all those who stand to preach the message of Allah to take their strength from the word of Allah.  In the first seven verses,Holy Prophet has been commanded to prepare yourself to shoulder the responsibilities of great mission that has been entrusted to you.It mean you should rise during hour of night stand up in prayer for half the night.
  5. 5.  In verse 8-14 ,he has been exhorted to devote your life to Allah who is owner of whole universe,Intrust all your affairs to him with full satisfaction of heart.Bear with patient whatever you enemy utter against you.Leave their affairs to Allah.He himself will deal with him.  In verse 15-19,disbelievers has been warned,so as to say ”we have sent a messenger to you just as we sent to Pharoh.Just consider what fate pharoh met when he did not accepted invitation of prophet.supposing that you are not punished by torment in the world .how will you safe yourself from this on day of judgement.  In the last verse,it is said that study Quran as much as you can and perform salat and give Zakat.whatever good you send up the world,you will find it with Allah,better in reward.Allah is all forgiving and mercifull.
  6. 6. LESSONS FOR US:  We should spent a portion of our night praying to Allah.  We should recite Quran in a measured tone such that each letter is pronounced clearly.  Read the Qur'an and spend your wealth in the path of Allah.