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Wearable Technology (+ a bit of Open Sourcery)

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Presentation I gave at Open Source Hardware Camp, UK - OSHcamp 2012

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  • Wow – So much work & so much fun! What an inspiration… I say again, your efforts are worthy of the highest regard. Keep chipin' away @ the Future!
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Wearable Technology (+ a bit of Open Sourcery)

  1. 1. Wearable Technology (+ a bit of open sourcery) Open Source Hardware Camp, UK, 2012 Rain Ashford -
  2. 2. Hello, my name is Rain and I create interactive wearables and art, working withmany flavours of microcontrollers & various components…
  3. 3. I’m interested in…  Social interaction – formal and informal events where one is put on the spot/ excruciating circumstances: networking, bars, clubs, meet ups, introductions, conferences, etc. Building multi-sensor wearables which output data on the wearer’s physiological signs comprised of:  a logging device  sensors – tracking physiological signs: heart rate, accelerometer, temperature, etc.  Actuators  Visually reactive  Sonically reactive  Might record sound / feedback‘Yr In Mah Face’: temperature /mood sensing t-shirt from user  camera
  4. 4. Wearable technology is a diverse area,and can be fashionable, whimsical, fun,practical, arty, serious, protective,interactive, sensing, medical, energyharvesting, communicating,musical and lots more…
  5. 5. A quick tour: In the beginning…Wearable technology of yore: heavy, messy, angular & clunky
  6. 6. Beam me up Scotty…..sci-fi has a lot to answer for!
  7. 7. But we’re moving on from when wearable techevoked thoughts of axe grinding cyborgs, serfrobots, toasters and space pirates…
  8. 8. Some people have obviously had too much sci-fi… “Let’s just hope that they all don’t show up at once.“ Anon ..but I digress!
  9. 9. Anyways I have tons of questions… What are we going to use Wearable Technology for? How will Open Source work with Wearable Tech industry? What about sustainability? OpenWear / open design? Interoperability vs proprietry? Will smartphones / computers end up integrated into our clothing? Ethics issues - who owns / has access to our data? Privacy & Surveillance How far will we get towards Cyborg culture - implants anyone? CuteCircuit M-Dress ..for another time!
  10. 10. The growth of hacker culture & communities has inspired a new group of creatives to evolveand enter the tech industries
  11. 11. ..a convergence of readily available electronic components, shared knowledge throughcommunities and open source approaches to technology has broken barriers to learning &creativity
  12. 12. For me, the availability of sewable electronic & e-textiles has revolutionised the way I andmany other artists & designers work
  13. 13. the styling of some of these components has made them more attractive to work with
  14. 14. LilyPad ArduinoMicrocontroller Conductive Thread E-Textiles C (ish) Programming Sensors Actuators Hacked Electronics Conductive items Wearables Sound Artworks Games All Interactive
  15. 15. LilyPad Arduino Microcontroller• Fabulousness • My wish list It’s sewable!  An industrial version It’s open source – you can find  Make it cheaper the Eagle files & free code  More modules please libraries online / with IDE  Different sizes and shapes of Good number of digital & board analogue I/O  Choice of microcontrollers Great vector for encouraging  Variable voltages girls/ boys /adults/ artists /anyone / to experience  More competitors, to increase electronics innovation (Flora, Seeedstudio) It’s round (dismisses the idea that  Development of washable electronics are sharp grey and conductive thread cold) Enthusiastic & helpful community
  16. 16. The miniaturization of technology has changed how people build & use wearable tech &electronics; they’re no longer comprised of cold, bulky sharp, boxy & ugly components thatyou might prefer to remain hidden
  17. 17. …allowing me create much moreelegant work
  18. 18. …incorporating the technology into thedesign
  19. 19. The availability of sensors in particular that allowed me to bring my ideas to fruition
  20. 20. due to communties & individuals interested in sharing knowledge there’s lots ofinformation out there to help you make your own!
  21. 21. Hacking existing tech & combining sensors has allowed me tomake pieces such as ‘You Make My <3 Flutter’: a proximitydetecting, heart rate sensing ‘techlace’
  22. 22. And for looking at social interaction -‘Yr In Mah Face’: temperature /mood sensing t-shirt- uses Celsius temperature data from a sensor, averages it, then visualises the results viaLEDs.
  23. 23. I’m also interested in practical uses - Don’t Break My Heart is a wearable, colour-codeddistance warning system prototype for cyclists to wear on their back
  24. 24. Teapot Bunny Ears!
  25. 25. Summary: exciting time for e-textiles & wearable tech Availability of sewable electronics is revolutionising the work of artists & designers Hackspaces & online communities are helping demystify electronics & coding Open Source ethos is sharing & making knowledge more accessible Small Maker start-ups are changing the face of tech entrepreneurs Sewable electronics are inspiring a broader demographic to become interested in electronics & coding School age students are investigating electronics & code via e-textiles and wearable tech
  26. 26. Wearable tech workshops for 8-16 year olds for Technocamps, an initiative to encourageschool children in Wales to try out various forms of computer & hardware based tech fromrobotics, game development, animation to forensics.
  27. 27. ..for schools in Aberystwyth, Lampeter & Cardigan,homeschoolers (mums came too!) & Saturday drop in club. Sophie & I show our Dragons to the MEP for Wales, Aberystwyth University & Technocamps dignitaries came to see what we were up to!
  28. 28. A big list of stuff the students learned about… Intro to wearable tech  Functions E-textiles  Variables Intro to Arduino & LilyPad  Numbers: eg Intergers Video examples by others  Delays can be so much fun! Communicating with computers via USB  True / False states Arduino IDE  Conditional s: If / else statements Compiling  Loops Uploading  Formatting is important! Power & Ground  Serial monitor Ohm’s Law  Drawing simple circuits Resistors  Not to be afraid Sensors  Learn from things not working Actuators  Troubleshooting Analogue vs Digital  Experimenting is good PWM  Hacking isn’t bad! Circuits, inc Parallel & Series circuits  You can personalise your work Short circuits  You can work on your own or with friends Switches  Forget about stereotypes Sewing with conductive thread  Coding / Electronics isn’t gender specific Breadboards  Invent stuff! Crocodile clips  Have fun with code & electronics!
  29. 29. Ideas and work examples from Wearable Technology halfday workshop & three-day Easter bootcamp.The students loved how they could personalise andcontrol electronics very quickly by learning a fewexamples of code and following a few rules ofcircuitry!
  30. 30. Summary: get coding and hardware hacking into more schools! School age students enjoy investigating electronics & code via e-textiles and wearable tech Wearable tech as a vehicle fascinates school children as it allows them to use their imagination and come up with fantastic ideas Young people are very inquisitive and receptive to the principles of open source Giving students project examples that they can personalise gets them interested Don’t talk too long - show them straight away how to get a response from code and hardware Video examples give them ideas! Make workshops fun – find interesting analogies to describe what they’re going to do Don’t make lessons dull and worthy! Don’t try to make them touch each other in role playing games ;-)
  31. 31. Thank you for your attention! @Rainycat http://Rain Ashford 2012