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Support Offered To Rakesh Rajdev During Pandemic Time.pptx

  1. Support Offered To Rakesh Rajdev During Pandemic Time
  2. During the COVID-19 pandemic time, many families and people suffered a lot. Many people become survivors for the people so that they can help the suffering individuals to cope with the challenging time. Rakesh Rajdev is one among them who helped needy people and families during the COVID-19 time through his social welfare organization KanudaMitra Mandal. Introduction
  3. 1. Food Distribution – During the corona virus spread, food scarcity reached a great hype. Hence to control the situation and help the people meet their hunger issues, he ensured to supply of food to various regions in India.
  4. Rakesh Bhai Rajdev sent a large number of meal boxes to the people so that they can have food and will not sleep on an empty stomach. We can say that many people ate food due to the step taken by Rakesh Rajdev through his social welfare organization Kanuda Mitra Mandal.
  5. 2. Medical Assistance – During the pandemic time, the hospitals and medical centres were jammed with COVID- positive patients. Hence to cope with the heart-wrenching time, Rakesh Bhai Rajdev offered testing kits, beds, sanitizing materials and other necessary medical equipment to various hospitals and medical centres. He also arranged luxurious rooms for the paramedical staff and the frontline heroes.
  6. 3. Educational Support – Students are the future of the nation and increasing the literacy rate in the society is important for the nation’s development says Rakesh Rajdev. But he felt sad looking at the students who discontinue their education due to poverty. Hence he offered educational support to them.
  7. Rakesh Bhai Rajdev offered school bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, notebooks and other necessary stationery items to deserving students from Grade 1 to Grade 9. Also, he offered food packages to the students from the labour community. In this way, he ensured that they have a smooth educational journey.
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