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Symbioun Brochure

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Symbioun Brochure

  1. 1. C O R P O R A T E P R O F I L E
  2. 2. DARE TO DREAM: We stand behind what our customers / partners / associates / leadership dream. QUICK TO BUILD: We act quick to build and bring the dream into reality OPEN TO SHARE: Our passion is to share the benefit of success with all the stakeholders and make a difference in the industry and society. MISSION Collaborate with our esteemed customers to innovate solutions that ignites their business. 2 SYMBIOUN SOFTWARE PVT. LTD., IS A GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY SERVICES COMPANY WITH A PASSION TO DREAM, BUILD AND SHARE SIGNIFICANT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS TO SERVE ACROSS THE INDUSTRIES.
  3. 3. Symbioun is a technology consulting and services company established and driven by a passionate team with a vision to design world class services, and deliver competitive advantage to our customers. Headed by a highly competent Leadership team with over 100 years of collective experience & expertise, Symbioun software aims to be a preferred Software services outsourcing partner. Rapidly evolved through its journey in providing exceptional quality solutions beyond expectations to its esteemed clients across different domains and technologies. A B O U T U S 3
  4. 4. Employees are a Symbioun's greatest asset. They're our competitive advantage and are an integral part of the company’s growth. Our business is about technology based on the foundation of our customers and their relationships. Global Leader in IT services with offices in Atlanta, USA Hyderabad, India Corp offices: USA, India80+ Symbioun minds 15+ Customers O U R S T R E N G T H 4
  5. 5. 5 T E C H N O L O G Y E X P E R T I S E
  6. 6. M O B I L E D E V E L O P M E N T 6
  7. 7. W E B D E V E L O P M E N T 7
  8. 8. D A T A E N G I N E E R I N G T E C H N O L O G I E S 8
  9. 9. 9 M O B I L I T Y S O L U T I O N S Symbioun’s Mobility services has developed multiple B2B and B2C applications across varied industries such as retail, trading, e-commerce, travel, healthcare, agro services. These mobile solutions are developed for the full spectrum of platforms : Android, iPhone OS, Cross platform apps. Our specialists can transition a custom application or a co-developed software product to a mobile platform or develop applications specifically for the mobile environment, and the clients benefit with the advantage of Symbioun’s mobile expertise to gain a competitive advantage in today’s on-demand availability of support for businesses. 1 Social Media & API Integration 2 Bluetooth Beckon Solutions 3 Deployed Geo Location and Map based solutions 4 Delivered the custom broadcast Notifications - GCM and APNS system.
  10. 10. Conceptualization, Architecture & Design Mobile UI/UX Multi-Platform Development Consumer/Enterprise App Handholding, Support & Maintenance Payment Gateway Solutions M O B I L I T Y S O L U T I O N S 10
  11. 11. 11 Symbioun Software has an established Microsoft competency practice focused on develop- ing cutting edge solutions that help customers leverage the power of Microsoft technologies. M I C R O S O F T T E C H N O L O G I E S
  12. 12. Rich Internet Applications Developing Rich internet application with comprehensive use of client scripting framework like Angular JS, Knockout JS that builds portal services and ecommerce applications Web Development ASP.NET is a web application framework designed for web development to build dynamic web sites, web applications, web services and REST Services. Application Migration Migration of desktop and web applications to .NET,Re-engineering from legacy/ non-MSFT / other MSFT to .NET Business Intelligence SQL Server based BI solution development, SSRS, SSAS, SSIS SharePoint SharePoint Architecture, Design & Implementation Custom Web Part Development / Consulting in Portal Application with .NET Stack, SQL Server. Workflow solutions on MOSS 2010 and MOSS 2013 SharePoint and Content Management in building Knowledge Management Portals M I C R O S O F T T E C H N O L O G I E S 12
  13. 13. 13 Symbioun have a cutting edge perspicuous JAVA team who keep abreast with latest developments in JAVA technologies to design for application the match the best of class in the Industry. Symbioun has implemented multiple complex Enterprise Java applications for medium to large multinational companies. J A V A W E B T E C H N O L O G I E S
  14. 14. Strong focus on holistic solutions - Architecture, design, implementation, quality assurance and testing Framework driven development to deliver projects on time and within budget with a robust implementation Expertise in building enterprise class solutions using latest JAVA Web Technologies and frameworks. SPRING, STRUTS, HIBERNATE, IBATIS, JPA, JQUERY, Angular JS, Backbone JS, HTML 5.0, CSS3, BOOTSTRAP. Significant in-house research on emerging technologies like Event Driven Architecture, ESB, etc.. J A V A W E B T E C H N O L O G I E S 14 IBM Premium partner in collaboration on key technology integration services using IBM JAVA products
  15. 15. 15 Symbioun Software is a distinguished leader in catering IBM suite solutions to various clients across Middle East, North America and India, thus adds a feather to its cap as being a premium implementation partner to IBM. I B M T E C H N O L O G I E S
  16. 16. Business Process Management Service Orient Architecture Business Intelligence Services Data Engineering Services(ETL) IBM Mobility Solutions IBM Cloud Integration I B M T E C H N O L O G I E S 16
  17. 17. Retrospective Sprint Backlog Product Backlog Product Owner Business Team Users, Business process Customer Stakeholders Architect Teams Symbioun User Stories, Epics, Business features Business process Aarchitecture Designs Release Sprint Review Symbioun Scrum Master Business/ IT Program Owner Burndown Chart A G I L E M E T H O D O L O G Y - S C R U M P R O C E S S 17
  19. 19. I N D U S T R Y D I V E R S I T Y 19 C A S E S T U D I E S M O B I L E - W E B
  20. 20. M O B I L E A P P L I C A T I O N S 20 Border Wait Time App" is to help travelers coming from across American Borders to pick which one to go to. This app help the user to choose a border which is nearest and provide the navigation from user's current location to the chosen border port. This apps lets the employer see you and hear your story. In fact, your 60 second video resume can give you a better chance at showcasing your skills and work you've accomplished. Download our app to search and apply for jobs. Create your video profile right from your mobile, go video and get noticed.
  21. 21. W E B A P P L I C A T I O N S 21 Travelauto helps you find cheap car rentals in Europe, USA, UK and UAE by making a car rental comparison between major service providers, prices, and various other rental car options. Special rental cars deals and discount offers are available seasonally in major locations to avail budget and Economy rent a car of your choice. Customized application platform tailored to meet the specific needs for a clinical research organisation. The applicatiton is designed and customized to address the process flow for clinical genetic tests with enhanced security, integrated collobration platform and compliance with HIPAA standards.
  22. 22. “We choose Symbioun as our IT partner to develop our applications. Not only leveraging the domain expertise, but also a thorough knowledge of the agile development, Symbioun has provided simple solutions that meet our business objectives, and demonstrated value addition in extending quick support and resolutions”. “We looked at many solution providers, but none had the enterprise application architecture and integration expertise that we needed. With Symbioun, we get both high-end technology and critical project management skills”. T E S T I M O N I A L S 22 - David Bigand, CEO & Founder - Dan Agervig Hansen, CEO & Founder
  23. 23. A S S O C I A T E D C U S T O M E R S & P A R T N E R S 23
  24. 24. T H A N K Y O U Contact : USA: Symbioun Software Inc, 2610 Weddington Ridge, Marietta GA 30068. INDIA: 5G, Vaishnavi Cynosure, Gachibowli, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500032. 24