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EzyPro Hospital Quality Indicator Software - Explainer

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Health care quality indicators prescribed by NABH are scientifically valid, clinically relevant and have the potential to significantly improve the quality and efficiency of patient care across the nation. Be a Leader in this National Pursuit

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EzyPro Hospital Quality Indicator Software - Explainer

  1. 1. tomorrow’s compliance solution today - A first of its kind -
  2. 2. Freedom from paper-drudgery
  3. 3. Hospital Quality Indicators - Simple to Deploy, Easy to Use
  4. 4. Hospital Quality Indicators - Powerful. Efficient. Visual.
  5. 5. Fast to go live
  6. 6. Fast to go live
  7. 7. Un-paralleled efficiency gains
  8. 8. Update data, any where, any device
  9. 9. Desktop, tablet, mobile
  10. 10. from documentation to data
  11. 11. HospitalQuality Indicator Preset 70 + indicators Assign data input entry Display trends and charts QI Data approval Trace Data audit trail Improvement Action Mobile web interface All of Basic and Incident Management Action Tracking License tracker Document Placeholder All of Basic+ and Audit Management Review Meeting Manager