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  1. 1. ABOUT US? 1
  2. 2. What is it fhios? What is it ? It is fhios consultant that through people and technology answers and solutions to the digital needs of customers. The aim of fhios Group is to offer comprehensive digital solutions. Therefore it offers its customers a number of specific services that nurture and complement each other. 1.1
  3. 3. Our View The vision of It is a company with vocation international able manage and communicate strategically knowledge and information of our customers to get their success Y optimization both Internet and its operations, optimizing resources Marketing and Technology. 1.2
  4. 4. 2OUR HISTORY
  5. 5. online marketing social Media Integration and Development developments Ad hoc Infrastructure and Data Center 1995 Didac Lee President Start from fhios2.1 1998 Technology consulting Application Management Intregration Management Managed services Maintenance and Service Manuel Serrano CEO Joan Bertran Partner director Encarna Leal Managing partner David Lopez Partner director
  6. 6. OUR STRATEGY 3
  7. 7. Strategy and Focus Is omnichannel: Web + Mobile + Smart TV Is Wearable Tech. Is Business Intelligence 3.1
  8. 8. He smart knowledge arises from the perfect combination of equipment and technology suitable. Our goal is to offer the best solution. Smart Knowledge We adapt to your needs intelligently. Our specialization in different areas It allows us to address your project in a flexible way and integral. Smart approach Our model Fresh smart knowledge It is designed to give your answer and solution digital needs. We offer services that nurture and complement each other. Smart way Our Philosophy3.2
  9. 9. Communication and digital marketing Applications for mobile devices and wearable Developing solutions web Business Intelligence and Big Data systems production, logistics and storage Talent, content, applications, and services managed Engineering and systems integration. Lines of deal3.3
  10. 10. LINES OF DEAL 4
  11. 11. We offer best solutions for client projects so that these obtain the most successful Internet. A complete integration of elements of the online presence: Smart Marketing4.1 • web or microsites • optimal search engine positioning • online advertising on major portals, blogs and media • communication and relationship with users.
  12. 12. Smart Marketing Services what we offer 4.1 creative creative concepts Corporate image development Design LP, web, creative pieces ... strategic strategic consulting Development brands Campaign development mobile Advice developing apps mobile Development and launch campaigns Measurement of each medium social content Marketing Revitalisation Blogs networking Social Tenders RRSS Communication online reputation SEO SEM - Display E-mail Marketing Affiliation Buzzmarketing Analytics Web Websites Training digital
  13. 13. fhios with more than 10 years as a Web service provider group La Caixa has collaborated on various projects. HIGHLIGHTS: • Social work "The Caixa"Collaborates in the daily maintenance of the portals of the group bringing the experience of our specialized equipment layout templates and implementation on the platform DRUPAL • Creating portals: Vida Caixa and Caixa Vida It Previsió Social 1.11.1Case from success - The Caixa4.1
  14. 14. Case from success - Nescafé Dolce Gusto 4.1 E-COMMERCE, CRM, CREATIVITY AND SEO OBJECTIVE: Creating the Strategic Plan e-commerce. ACTIONS DONE: Development of the strategic plan of CRM. Design and send e-mails from a sales-oriented strategy. SEO strategy and tactics monthly maintenance actions
  15. 15. AND-commerce: • online stores to increase sales of your business • Conceptualizing a design adjusted to the needs of the customer product • Optimization and search engine rankings • Implementation of the main tools Smart Development4.2 Web: • We analyze the needs of each project to provide the most appropriate solution • Implementation of content management tools and web portals. Integrations as: • From a small system • To global systems Integral development: • Microsoft platform • frameworks Open Source • maintenances
  16. 16. 1.11.1Case from success - Affinity4.2 OBJECTIVES fhios as partner AFFINITY technological PET CARE works closely with the group's brands and their suppliers in the implementation and deployment of its strategy digital. ACTIONS DONE: • Implementation and maintenance of sites CMS DRUPAL • Design layout and graphics elements • developments custom required • Management content • Consultancy technological • Consultancy user experience and usability • Edition and layout newsletters Y emailing campaign • Management shipping and DB maintenance consumers
  17. 17. Case from success - Equivalenza4.2 E-COMMERCE, CRM OBJECTIVES Creating the Strategic Plan e-commerce. ACTIONS DONE: • Design, layout and programming of e-commerce. Maintenance of the content. • Development of the strategic plan of CRM. Design and send e-mails from a sales-oriented strategy. • Blog and content management. SEO maintenance
  18. 18. Mobility Solutions: • For Smartphones as if to tablets • Optimizing websites for proper display on different devices • designs WebApps based on HTML5 and CSS3 for seaworthiness suits mobile devices. Wearable Technology: • Smart Glass • Smart Watches • Smart Devices • Smart Clothes • Internet of Things Augmented Reality and systems beacons • Beacons • in-store marketing • ... Smart Mobile and Wearable Tech.4.3
  19. 19. Smart Mobile Services what we offer 4.3 • Analyze business to determine the value and ROI of projects mobile. • Develop and market solutions and services for mobile devices and wearable. Specialized Mobile Services: The complete cycle as an agency mobile,fhios has two principal functions:
  20. 20.  TMBApp - App official Transport Barcelona - Design and development App smartphone. Success Story - Transports Metropolitants Barcelona Smartphone 4.3
  21. 21.  Condis sommelier - Design and development App selection of wines and champagnes by various criteria. Shop version (20 ") and Google Play version. tablet Success Story - Condis4.3
  22. 22.  Stock Tactics - Development App Investment Portfolio Management  Wallets, Indices and Securities Investors  Smartphone: Apple / Android Casos ANDsuccess Smartphone Success Story - The Caixa4.3
  23. 23. Engineering and systems integration and cloud services. Center for Continuing our Cloud Services in centralized and permanently offers the following services: • Monitoring and control infrastructure • Troubleshooting • Change Management • Administration and remote operation • tunnings Systems and Databases • Security management and storage managed services, maintenance, service desk and service. Smart Systems4.4 Fhios is one of the datacenters pioneers in Spain (since 1995)
  24. 24. Smart Systems Service technical 4.4 Service Technical support and maintenance Hardware and software. • All kinds of devices. • SLA's at all levels. Commitment response and repair. • Coverage multi-maker. Collateral management. • Equipment replacement. 20 centers nationwide. • Tools of ticketing and service management. Free remote connection customer data and service records for monitoring and analysis. • Management change. …but taking into account each company and their respective needs
  25. 25. Smart Systems Services managed 4.4 Great experience management and exploitation of technology to our customers through the Managed Services Center from Sant Boi: • Centralized care center (CAC). • Office Service Management. • Service management team: • Service Manager • Responsible service technician • SLA at all levels. Response time commitment and resolution. • Change management
  26. 26. Success Story - Cinesa SERVICE Full service user support and corrective maintenance from PC computer equipment, POS equipment and lockers from his premises at any he Spanish territory. MODEL He model is based on the outsourcing around the including service he Help Desk.The service is carried out following the ITIL methodology offered SLA's,KPI's and a process of continuous improvement of service. CHARACTERISTICS • Reception and classification of faults from users. • Resolution Fault in-situ throughout the national territory with different SLA's according to customer specifications. • Report Generation (KPI's) • Committee continuous improvement (mixed between Customer and fhios) • 24x7 (working tips on show times) EQUIPMENT • Service performed for a minimum team Help Desk consists of 6 people. • territorial network of delegations for on-site support. • Responsible and Manager service. 4.4
  27. 27. Success Story - The mermaid4.4 SERVICE Service Integral corrective maintenance of all computer equipment and propis local franchisees throughout the (local total of approx .: 233 Total approx .: 3,244 teams nationwide). MODEL He model is based on the outsourcing around the except service Call Center. The service is carried out following the ITIL methodology offered SLA's,KPI's and a process of continuous improvement of service. CHARACTERISTICS • Reception and classification of faults from of the Call Center. • Resolution Fault in-situ throughout the national territory with different SLA's according to customer specifications. • Report Generation (KPI's) • Committee continuous improvement (mixed between Customer and fhios) • 24x7 (working tips on show times) EQUIPMENT • Service performed for a minimum team 4 people located in the headquarters of fhios. • territorial network of delegations for the support in the rest of the country. • Responsible and Manager service.
  28. 28. Success Story - leader in the publishing sector SERVICE 24x7 maintenance and operational infrastructure of the most critical electronic commerce client. MODEL He model is based on outsourcing all monitoring service and support infrastructure systems at all levels. The service is carried out following the methodology ITIL, They offered SLA's,KPI's and a process of continuous improvement of service. CHARACTERISTICS • 24x7 monitoring Infrastructure servers and communications equipment. • Level 1 and 2 operating in 24x7 format • management Backup. • Release Management. • Tuning server • Administration of entire platform EQUIPMENT • Service performed for a minimum team of 4 people. • Responsable and Service Manager. 4.4
  29. 29. outsourcing application, infrastructure and workplace: • Managed Services Center • Maintenance Organization and Service • Department of outsourcing • Engineering Center are structured and operate according to ITIL standards. Our guides: • Ergonomics Service • Tools measuring levels of compliance • Sustainability criteria • Corporate Social Responsibility Smart outsourcing4.5
  30. 30. Business Intelligence in life the Smart Thinking It is this way of thinking that facilitates the decision making. Through observing and understanding generate actions that allow us to reach our goals. Thanks to Business Intelligence and Big Data can help strategic level and in real time. Smart Thinking4.6
  31. 31. 4.6 Smart Thinking as we make Business Intelligence, Data analysis and strategy Dashboards analytical Customer management platform O & O (online and offline)
  32. 32. E-COMMERCE, CRM, CREATIVITY AND SEO Development of the strategic plan of CRM: • Strategy. • Content mails (transactional and brand): content, design, layout and shipping. • Promotional and sales analysis. • Landing/ Banners campaigns. • Mails brand: content, design, delivery. Business inteligence • Based Slicers • dashboards • Data model (DWH) • DataCleansing Y DataQuality Creating the Strategic Plan e-commerce. packaging for recruitment. Sales + 26% in the first months Case from success - Nescafé Dolce Gusto4.6
  33. 33. SUCCESS STORIES BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE AND STRATEGY Implementation of corporate DWH and layer front-office The creation of Dashboard sales and CRM. Defining the business model change flash supply market place. Search of Keywords SEO to include in drafting the content to ensure good search engine optimization. Layout and upload content to the CMS. More than 80% increase in volume and amount of baskets Case from success - Promofarma4.6
  34. 34. • Industrial Consulting. • Intelligent management systems stores (Warehouse Management System) • Production control systems and traceability. Smart Industrial4.7
  35. 35. Smart Industrial systems Management warehouses 4.7 It is a software logistics very flexible that adapts to the needs of control and information a warehouse,it works in real time to optimize logistics processes in storages by software WMS fhios, Hardware, barcode system, pistols and radio frequency terminals.
  36. 36. Case from success Papers El Carmen 4.7 • Management of Raw Material References self coding. • Buying process supplier integrated with the vendor (shipping purchase proposal PDF automatically validation in SGA). • intelligent warehouse by the knowledge that the system has the stock (historical series of consumption and procurement automation by reference). • Business Intelligence reports Logistics, both for warehouse personnel to that of purchases.
  37. 37. Smart environments4.8 solutions innovative environments to achieve high performance technology, but sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly time ambient. innovative solutions at market: • Smart Cities • Smart Home & Buildings • deployment network telecommunications
  38. 38. Case from success hotel counts from Barcelona 4.8 • System wireless Wifi high density to ensure he maximum coverage. • Intelligent fire detection by central aspiration. • System inmotic of control and management from lighting installations, air conditioning, display, customizable scenarios and analysis from energy consumption. • System from video surveillance High performance .
  39. 39. 5WHY fhios?
  40. 40. our References4.15.1
  41. 41. our References4.15.2
  43. 43. Fhios SMART KNOWLEDGE C / Badajoz 145 3 ° C District 22 @ 08018 Barcelona 902889441