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Part Two Attraction Marketing Presentation1


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Part Two Attraction Marketing Presentation1

  2. 2. You’re Open For Business…. Now What?
  3. 3. Lets start with Marketing… The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines marketing as "The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.
  4. 4. The Laws of Attraction
  5. 5. refers to the idea that thoughts influence chance. The Law of Attraction argues that thoughts (both conscious and unconscious) can affect things outside the head, not just through motivation, but by other means. The Law of Attraction says that which is like unto itself is drawn.
  6. 6. Would you rather chase after customers one at a time or have five or ten customers a day chasing after you?
  7. 7. Most successful multi-level marketers use this concept, to grow their businesses and help their associates to do the same. This is not a new concept but is the new way of thinking in advertising and marketing. Advertisers and marketers have been using this for years because they were the only ones who had the capital for this concept with commercials and newspaper ads. Now with the birth of the Internet anyone can do the same thing and attract their niche market of customers using several unique tools, free online.
  8. 8. YOU INC.  Essentially the concept is simple. You, Inc.  Brand and promote YOU, Inc first... and NOT your business opportunity or network marketing company or program.
  10. 10. In it’s simplest form, “attraction marketing” is about branding “You Incorporated,” per se. It’s about using the numerous free resources we have in today’s hi-tech world to brand yourself and having people seek you out to form an alliance and/or join your business opportunity without you having to seek them out using traditional means and ways o marketing. Make yourself popular, and you’ll find that attraction marketing will send a steady flow of leads to your door daily.
  11. 11. Attraction marketing is about attracting the right people to you and the business opportunity you can provide them. One of the true beauties of attraction marketing is the simple fact that if you’re creative and highly self-motivated, you can design and implement numerous ways for your leads and prospects to be attracted to you, being drawn to you like a magnet.
  12. 12. For Instance… I use things such as videos, capture pages, blogs, etc. Most people are visual. They want to see it. So if you can give them what they want…you have an in. Keep in mind…Whoever has your ear…has your life!!
  13. 13. First Of All...
  14. 14. It is essential that you exude Confidence and Energy whenever you are attempting to attract people. If you project confidence, people will have confidence in you. This has been true throughout the history of marketing and sales. Maintaining a positive, magnetic energy will naturally attract people to you.
  15. 15. A common fault of most Internet marketers is lack of focus, getting caught up in chasing (or offering) too many opportunities at one time. Thus, they end up becoming a knowledgeable at everything, a master of nothing.
  16. 16. My advice: If you want to become a successful attraction marketer, develop a plan to attract qualified prospects to your opportunity and stick with it through the end.
  19. 19. FOR EXAMPLE…
  20. 20. I have a Blog on WordPress which is linked to my Twitter account, which is linked to my Facebook account, which is linked to my Capture Page, LinkedIn, and so on and so on….
  21. 21. The SIX KEY PARTS In A Powerful Attraction Marketing System
  22. 22. LEADERSHIP
  23. 23. Understand that people are looking for LEADERSHIP & Mentors that can actually show them how to make money online and offline. This is critical to your success. You must position yourself as a leader and offer your target market the training and marketing information they are seeking. Inexperienced people tend to wonder how they can teach marketing if they're new themselves...
  24. 24. Know Your Target Market
  25. 25. If you're in the home based business industry promoting a direct sales or network marketing program, then you should know that the hottest target market you can focus on attracting is the existing network marketer and online marketer. The time in your pipeline will be reduced with this target, they already believe in the industry so you won't have to worry about going through that skeptical debate and most existing marketers are looking for marketing knowledge and information.
  26. 26. Place Simple, Targeted Ads That Compel Your Target Market To Click
  27. 27. This is where Attraction Marketing comes into play. Knowing your target market well will allow you to identify their main frustrations with their business and what benefits or solutions they are looking for. Phrase your ads in a way that you agitate a frustration and then offer a solution that solves their problem. To get to the solution they must click on your ad to get to your offer. Offering free "How To" information to marketers on learning traffic tactics and marketing skills in the form of a free email course, video series, recorded audios, etc... is a high conversion tactic.
  28. 28. Drive That Targeted Traffic To Your Own Lead Capture Page
  29. 29. This is where most online marketers fail. Your company's replicated lead capture page is NOT the answer. Not if you want to attract more opt-ins for less money. Your own personalized lead capture page should contain a strong "Direct Response Marketing" headline, subheadline and some key benefits about your offer. A free newsletter, special report, video training series, audio recording or other compelling free information should be offered here that is designed to solve the frustration your ad agitated. This is key to building a responsive list.
  30. 30. Follow Up With A Systemized Email Autoresponder
  31. 31. A series of email follow up letters should be linked to your capture page so that you can follow up with your new leads using automation. This is where the majority of your sales will be made. Constant follow up is crucial in building trust, credibility and rapport with your list. By offering valuable content and teaching them exactly what your lead capture page and your initial ad offered to teach, you will warm up your list and prepare them to buy or join you in business.
  32. 32. Close Sales
  33. 33. There isn't a magic script that will close every deal. Making sales isn't about unlocking a game either. To make sales, whether it's a product or service is about asking deep interest piquing questions that will get your prospects to see it would be crazy for them NOT to use what you are offering.
  34. 34. NEXT WEEK…
  35. 35. AFFILIATE MARKETING AND LEAD ATTRACTION SYSTEMS The top tools and systems used by today’s leaders in the industry