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  1. 1. Vancouver,BC,Canada<br />Do we go somewhere we've been before--someplace we're familiar with that we want to see more of? It's always fun to return to a vacation destination you love, to remember the good times you've had there and create new memories at the same time.Or do we travel to someplace new to us?<br />It is actually not necessary to go abroad just to rejuvenate and relax, you can pick one beauty spot in your area and spend your vacation there with your family, but if you want to experience a new ways of life, culture, weather temperature and of course you wanted to see new sceneries the city of Vancouver is the place to be.<br />Describing Vancouver is no easy feat for a writer, least of all for someone who loves West Coast diversity and considers a trip to the city to be nothing short of exotic. Vancouver, with its majestic skyline of snow-tipped mountains and incredible sunsets, would impress the most seasoned traveller. It is also the place to go to find great nightlife, romantic dining, or just a lit tle bit of West Coast Canadian culture. <br />The places to note whenever you go to Vancouver<br />The Ancient and the Artistic Museums and the Like<br />The Vancouver art gallery<br />Housed in the old city courthouse, this museum features displays and travelling exhibits of a wide range of Canadian and international artists. Easy walking distance from Granville and Georgia.<br />A Little Bit of Heaven Vancouver Parks and Scenic Sites<br />Stanley Park<br />405 hectares (1,000 acres) of beaches, trails and forest - one of Vancouver's true historic landmarks.<br />Queen Elizabeth Park<br />The highest spot in Vancouver (500 feet/150 metres), it is home to the Bloedel Floral Conservatory.<br />Burnaby Mountain park<br />Ok, so this is a bit of a jaunt from central Vancouver. But for panoramic views, this park can't be beat. On a clear day you can see the Gulf Islands.<br />Unusual Landmarks<br />Granville island<br />A sign at Fir and Broadway will direct you north to the waterfront public market. Theatre, restaurants and artist studios are some of the specialties here. Very popular on weekends.<br />WEATHER CONDITIONS<br />Vancouver's Average Monthly High TemperaturesMonthAverage High Temps: C/FJanuaryMay-41FebruaryJul-44MarchOct-50April14 / 58May18 / 65June21 / 69July23 / 74August23 / 74September18 / 65October14 / 58NovemberSep-48DecemberMay-41<br />Vancouver's Hours of Daylight by MonthMonthHours of Daylight1-Jan8:171-Feb9:251-Mar11:001-Apr12:531-May14:361-Jun15:571-Jul16:101-Aug15:081-Sep13:281-Oct11:401-Nov9:521-Dec8:29<br />Why only vancouver for vacation<br />* Best hotels<br />* Best restaurants (cheap and expensive)<br />* Best places to take pictures<br />* Best grocery and shops for if you're doing the cooking yourself<br />* Best top tips for exploring<br />* Best cafés to enjoy a latte<br />* Best places to shop! (in and out of the " trendy spots" )<br />left56515 * Best places to hike <br /> * Best mountains to ski<br /> * Best recreation events<br /> * Best places to cycle <br /> * Best places to go sailing <br />* Best locations for scuba diving <br />* Best cultural events and areas to visit <br />* Most romantic places<br />Map of New Delhi Airport<br />Trains and Buses<br />Travel Times- From Ludhiana to Delhi distance is 364 km. From Ludhiana city to New Delhi I had train reservation and from New Delhi Railway Station to New Delhi Airport I took bus as the distance was about 20-22 km and bus takes 45 min.<br />Fares-<br />Train NumberTrain NameDate (DD-MM-YYYY)Source StationDestination Station2716 Shatabadi express15-10-2010Ludhiana CITYNEW DELHITrain TypeDistance (kms)SUPERFAST369Fare/ChargesClass -- SleeperBase Fare153Reservation Charges20Superfast Charges20Other Charges0<br />From Railway Station I will take bus to International airport Delhi. It will cost me around Rs. 20.<br />Duration of stay: 15th Oct, 2010 – 22nd Oct, 2010 (1 week)<br />Transportation<br />Flight Reservation-Tickets can be found cheapest on internet by doing online booking. Prices vary depending on factors like date of travel, airline, number of flight changes etc.<br />Lowest fares and advance booking- Round trip tickets are cheaper than one way tickets. Airlines have a choice of cabin class to offer. Economy class is cheapest and preferred by most of the travellers. Some flights are not direct and travellers have to change flight and thus it increases the travelling time. But, in most cases travellers have to pay less for non-direct flights. A quick search on airline websites shows lowest fares available for a particular flight. After some research on internet, I found the following flight suitable to my needs. Flight can be reserved online and payment can be finalized by using internet banking or credit cards.<br /> Airline: Ethiopian airlines/Air china<br />Cost: $563 = Rs 40268.6<br />Source:<br />Number of changes: 1<br />Single/Round trip: Round<br />Outbound <br />Flight# EK 515New Delhi (DEL),India to Ethiopian airlines/Air chinaDepart: 15 Oct, 201009:50 PMEmiratesBoeing 777-300ERArrive: Oct 201011:45 PMEK 515EconomyStop over: 3hr 25min<br />Flight# EK 39(Ethiopian airlines/Air china)Depart: 02 Oct, 201008:05 AMEmiratesBoeing 777-300ERArrive:Fri 02 Oct, 201012:35 PMEK 39Economy<br />Inbound<br />Flight# EK 40Depart: 08 Oct, 02:15 PM09:15 PMEmiratesAircraft: 332Arrive:09 Oct, 201012:15 AMEK 40EconomyStop over: 7 hr<br />Shangri la hotel,vancouver,canada<br /> <br />MMmm<br /> Total Costs<br />ParticularsPoundRupeeAir Tickets£56340268.6Transportation£171215.9Lodging£25017881.3Food£503576.3Travel£201430.5Others£302145.8<br />