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All about Programmatic buying(RTB), DSP,SSP, DMP & DCT - A complete digital Advertising world

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It's all about Programmatic Buying(RTB), DSP, SSP ,DMP & DCT etc., Digital advertising technologies.

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All about Programmatic buying(RTB), DSP,SSP, DMP & DCT - A complete digital Advertising world

  1. 1. The Future of Digital Advertising - A Digital Dunia
  2. 2. Karunakar Ravirala
  3. 3. Agenda:  How the Digital Advertising World is connected  What is Programmatic Buying (RTB)  How Real-Time Bidding works  The Digital Advertising Landscape  What Media Planners need to know about Programmatic Buying  What is DMP/AMP & How it works?  What is DCO/DCT & How it works?
  4. 4. Buyers        Advertisers Advertiser Ad networks Advertiser Ad exchanges Ad Campaigns Display, Video, Mobile Standard or Rich Media DSP(Demand Side Platform) Sellers        Publishers Publisher Ad networks Publisher Ad exchanges Ad Inventory Display, Video, Mobile Standard or Rich Media SSP(Supply/Sell Side Platform)
  5. 5. DSP SSP A Supply-Side Platform or Sell-Side Platform (SSP) is a technology platform which enables the publishers to manage their ad impression inventory and maximize revenue from digital media. A demand-side platform (DSP) is a platform that allows buyers/advertiser to buy the inventory from various ad exchanges and data exchange accounts through one interface called RTB.
  6. 6. Buy Side Sell Side Advertiser Online User Publisher Ad Network Advertiser Ad Network DSP Agency/ In-house team RTB SSP Pub/Agency/ In-house team Publisher Ad Server Advertiser Ad Server DMP DMP
  7. 7. The Digital Advertising Landscape
  8. 8. Programmatic Buying & Real Time Bidding • • • It’s like programmatic stock trading. Programmatic is an automated buying, at a large scale, through a combination of machinebased transactions, data, and algorithms. RTB is a feature of programmatic Buying (a subset)
  9. 9. How Real Time Bidding Works $0.2 $0.4 $50 $0.1 $0.5 100 Leads 50 Leads $0.6 $0.5 $0.2 $0.8 $0.1 $0.1CPL $0.8 $2 $1CPL Bulk Buying Impressions Real Time Bidding/Buying Targeting the Audiences by channel /category Pay only for the valuable audiences
  10. 10. Programmatic Buying & Real Time Bidding Hand Sold Sponsorships 60% Layer 1 Inventory Hand Sold Premium Inventory 20% Hand Sold Audience Targeted Inventory Layer 2 Inventory Targeted Inventory sold via Ad Exchanges 10% Layer 3 Inventory 10% Layer 4 Inventory Remnant Inventory sold to Ad Networks
  11. 11. Publisher Ad Stack - Selling Method Hand Sold Sponsorships Hand Sold Premium Inventory Hand Sold Audience Targeted Inventory Targeted Inventory sold via Ad Exchanges Remnant Inventory sold to Ad Networks Sales Team Programmatic Buying Private Ad Exchanges & RTB
  12. 12. Media Planner & Programmatic Buying • Media Planner point of view PB is process of buying media through technology platforms. Like Ad exchanges, Trading desks, SSPs, DSP,s etc., Key benefits are: Price Transparency • Auction based model increases impressions level price transparency. More granularity • Buyer can pick the required impressions and bid at the impression level. It will give better ROIs. More control on spend More Insights • A buyer can sit on driver seat and make buying decisions on real time. • Granular level of reporting allows the buyer to optimize the campaign in a better way.
  13. 13. DMP/AMP What is DMP/AMP & How it work? In simple words, its a web based technology which allows the publisher to get the critical insights from their own 1st party data as well as from 3rd party data.
  14. 14. 1st Party Data Data creation 2nd Party Data Customer Data 3rd Party Data Data Provider 14
  15. 15. How it work?      Untrusted data Offline data 3rd Party data Online data  Target & Retarget the audiences for branding opportunities Get the Real time user insights and target them with customized creatives Collect Target Organize   Setup the date in custom hierarchies Categories the data based on verticals/channels (or) business requirements 15
  16. 16. DCO/DCT - Dynamic Creative Targeting/Optimization • • • Delivering the right ad to the right audience at the right time. Deliver the customized creative/Dynamic creative on each impression to each audience segment. It can deliver and optimize the creatives based on: • Audience Segment • Performing creative/product • User interaction • Ad Serving sequence
  17. 17. Regards, Karunakar.R Y!: Skype: karuatff Gtalk: munna.atff 18