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Lte drivetest guideline with genex probe

Huawei LTE

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Lte drivetest guideline with genex probe

  1. 1. Consulting| Training| Research LTE DT Theory, Tools and Preparation • Its Time to Work smart not work hard  Author: Andreas YDN Co-Author: ValkiRD
  2. 2. Consulting| Training| Research Objective • Understand Drive Test basic principals • Know the basic parametersin DT 4G • Concept both SSV and Cluster DT 4G • Able to do DT 4G both ssv or cluster and not just collect the data but analyze!!! • Reporting with basic standard
  3. 3. Consulting| Training| Research Drive Test Conceptual - Drive test is conducted for checking coverage criteria of a cell with RF - The data collected by drive test tool as log files is analyzed to evaluated various RF parameters of the network
  4. 4. Consulting| Training| Research Major QOS KPI (LTE) 1. Accessibility = How easily user can access the network for innitiate communication 2. Retainability = how easily to keep the network at the good performance
  5. 5. Consulting| Training| Research Major QOS KPI (LTE) 3. Mobility = how easliy the user can move to another place in connected mode without disconnection 4. Integrity = How big the traffic in the network
  6. 6. Consulting| Training| Research Major Parameter at DT LTE 1. RSRP (Reference Signal Received Power, the power of the reference signal, This is an LTE-specific drive test parameter and is used by devices to help determine handover points) 2. SINR: Signal-to-Noise Ratio, which compares the strength of the signal to background noise.  -70 dBm to -90 dBm → Good  -91 dBm to -110 dBm → Normal  -110 dBm to -130 dBm → Bad  16 dB to 30 dB → Good  1 dB to 15 dB → Normal  -10 dB to 0 dB → Bad
  7. 7. Consulting| Training| Research Major QOS KPI (LTE) 3. Throughput : the value from the UE to the EnodeB. We can measure two types such as Download and Upload 4. Call Drop: Disconnection event while make a call.
  8. 8. Consulting| Training| Research Important thing to DT efficient and effective 1. The parameter: a lot of DT Engineer didn’t know what he do while drive testing, it have so many value inside the tools, but they just collect it without understand what the definitioneach parameter
  9. 9. Consulting| Training| Research 2. Route: Don’t make double job at the same route,it will waste your time. Please be aware with your route and don’t duplicateit.
  10. 10. Consulting| Training| Research 3. Event: event is the most important thing, you can see when the event call drop, handover failure and make the analyze at that time. So you can explain to your RF Engineer what you have done in your work
  11. 11. Consulting| Training| Research 4. DT strategy: the main important thing in LTE is Throughput, that value is makes differrence between another technology such as 3G / 2G. Please make sure you record your DT in stable condition(Filezillastill copying file) - Open large file - Open 3 file zilla
  12. 12. Consulting| Training| Research 5. Be active to analyze: some of DT engineer spent all the day to collect the data without knowing the result, it better for you to focus on your work and see if there any crossfeeder, bad spot result, or site Down,etc A. Cross Feeder: which cell is cross feeder?
  13. 13. Consulting| Training| Research B. Bad Spot Result Please give me the valid reason why the throughput is drop?
  14. 14. Consulting| Training| Research Spesification and Supporting Software 1. Supporting Hardware - Laptop (windows Xp / 7,RAM min 2GB, Processor min Core i3) - GPS NMEA - USB LTE modem Huawei E398S 2. Supporting software - Genex Probe and Genex Assistant(min v3.5) - Filezilla - Browser
  15. 15. Consulting| Training| Research Software Installation 1. USB GPS NMEA  Do not connect the GPS before installation,it will change the ESN number  InstallGPS NMEA’s driver from yourchoosen directory  After installation finish,connect the USB GPS NMEA to laptop
  16. 16. Consulting| Training| Research How To Drive Test Using Genex Probe V 3.5  Open Probe V3.5 then connect LTE Dongle and USB GPS  Klik Configure -> Device management-> Device configure  add the MS, by following this below picture and choose the related COM port
  17. 17. Consulting| Training| Research  add the MS, by following this below picture and choose the related COM port
  18. 18. Consulting| Training| Research  Add The GPS NMEA by click add button and choose the COM Port
  19. 19. Consulting| Training| Research  Import Map By clicking the earth symbol and choose Jakarta Map
  20. 20. Consulting| Training| Research  Create the engineering Parameter in xls format (please use the following format)
  21. 21. Consulting| Training| Research  Import Engineering Paramete:Configuration->Engineering parameter management-> import -> then choose LTE system, click browsse and choose the engineering parameter in xls format. Then click OPEN
  22. 22. Consulting| Training| Research  Match the probe parameter with the excel parameter (mandatory field)
  23. 23. Consulting| Training| Research Test Plan Configuration
  24. 24. Consulting| Training| Research 4. Set test parameters 1. Add test 2. Choose equipment 3. Test state 5. Test statistic Set different parameter according to different test, for example FTP Download