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The Supervised Study Plan

  1. THE SUPERVISED STUDY LESSON Principles of Teaching
  3. What is a Supervised study lesson? • It is one whose purpose is to teach children how to study a given subject effectively. • It directs the students in the use and mastery of the best techniques of efficient study.
  4. In essence in the supervised study lesson: 1.The pupil is taught the techniques of learning. 2.The teacher acts as guide in the various study procedures. 3.This guidance takes place in the classroom.
  5. Need for Supervised Study Observation shows that there is a need for supervised study lessons even in college for a number of reasons. 1. Many students of the failures and dropouts in school are due to poor study habits. 2. Many homes do not have proper study conditions. 3. There are improved techniques to study that need to be taught to students. 4. Weak students especially need supervised study.
  6. Forms of Supervised Study Lessons 1. Individual supervised study. A child is supposed to graduate to unsupervised study when he has learned the techniques of study. 2. Group Study. The group is first supervised by the teacher. (a) they do not waste time and (b) the composition of the group is right. 3. Study with books, people, or things. Study has been associated with book learning.
  7. Another classification of supervised study. 1.The double-period plan. One period is devoted to the recitation and the other period to supervised study of the next day’s lesson. 2.The divided period plan. Divided into two halves, first half for recitation and the other half for supervised study. 3.The daily-extra-period plan. It is done at the end of the day by the addition of an extra period.
  8. 4. The library-study plan. It has two phases. The semi- library study-hall situation. The departmental study where students get assistance by departments. 5. The flexible divided period. This is the same as the divided period plan except that the time division is more flexible. 6. The flexible supervised-study plan. The above plans do not lend themselves to present-day methods like the unit with its long unit assignment of several days.
  9. A modern classification of the supervised study. 1.The study period. The teacher should see to it that pupils start to work right away, and that they do not do any visiting or chatting. 2.Programmed instruction. It makes use of programmed textbooks and teaching machines. 3.Science laboratories. Laboratory work is always supervised.
  10. Techniques of Supervised Study • The success of the supervised study depends a great deal upon the teacher who will train and guide the pupils on how to study. • The physical setting should be conducive to study. • Distractions should be removed. • All necessary tools and equipment for study should be available. • The teacher should instruct the class to skim and get a general idea of the lesson.
  11. • The class should be told to note the important topics. • The teacher should avoid giving too much assistance but should always be available when needed. • Skillful questioning instead of direct help will guide pupils to self-activity.