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How to Impress Recruiter's at Career fair..

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This Presentation, gives tips & ways to Impress recruiter's at Career Fairs

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How to Impress Recruiter's at Career fair..

  1. 1. How to Impress Recruiters at the Career Fair
  2. 2. To succeed, you can’t just wander from booth to booth collecting information packets and company mugs. When hundreds of hiring managers converge, watch out. A recruiter’s alert eyes and ears may be focused on you when you least expect.
  3. 3. Create a One-Line Pitch is one way to Impress Job Fair Recruiters • Not only will there be other applicants wanting to talk to job fair recruiters, but the recruiters themselves will be distracted. • They don't have time to sit down with you for a halfhour interview, no matter how qualified you might be for a position with their company. • So develop a one-line pitch to give to each employer, making sure to mention your name, your education, your background, and what makes you unique. • It wouldn't hurt to add a reason or two why you want to work for them, either.
  4. 4. Pace Yourself:  To make it through what likely will be a long, grueling day, a wellstocked briefcase is important.  Be sure to have the following items on hand: a stack of resumes, pens and paper for note taking, tissues, a small mirror and breath mints.  Women should carry an extra pair of stockings in case of runs.  To keep your energy up, bring along an inconspicuous, non-messy snack.  Beware of keeping fruit in your briefcase, though, or you might end up handing out banana-scented resumes.  Juice or a soft drink will help you fend off dry mouth.
  5. 5. Dress for Success:  As with all career-related events, you'll want to impress job fair recruiters by looking your best.  Wear a conservative suit in dark, muted tones such as navy or black, and don't forget to shine your shoes.  Strong fragrances that might trigger allergies should be avoided, and carry a nice pen for filling out applications and contact forms.
  6. 6. Be best @ your Personality:  Every other eager applicant at the job fair will tell recruiters that they are motivated, goal-oriented, hard-working and a quick learner.  Set yourself apart from the crowd by using your personality to your advantage.  For example, if you are looking for an administrative job, you could say, "I make the best spreadsheets in the tri-state area.”  Be unique.
  7. 7. Research on Companies:  Most job fairs publish a list of recruiters and the companies they represent a week or so before the event.  Get your hands on that list and start learning about each individual corporation.  Find out about their company culture, who they like to hire, what their mission statement is and how long they've been in business.  When you have that knowledge, you'll be better equipped to impress job fair recruiters.
  8. 8. Know Your Audience:  Job fair recruiters are impressed with applicants who talk to them in language they can understand.  They do want to know about you---your talents, skills, education, background---but they also want to know what you can do for them.  Set yourself apart from the crowd by mentioning an applicable scenario in which you benefited a past employer.
  9. 9. Be Prepared:  Job recruiters might be impressed with you, but ten minutes later, their attention will be on another crowd of eager potentials.  To make sure they remember who you are, distribute detailed resumes along with eye-catching business cards that will remind them of your vast talents and skills.
  10. 10. Follow Up:  As mentioned in the previous tip, you want job recruiters to remember you for their formal interview process.  To meet that goal, follow up with the recruiter within 24 hours of the job fair to express interest in the position again and to remind them of your resume.
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