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Web Engagement Management

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Web Engagement Management

1. We are Realmdigital hi there :)

2. We are a super awesome and exciting team sitting in sunny Cape Town, South Africa. We are techies but we are also a fun bunch. Everything we do can be summed up by - Imagine then Build! Through our crazy and ground-breaking ideas we build awesome stuff that people love. Have fun, create and inspire.
We love technology

3. Companies already doing better business online with Platform...

4. platform – 80 different modules
Email Campaigns - distribute your content using Email Newsletters.
Web CMS - Manage you website easily and cost effectively.
Mobile - offer a custom experience for mobile users. Facebook Applications - create and share content on your Facebook Fan Page.
CRM - An integrated client database allows for categorisation and management of your client data. e –Commerce - Sell your products and services to the world.
Analytics- Platform integrates with many web analytic tools like Google Analytics.

5. Web Engagement Management

6. Engagement? What’s that? Huh?

7. It’s a conversation

8. Engagement
User generated content
Social media integration

9.Why should I engage? What’s in it for me?

10. Conversion
New customer
New order

11. Increase the number & quality of relationships

12. What if they don’t like me?

13. Demand generation
Targeted marketing.
Demand generation strategies determined by need recognition.

14. Demand generation
Content optimisation
Relevancy enhancements
Personalised experience

15. Hang out in all the right places

16. Multi-channel management
Website Intranet Email Facebook Twitter Mobile

17. Consistency
Same message Same experience Across all devices Across all channels Online and offline

18. Easier said, than done.

19. Most of us are here

Content Management
Email Campaigns

20. Old engagement model

21. Engagement source

Search based
Search Engine Optimisation - SEO
Pay Per Click – PPC

22. We now need to be social

23. Social model image

24. Don’t be afraid

25. We better on a social platform

26. Social engagement

27. Broad engagement

28. Engagement source
Social Media based Facebook Twitter

29. What engagement platform works for you?

30. Fan page vs website
Content Management
Hosting Tools
User Generated Content

31. ROI on a facebook fan page

32. Audience fragmentation

33. Website, facebook, twitter, email

34. Mobile, PC

35. global unit shipments of desktop PCs + notebook PCs vs. smartphones, 2005 – 2013E

36. Customer, Agent, intranet

37. web engagement management

38. a web engagement platform

39. leverage your content

40. other formats, pdf, eBooks, XML, Flash, Mobile

41. ROI of a common engagement platform

42. Greater reach

43. Familiarity & reduced training

44. Maximise use of existing content

45. CRM, E-Commerce, analytics

46. Monitor and measure
Social Media Monitoring
Sentiment analysis / Online Reputation Management

47. What now? Still not sure? Speak to me.
Follow us on Twitter: Linked-in Profile:
Mobile Number: +27 82 78 44905

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