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Similar a Healthy workspaces. It works, naturally, by Dewi Hartkamp and Peter Oei from SIGN(20)

Healthy workspaces. It works, naturally, by Dewi Hartkamp and Peter Oei from SIGN

  1. Healthy workspaces It works, naturally Communicating health benefits dr. ir. Dewi Hartkamp New tools & market pull Peter Oei
  2. Innovation program ‘’value-full’’ green Public Private Partnership
  3. Program Healthy workspaces • Developing tools and instruments • Organizing market pull & green deal • Technical system development
  4. Targets 2018 - 2019 • Communicate benefits of healthy workspaces to HRM, COO, Facility management • Quantify financial effects (data) • Develop solutions e.g. ‘clean air guarantee’ • Start in The Netherlands, scale up in Europe
  5. The world of HRM Mental Health (1 in 7 Burnout) -> HRM resonsibility Situation NL • Stress taboo...personal problems • Easy replacement..... EU Health agency: 4 billion € Prevention Knowledge gap value of green Education & training Innovation: Chief Happy Officers
  6. Brain = linking worlds Social science (HRM) Physical & mental health Workplace
  7. Nature Fix Kaplan-Ulrich-Wilson... Evolution & Stress response Neuroscience Smell, sound, sight (patterns) Bringing it inside: Nature-inspired integral system design
  8. Adjust message to target group
  9. Integral approach • Plants • Light • Food • Activity Behavior change
  10. New tools for engagement different target groups • Animation • Calculation tool • Manifest (CSR) / Green deal • Feedback employees app • Does your boss love you?
  11. Calculation tool
  12. Market pull - strategy • Pilots renowned companies: Rabobank, Ministries • Government policy workspaces • Green deal for offices • Green interior landscapers, (biophilic) architects, researchers join • Bottom up: Does your boss love you ?
  13. Implementation challenges • How to convince office management to participate? • Who’s sending the message? • Complexity of organisations
  14. Technical system development • Feedback system • Cloudgarden ventilation • Greennest Towers • Air cleaning small hanging systems
  15. Feedback employees App by Office Vitae • 3D visualisation office • Regular questionaires
  16. Cloudgarden • Dynamic ventilation and lighting • Data collection • Circular green wall
  17. Greennest Tower Clairy sensors air quality Ventilation at threshold Air cleaning: • Microbes • Absorption by moisture • Leaves of the plants
  18. Greennest Tower Capacity: 35 m2
  19. Development of hanging systems • Tech unit with sensors and ventilation • Ventilation direction -> convection • Effective evaporation system • Wooden front custom designed
  20. Join international campaign • Use tools (2019) • Health as driving factor • Use new systems & marketing concepts
  21. Join us to create healthy work spaces! This project is supported by a grant from the European Fund for Regional Development of the European Union and the province of North-Holland, the Netherlands.