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Technology Allows us to Reimagine Everything

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Technology Allows us to Reimagine Everything

  1. 1. REIMAGINE EVERYTHIN G The Effects of the Major Shifts in 21st Century Technology IT'S TIME TO
  2. 2.
  3. 3. How do we achieve excellence?
  4. 4. “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Sir Arthur Charles Clarke co-writer of the screenplay for the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey NEWS FLASH!! We now have sufficiently advanced technology
  5. 5. ©NAIOP 2013
  6. 6. How do we achieve excellence?
  7. 7. What's the formula for tech success in the near future? E = MC 2 Cloud Strategy Content Strategy Excellence Mobile Strategy
  8. 8. What is an app? self-contained program or piece of software designed to fulfill a particular purpose; an application, esp. as downloaded by a user to a mobile device.
  9. 9. So what should I be doing? Take Advantage of Mobile • THINK MOBILE FIRST! • Your current website and its structure are not useful on a mobile device. Responsive design is a must, but it will be just the cost of entry in the future. Rethink your offerings in the "mobile context". • When designing the mobile experience, think task not brand. Think convenience store, not supermarket. • Mobile devices give us the unique opportunity to be "Present at the Point of Need!" • REIMAGINE STUFF!!
  10. 10. Why is Mobile so Important?
  11. 11. Why is Mobile so Important? Because … 56% of all US Adults have smartphones 34% of Americans 18+ own a tablet
  12. 12. Why is Mobile so Important?
  13. 13. Why is Mobile so Important? Because Mobile traffic as a percentage of overall internet traffic is exploding!
  14. 14. Why is Mobile so Important? Tablet adoption among adults is past the “we ought to do something about this” point.
  16. 16. Point of Sale?
  17. 17. RETHINK STUFF RETHINK Mobile Commerce
  18. 18. Dream it..... ...then DO IT!!
  19. 19. The Mobile Mindset Extraneous
  20. 20. The Mobile Mindset Mobile First = User Needs First! When designing for mobile, consider the “mobile context”. Where will the user most likely be, what might they be doing, how long will they most likely have, etc. vs.
  21. 21. Embrace "Bring Your Own Stuff" • 70% of firms who deployed BYOD programs achieved increased bottom line revenues • Device replacement and reimbursement expenses decline, because employees take better care of personally owned devices • More than 80% of enterprises stated that worker productivity increased due to BYOD programs BYO? Device Cloud Apps
  22. 22. Embrace "Bring Your Own Stuff" BYO? Most of the work tools I use today come from an App Store, not my IT department . Hmmmm..... Device Cloud Apps
  23. 23. So what should I be doing? Mobile Device Management • Mobile Device Management (MDM) software secures, monitors, manages and supports mobile devices deployed in the enterprise. • MDM functionality typically includes over-the-air distribution of applications, data and configuration settings for all types of mobile devices, including mobile phones, smartphones, tablet computers.
  24. 24. The Cloud
  25. 25. The cloud is here to stay... and that's a good thing! Here's why...
  26. 26. The main advantage of cloud computing is mobility. Using cloud-based technologies means that you can work wherever you have Internet access...and increasingly on whatever device you want to!
  27. 27. Better Security? Yes, Much Better Security!! One of the top concerns of cloud skeptics is data security. Well according to SuccessFactors, security is actually increased when using cloud solutions due to strict ISO security standards that cloud providers must adhere to, in addition to the regular security audits. Most cloud services – especially those targeting enterprise use – employ protection and security far exceeding that of most Fortune 500 companies and government agencies—and absolutely beyond the security capacity of any small or midsized business or nonprofit.
  28. 28. Business Agility!! Capacity and location planning are no longer in your hands, but are the responsibility of the cloud vendor. That means you can respond quickly to any business changes that may arise unexpectedly because operations are handled by the cloud vendors.
  29. 29. Most of the work tools I use today come from an App Store, not my IT department. They are delivered via an "App Store" in a cloud-based model.
  30. 30. Transition to the IT department structure of the future Because of technology, the IT department will have a different makeup in 2020 than it does today. • Internally, the viability of what we currently call cloud services will force IT to focus less on infrastructure and applications, and more on vendor management and high-level business analysis (see below) • Externally, IT will rely on a stable of services and specialists that do not need to be hired internally. Research firms, valueadded resellers (VARs), and systems integrators are examples of external resources that core IT will rely on. • Many jobs will disappear. It’s not only that many jobs will be outsourced; many will be directly replaced with technology. Tasks will be automated to the point that a person is not required to accomplish them. In the same way that machines have taken over many physical labor positions, they will soon take over many intellectual labor positions. In their place, different jobs will emerge, requiring redeployment of resources and skills. Those who can’t adjust will find themselves without a job. Info-Tech Research Group
  31. 31. Benefits of Cloud Computing Shifting the major focus of IT...... T I T From technology dominant... informatio n dominant! T
  32. 32. Benefits of Cloud Computing Reduction in the cost and time of INNOVATION! • Don't buy servers, lease them! • Servers can be up and configured in hours or minutes not days or weeks • Technology can be commissioned and decommissioned as needed
  33. 33. Benefits of Cloud Computing Money for a more STRATEGIC IT presence in your organization! • Studies show that up to 80% of IT budgets are tied up in routine maintenance! • We need IT leaders who are more adept at leveraging the latest technologies not managing them • We need IT staff that can add value to the business, not manage and patch servers
  34. 34. So what should I be doing? - Don't buy another server! - Invest heavily in mobile! - Invest in Unified Communications
  35. 35. Cloud Computing Resources 10 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Cloud Provider Choosing a cloud provider: Bringing business and IT together How to Choose a Cloud Hosting Service
  36. 36. The Cloud Effect Estimated costs of infrastructure for two application servers, two database servers and a load balancer across internal, managed and Cloud deployment models. Source O’Reilly Media: George Reese
  37. 37. There is a group of folks, largely (but not entirely) defined by generation, who communicate differently. They have always communicated differently.
  38. 38. There is a group of folks, largely (but not entirely) defined by generation, who communicate differently. They have always communicated differently. They’re not used to getting “spray and pray” types of marketing and other communications from organizations, they’re used to choosing or “following” people and content streams.
  39. 39. TheEffects of Social Media The expectation that communications get to the point faster! is e A c t iv nc o C e Vo ic e !P u ! nc hy !
  40. 40.
  41. 41. Why is this so important? Because this….. “Social” CRM Martin Walsh Head of Digital Marketing & Award Winning Producer at Red Dune Films
  42. 42. “Social” CRM …is now this!! Martin Walsh Head of Digital Marketing & Award Winning Producer at Red Dune Films
  43. 43. So what should I be doing? Rethink AMS, CRM, whatever management system you use!!
  44. 44. This might look like a social media site, but it's not!! It's actually a next gen AMS It's actually a next gen AMS system. One that allows system. One that allows both staff and members both staff and members to follow people, events, to follow people, events, companies, etc. and companies, etc. and streams them information streams them information based on activities of things based on activities of things they follow! they follow!
  45. 45. So what should I be doing? Rethink Taxonomy and Content Delivery!!
  46. 46. Develop Connected Content!! What if I land here and it’s too complicated? What’s it about? Who wrote it? When was it written? What’s the source? What if its WAYYYY too complicated? What if I land here and and I need deeper information?
  47. 47. Develop "Purposeful" Content!! Unorganized Content “How do I” linked content? Write a marketing plan Step 1. ________________________ Step 2. ________________________ Step 3. ________________________ Step 4. ________________________ Content organized to help people get things done! Not read about getting things done!
  48. 48. BIG DATA.... ...or BIG PERSPECTIVE? ©NAIOP 2013
  49. 49. Big Data....or Big Perspective? What does a member's (customers) "profile" really look like? Where are they creating value that goes unnoticed, or worse, unrewarded?
  50. 50. Business Intelligence "Business Intelligence is a set of methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies that transform raw data into meaningful and useful information used to enable more effective strategic, tactical, and operational insights and decision-making."
  51. 51. Dream it.....then DO IT!!