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Music license guide by Rehegoo

  1. REHEGOO LICENSING GUIDE MUSIC FOR BUSINESS P - 1 What Does Fully-licensed Music Mean? A short guide to answer all your questions about licensing.
  2. Contents: 03 07 14 Music streaming platforms Which platform can I use in my for my business Do you need a license to play music? How do licenses work? Is there an alternative? Does this also bene fi t artists? Manifesto REHEGOO LICENSING GUIDE MUSIC FOR BUSINESS P - 2
  3. Music streaming platforms
  4. Which platform can I use for my business? Alongside the creative process of choosing the right music, there is also the intricate world of copyright and licensing related to in-store music. A s a b u s i n e s s o w n e r, y o u w a n t y o u r establishment to have the perfect ambience. You want your customers to feel comfortable and relaxed, and music can be a great way to create that atmosphere. But before you cue up your favourite playlist on Spotify, there's something you should know: according to copyright law, businesses are not allowed to play music from these types of streaming services. That means no Spotify, no YouTube, and no Apple Music as these services are only for personal, non- commercial use. These music streaming platforms do not hold licenses with the music industry that allow their customers to stream music in public places. REHEGOO LICENSING GUIDE MUSIC FOR BUSINESS P - 4
  5. According to a survey conducted by Statista, 83% of small businesses are not adhering to copyright laws by streaming music via personal service. This means 1000s of artists are potentially missing out on additional revenue they may have earnt from their music being played in stores around the world. It may appear easier for sta ff to connect their own personal Spotify accounts to their workplace’s AV system, however, with a commercial streaming platform such as Rehegoo Music, the process can be even simpler and the business owner can ensure brand consistency by preventing Sheila in Accounts from putting on her favourite death metal playlist during peak trading times. It’s worth remembering that the music on commercial streaming platforms often contains profane lyrics, which can bring a whole new set of problems to a retailer, alongside the complexities of licensing. REHEGOO LICENSING GUIDE MUSIC FOR BUSINESS P - 5
  6. Alongside selecting the correct type of music streaming platform, businesses need to obtain a licence from the entity or entities that hold the rights to the songs they would like to play. The cost of the licence depends on the occupancy of the establishment, sometimes also the number of loudspeakers, and can cover both live and recorded music. Do I need a license to play music in my business? REHEGOO LICENSING GUIDE MUSIC FOR BUSINESS P - 6
  7. This can be a tricky process, especially for smaller businesses, and is different in each country. While in the past it was enough to have one licence issued by only one entity, in some countries this is no longer the case. There are many organisations (called performing rights organisations, or ‘PROs’) representing the various rightsholders and each one issues its own licence for the specific use. For those who do not want to give up music in their shops, this increases the burden of compliance and also the costs! REHEGOO LICENSING GUIDE MUSIC FOR BUSINESS P - 7
  9. Deep breath….the process behind licences issued by PROs starts with the songwriter and the publisher (if any) granting authority to a PRO in order to have their repertoire managed and their royalties collected. The same thing happens with producers of recordings (i.e. record label, if any) and performing artists, who can grant authority to neighbouring rights organisations (NRO). These organisations, acting on behalf of rights- holders, issue licences to business owners to allow them to play music in stores legally. Royalties are then collected by the same organisations and shared among all the rights holders according to reports of music played. REHEGOO LICENSING GUIDE MUSIC FOR BUSINESS P - 9
  10. 1. If the music played belongs to various rights holders registered in di ff erent collecting societies, businesses have to obtain more licences, bear more compliance, and therefore more costs. 2. The cost paid by businesses to obtain licences includes both royalties belonging to rights- holders and a fee added by collecting societies. REHEGOO LICENSING GUIDE MUSIC FOR BUSINESS P - 10 This means that:
  11. Is there an alternative? Yes. It is called ‘direct licensing’ A direct licence is issued by the author or the rights- holder of the works and their recordings, without the involvement of collecting societies. Artists who are not registered with collecting societies can independently grant direct licences to users for the usage of their repertoire. Since there are no intermediaries or other entities involved in the licence, direct licensing also means fully-licenced. Sometimes, confusingly, this is called ‘royalty-free’, or ‘royalty-paid’, but it’s the same thing. Playing fully-licenced music in stores relieves business owners of securing other licences or authorisations. Once you are paying a subscription for the licence, you are free to play that music in your business. REHEGOO LICENSING GUIDE MUSIC FOR BUSINESS P - 11
  12. Does this also bene fi t artists? Yes. Since there are no intermediaries and no other parties involved, the artist and/or his or her assignee can keep more of the fee paid by the business and do not have to wait for the lengthy allocation times of collecting societies. Music transforms a chore into a dance party and we can say with no doubt that it plays a big role in creating and enhancing the customers’ experience: it is the timbre of your business and, thanks to direct licensing, you can rest easy that the music you play is free from copyright infringement. REHEGOO LICENSING GUIDE MUSIC FOR BUSINESS P - 12
  13. Fully-licensed music We like to keep things simple. That’s why we started Rehegoo — to make the once- impenetrable world of licensing as easy-to-understand and hassle-free as possible. made simple Businesses and creators pay a transparent fee to access the fully-licensed music in our easy-to-search library. The music you fi nd will always be of the highest quality, in both sound and execution. And there’s no complex calculations here, however big or small your budget: no higher charges based on the square footage of your space, no hidden fees. REHEGOO LICENSING GUIDE MUSIC FOR BUSINESS P - 13
  14. Manifesto Music is powerful. It can take us back in time. It can affect our mood. It can shape our behaviour. But the world’s full of barriers that stop us sharing and enjoying it freely. That’s why we set out to rethink the world of royalty-free music, Opening it up to more businesses, artists and listeners. We start by seeking out undiscovered talent. We give them support, we give them tools, we help them grow and pay them fairly. And when they’re ready, we bring their music to new fans. Because we’ve made it simpler for businesses to access and play it to their audiences. We’ve taken away the hassle of licensing and wrapped it in a simple affordable payment package. And we’re building smarter sounds for the future, making it easy for businesses to play the right sounds at the right time, to drive their results. This is music as it was meant to be. Hassle-free for both listener and artist. REHEGOO LICENSING GUIDE MUSIC FOR BUSINESS P - 14
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