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4 main reasons why entrepreneurs fail

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Every Entrepreneir start their business to succeed, statistics show that more than 80% of small businesses fail.
#Entrepreneurs get to much oif a tunnel #vision and they start seeing everything throuigh their eyes and fail to disciver their #niche of #audience and what they need
We discuss the 4 main reasons why entrepreneurs fail and how to remedy them to #success

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4 main reasons why entrepreneurs fail

  1. 1. Gain Control of your life Sahar Andrade, MB.BCh 4 Main reasons why Entrepreneurs FAIL Reinvent Yourself to Greatness
  2. 2. • Have you thought to start your business, but you are terrified to even start? • You keep hearing about all these small businesses& start ups going out of business? • Do you keep working the same miserable job scared to start your business to execute your ideas? • Have you been inundated with GREAT ideas but do not know what to do with them? If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then this is for you!
  3. 3. Every small business starts with a dream. But, it takes more than ideas to achieve our goals. As entrepreneurs we need knowledge and resources to help our dream come to fruition.
  4. 4. Entrepreneurs’ Definition
  5. 5. Definition •Entrepreneur: Comes from French word meaning undertaking or self-motivation (Entre) connect things build or self- motivate to create a business. •Are managers, owners or people that run business. Someone that starts. Creates or offer values for customers they are innovative
  6. 6. Definition •Risk takers leaving the safety of the status quo and comfort of the world they know to take a risk towards success. •Human beings are programmed to avoid change or avoid loss but entrepreneurs overcome the tendency to play safe and they take calculated risks over and over till they create opportunities •4-
  7. 7. Definition •Are persistent people, things do not always work as expected, when it gets rough entrepreneurs need to keep going they commit their time, life and money take risks to succeed. •They are creators of value: To others either as creating jobs for others – or creating products and services to their customers
  8. 8. In short Entrepreneurs have a unique set of mindsets and skills that combined create success. It is not a job it is a mind set and a mind shift from bad habits to other healthy habits and most importantly to make these new habits stick It is a learned ability. Successful entrepreneurs are defined as people who, by means of vision and hard work, have managed to achieve a measure of control over their own destinies and, at the same time, have developed a healthy balance in their lifestyles.
  9. 9. 4 Main reasons why Entrepreneurs FAIL?
  10. 10. Most, if not all entrepreneurs get emotionally attached and involved with their own ideas of business that they lose any other perspective around them 1- It is not about “YOU
  11. 11. 2- It is not about “YOUR PRODUCT or YOUR SERVICES”
  12. 12. 3- It is not about what “YOU KNOW” it is about what the client think
  13. 13. 4- Build it and they will come
  14. 14. Define Success Success means different things to different people, none of these meaning is right or wrong. If the definition of success is not clear from the beginning, trying to survive in the business can make entrepreneurs forget what success to them is. Success should be what inspires you no matter what it is.
  15. 15. Remedies To get to the details of the four (4) remedies to avid failing as an Entrepreneur Listen to my podcast Reinvent Yourself to Greatness with Sahar Podcast http://www.reinventyourselftogreatness. com/reinventingpodcast
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  17. 17. Contact us: Sahar Andrade, MB.BCh www. (818) 861 9434