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City SmartUp Tools to fire up your Smart City project

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The world’s urbanization process is definitely the main argument used to justify the urgent need of smarter cities. The world is facing an incredible increase in urban problems due to the population growth. The most common argument to justify Smart City projects is related to United Nation reports showing that by 2030 it will probably be over 70% of the world population. But the question is if this statement alone is strong enough to convince the most sceptic ones. The first argument of this paper considers that as cities are definitely collapsing due to the world urbanization, the discussion about smart cities must go deeper than only the application ICT in “smart solutions” to assuage the current problems. Mobility is definitely in the top 5 list of any world's metropolis urban problems. For decades the transportation matrix in our cities was based in automobiles, that has become not only a mean of mobility but also a symbol of status. The paper also explore some aspects of the creative economy revolution that makes now the projects not only faster, but cheaper than ever before. The nature of the Smart City project does not really matter, some tools can be useful to boost it and to assure a long-term economic sustainability. This paper covers four preeminent trends, described as tools and illustrated with some global cases: (1) Rethinking the Smart City Pitch; (2) Smart City Concept Design; (3) “Appsation” Reconnecting with Citizens and (4) Attracting and Promoting Urban Mobility Pilot Projects. We are now certainly facing a new era of smart city development. More cities are adopting the philosophy and citizens are becoming the main stakeholder in the process. All the long, costly and hard path taken by the pioneers can be now effectively shortcut. What are you waiting for? Let’s SMARTup!

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Renato de Castro is a smart city senior consultant specialized in investment attraction and management for SC projects. He is member of the global advisory board of Leading Cities, located in Boston, and international advisor for The World e-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments, in Seoul.He is senior vice president for smart city investments at Commercial Real Estate Financing, Inc., an american equity infusion & grant funding bank based in Pennsylvania, US. He is also founder, executive board member and senior consultant at Baumann Consultancy Network for Smart Cities projects and internationalization strategies. Doctor of Business Administration candidate at Maastricht School of Management, MSM, Netherlands. He is also writer and video blogger for Smart City , ICT and Urbanization Strategies topics.

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City SmartUp Tools to fire up your Smart City project

  1. 1. CITY SMARTUP A better life, closer than ever. Renato de Castro
  3. 3. POPULATION 154.000 PER DAY 7.4bi 1.8bi 1916 2016
  4. 4. WORLDurban POPULATION MIGRATIO N:+370,000/day Source: World Health Organization 2015- 2020 Sound effects: FXProSound
  5. 5. POPULATION URBAN GROWTH PER HOUR: Lagos +85 Delhi +79 Dhaka +74 Kinshasa +63 Shanghai +53 Mumbai +51 Kolkata +32 Manila + 29 Jakarta +27 Mexico City +22 Istanbul +19 São Paulo +18 Shenzhen +15Source: UN 2014 Sound effects: FXProSound
  6. 6. MOBILITY $121 billion/year US costs in time and fuel due to traffic congestion. Source: INRIX Sound effects: Klankbeeld
  7. 7. HEALTH +95 % of the world’s population has health problems. Source: Lancet
  8. 8. EDUCATION 57 million out of school in 2015. Source: UNESCO Sound effects: ABC Open
  9. 9. SMART(er) CITIES Technology for a better life ICT Citizens-centered Quality of life New Economy Resilience
  10. 10. DO WE NEED IT?
  13. 13. TOOL 1 SHARPEN YOUR PITCH Summarize the city DNA in a 5 minutes storytelling-style presentation.
  14. 14. TOOL 2 KEEP IT SIMPLE Wait for the “momentum” before investing in a state-of-the- art project.
  15. 15. TOOL 3 FIND PARTNERS Don’t ask how big is the budget, but what your city can offer back.
  16. 16. TOOL 3: FIND PARTNERS Public Private People Partnership
  17. 17. Smart Cities can be a real laboratory to develop, test and refine the new models of (a smarter and happier) life.
  18. 18. THANKYOU Renato de Castro renato@renatodecastro. com@renatodecastro