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Flextronics International Inc - 2009 Fortune Global 500 Company Snapshot

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This report provides an in-depth company profiles covering Flextronics International Inc ranked 275 in the 2009 Fortune Global 500 list. All data is gathered from primary source. Reports are available in easily accessible PDF format and data is consistently presented. Data is regularly tracked and enhanced to ensure data on these high profile companies is accurate and current. This report is an indispensable tool for investors, researchers and analysts wanting to gather the relevant facts on the major companies in of the world. Research Bank concentrates on a small number of high profile companies using tested and trusted research and editorial methodologies. Report Scope - An excellent all round report covering all key aspects of companies profiled within the report - Company profiles include* full contact details - activities description - board of directors - key executives - key financials - international locations - executive biographies - competitors - analyst coverage - quick bullet point company facts - date of establishment - number of employees - ticker symbol - tradenames and SIC codes. Why Buy This Report' - 'Snapshot' information - easy to scan and analyse - Up to 8 years of key financial data - Consistent data presentation - Compare company information easily - Well maintained and in-depth * where available

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