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Market Research Report: Restaurant Market In India 2010

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Restaurants and traditional food joints has been an age old concept with the dominance of a large number of unorganized players operating as street vendors, roadside eateries and stand-alone restaurants. However, with growing urbanization and changing lifestyles, the organized players have occupied a firm foot hold in this market which is worth INR 580 bn and shows huge potential for
growth in future. The increasing trend of eating out coupled with the increasing share of young population has driven the market.

The report begins with the market overview section providing the size of the restaurant or the food service market in India with a brief description of the various segments that exist in the market and the penetration of the organized players in the various segments.

An analysis of the drivers explain the factors for growth of the industry including growing disposable income, favourable demographics, changing lifestyles and preferences, increasing proportion of take away food and increasing number of working women. The key challenges identified encompass cumbersome licensing, food price fluctuations, high cost of real estate and lack of skilled manpower. Key trends have also been analyzed including foreign players foraying into the Indian market, brand expansion into smaller cities, Indian brands exploring the foreign market, growth in food franchising and emergence of theme-based cafes and restaurants.

The competition section provides an overview of the competitive landscape in the industry illustrating the share of organized and unorganized players and the entry route for the foreign players into the Indian market. It also includes brief profiles of major domestic companies in each segment of the organized restaurant market.

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Market Research Report: Restaurant Market In India 2010

  1. 1. Restaurant Market – India May 2010
  2. 2. Executive Summary Restaurant/Food service market in India was valued at INR X mn in 20--; Growing at the rate of Y% annually Food Service market includes - Fine Dining Restaurants; QSRs or Fast Food Chains; Cafes and Market Coffee Joints LE Changing consumer lifestyles, increasing urbanization and higher frequency of eating out has fueled growth in the market Drivers: MP Growing disposable income Challenges: Cumbersome licensing Drivers & Challenges A Favourable demographics S Changing lifestyles and preferences Increasing proportion of take away food Increasing number of working women Food price fluctuations High cost of real estate Lack of skilled manpower Foreign players foraying into Indian market Growth of food franchising Trends Brand expansion into smaller cities Emergence of Theme-based cafes and Indian brands exploring the foreign market restaurants The market is dominated by the unorganized food service providers Major players include a large base of foreign brands who have a huge consumer base in the Tier 1 Competition and Tier 2 cities Organized players are eyeing the major retail chains and high footfall locations as the next emerging target for setting up outlets RESTAURANT MARKET IN INDIA 2010 .PPT 2
  3. 3. •Market Overview •Drivers & Challenges •Trends •Competition RESTAURANT MARKET IN INDIA 2010 .PPT 3
  4. 4. Restaurant market in India is growing fast due to the increasing number of people eating out Overview Market Size •Restaurant/Food service market in India has witnessed tremendous growth in recent years INR bn X% LE •With increasing number of people eating out 600 b the industry offers major opportunities to the a P 500 players to capture a larger consumer base 400 market growth SAM •Changing demographic, rising income levels and increasing urbanization has also fueled •The growing segment comprises of formats 300 200 100 like fast food chains, cafes and fine dining restaurants 0 2007 2008 •There is an increasing trend of Indian players exploring the foreign market •Target consumer group lies in Tier I & II cities •Constant innovations with the product varieties has proved to be a strong growing aspect for the players Source: RESTAURANT MARKET IN INDIA 2010 .PPT 4
  5. 5. Drivers & Challenges Challenges Drivers Cumbersome licensing Growing disposable income Food price fluctuations Favourable demographics High cost of real estate Changing lifestyles and preferences Lack of skilled manpower Increasing proportion of take away food Increasing number of working women RESTAURANT MARKET IN INDIA 2010 .PPT 5
  6. 6. Key Trends Foreign players foraying into Indian market Emergence of Theme-based Brand expansion into smaller cafes and restaurants cities Trends Indian brands exploring the Growth of food franchising foreign market RESTAURANT MARKET IN INDIA 2010 .PPT 6
  7. 7. Food service market provides huge opportunities for the organized service providers to increase their footholds Overview Market Entry Route – Foreign Players • Traditionally, the Indian consumers have been eating at roadside eateries and dhabas and stalls which still Entry Route occupy a major share of the unorganized sector LE • The market is highly competitive with a large number of P Indian and foreign players • Indian food service market is dominated by global Company Owned Stores Franchised Stores SAM players, specially in the organized fast food segment • Growing trend of consumption of multi cuisines and increasing brand consciousness has led to the increase of global player footprints Market Segmentation Organized Segment • Organized modern formats like malls and supermarkets have also become a favourite destination for the outlets X% • Master companies are readily tying up with small franchisors and mall owners to promote their brand Y% Un-Organized Segment Source: RESTAURANT MARKET IN INDIA 2010 .PPT 7
  8. 8. Major Fast Food Players (2/6) Company No. of Outlets Business Description • It started ‘X' restaurant and introduced A for the first time in India in the 19--s Company A • In June 20--, Company P, MR. X acquired the Company A E X • It has a network of fast food chains like Brand 1, Brand 2, Brand 3 and Brand 4 L and owns restaurant brands like ‘Brand 5’, ‘Brand 6’ and ‘Brand 7’ P • It operates its restaurants in cities like Panipat, Dehradun, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Meerut, Pathankot AM • It also operates outlets at fuel stations with association with X Corporation at Dwarka, Punjabi Bagh, Janakpuri, Gurgaon and Chandigarh S • It also has a national tie-up with Y and has opened projects in Delhi, Jaipur Expansion Plans: • It plans to open ~X new units in the next A years Company B • It was started by X entrepreneurs and the first outlet was opened in Mumbai in Y July 19-- • It has outlets in Mumbai, Pune, Surat, Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Nasik, Aurangabad, Kolhapur, Chandigarh, Jammu, Chennai, Bhubhaneswar, Goa and Bangalore • It serves product 1, product 2, product 3, product 4 and product 5 Source: Note: This list is not exhaustive; No. of Outlets is indicative RESTAURANT MARKET IN INDIA 2010 .PPT 8
  9. 9. Thank you for the attention The Restaurant Market - India report is a part of Research on India’s Food & Beverage Industry Series. For more detailed information or customized research requirements please contact: Gagan Uppal Gaurav Kumar Phone: +91 98364 71499 Phone: +91 98303 09715 E-Mail: E-Mail: Research on India is a product of Netscribes (India) Pvt. Ltd. Research on India is dedicated to disseminating information and providing quick insights on “hot” industries in India and other emerging markets. Track our new releases and major updates in these industries on About Netscribes Netscribes is a knowledge-consulting and solutions firm with clientele across the globe. The company’s expertise spans areas of investment & business research, business & corporate intelligence, content-management services, and knowledge-software services. At its core lies a true value proposition that draws upon a vast knowledge base. Netscribes is a one-stop shop designed to fulfil clients’ profitability and growth objectives. Disclaimer: This report is published for general information only. Although high standards have been used the preparation, Research on India, Netscribes (India) Pvt. Ltd. or “Netscribes” is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from use of this document. This document is the sole property of Netscribes (India) Pvt. Ltd. and prior permission is required for guidelines on reproduction. RESTAURANT MARKET IN INDIA 2010 .PPT 9