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  1. 1. • is the theory based on research carried out on an unrepresentative sample?Gender bias • does the theory/approach attempts to explain phenomena in terms of basic elements?Reductionism • is the theory based on research carried out in one particular type of culture (i.e. indivicualistis culture) ?Ethnocentrism • Does the theory/approach explain phenomena in terms of nature i.e. gentics neglecting other factors i.e. social factors? Nature/Nurture • Situate the theory in one approach (biological, behavioural, cognitive, psychodynamic)Approach • Does the theory/approach acknoledge a sense of individual free-will or does it argue that our behaviour is determined by a particular set of factors? Determinism • Does the theory/approach propose/research issues which could be socially controversial ? (i.e. correlation between race and IQ) Ethics • Is the theory based on evidence which is objective/ valid/ reliable?Scientificmethod