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  1. Steam power plant Revati Devrat
  2. 1)Steam power plant is also known “Thermal Power plant”. 2)Steam power plant is located in “Parali”. 3)In Marathi, it is known as “Aushnik vidyut nirmiti Kendra”. 4) It is one of the widely utilized power plant in the world. 5) Availability of coal is important factor in this type of power plant
  3. 6)The main component of this power plant is Steam which is obtained from water, by increasing their temperature and pressure 7) The technology largely today to produce electricity from coal causes a significant negative environmental impact 8)To utilize coal more effectively in electricity generation processes efforts are required to improve the efficiency of plants through modifications 9)And To develop advanced coal utilization technologies 10)There are two types 1)condensing 2)non condensing
  4. Working of steam power plant 1)The main fuel of steam power plant or thermal power plant is coal 2) The burning of coal generates heat , by using this heat water is heated in the boiler 3) At high temperature and pressure water is converted into steam 4) Due to steam power, turbines rotates. 5) Turbine connected to the generator, produces electricity or power which is the output of this power palnt
  5. 6) After hitting the turbines blades the steam loses its most of the energy and leaves the turbines with low pressure steam . 7) This low pressure steam enters into condenser, cold water circulates in the condenser from the cooling tower. 8) In the condenser the low pressure steam is converted into condensate i,.e water. 9) The heat retained in the steam removed by condenser and then converted into water by using cooling tower and sends towards boiler and process often repeats again to produce electricity . 10) Smoke generated due to the burning of coal is removed by using purifying device chimney .
  6. P Boiler Superheater condenser Turbine
  7. Working diagram of steam power plant Cooling tower Generator Boiler Chimney T s Condenser
  8. Components of steam power plant 1) Boiler 2) Condenser 3) Turbine 4) Water feed pump 5) Generator 6) Cooling tower
  9. Advantages of steam power plant 1) The fuel (i.e. coal ) is used is quite cheap. 2) Less initial cost as compared to the other generating stations of the same capacity. 3) It requires less space as compared to the hydroelectric power plant. 4) The cost of generation is lesser than the diesel power station. 5) According to the demand, the load can be changed frequently without any difficulty.
  10. Disadvantages of steam power plant 1) It pollutes the atmosphere due to the production of large amount of smoke . 2) A huge amount of water is required. 3) Running cost is high as compared to the diesel power plant . 4) The overall efficiency of steam power plant is low 5) The heated water that is thrown in the rivers, ponds, lakes etc. puts adverse effect on the living organisms of water and disturbs ecology
  11. Applications of steam power plant 1) Steam power plant produces electricity which is useful for various industries . 2) Steam power plant gives job facility at the location of plants . 3) In Maharashtra, steam power plant is in the chandrapur having capacity 3340mw .