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Web Design and Development Company Dubai | IT101 LLC

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IT101 is well known IT company based in Dubai and is providing reliable web solutions particularly including, web design, web development, online marketing, SEO, SEM, web hosting and mobile marketing services.

We also provide customize web and mobile application solutions based on client requirements.

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Web Design and Development Company Dubai | IT101 LLC

  1. 1. Capability Proposal Make Things Happen
  2. 2. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 02 2. What We Do 02 3. Web Design 03 3.1. Responsiveness 03 4. Development 04 4.1. Web Development 04 4.1.2. Types of Websites 05 4.2. Mobile Application Development 05 4.3. Software Development 06 5. Internet Marketing Services 07 5.1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 08 5.2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 08 5.3. Social Media Promotion 09 5.4. Facebook Ad Campaign Management 09 6. Content Management System (CMS) 10 6.1. Content Writing 11 7. Print Solutions 12 7.1. Branding and Designing 13 8. Web Hosting Service 14 9. Hardware Solutions 15 CAPABILITY PROPOSAL 01
  3. 3. IntroductionIT101 LLC has established strong presence in the world of information technology, in short period of time we have made an impressive mark in the field of technology. Our focus is to provide highly quality IT services that can fulfill the requirement of large and small businesses. We believe that information technology has become an essential element of real life as people are utilizing different IT solutions in various aspects of life. Our aim is to be efficient in various dimensions of IT services, which is why IT101's focal point is to be precise and smart in terms of implementing information tech- nology services according to the international standards. What We DoThe world of information technology is immensely deep and it offers a variety of solutions for individuals and businesses. We at IT101 provide wide range of IT services with great deal of expertise. Our goal is to deliver end to end complete IT solutions so that our valuable clients can experience utmost satisfaction with our services. CAPABILITY PROPOSAL 02
  4. 4. CAPABILITY PROPOSAL 03 Website has become an essential element of business these days it has extremely important to have website so that people across the world can easily reach you. We at IT101 provide highly effective and creative website design services. Design holds great impor- tance in terms of website as it is the foremost crucial aspect that visitors notice when they open a website. The website design should be highly creative, unique and can truly represent the nature of business or individual that's why our creative designers communicate with the clients effectively in order to understand their requirements. Based on the requirements and following the international standards we present symphonic website designs. Web Design With the advancement in technology and web standards user's behavior has changed a lot, the world is moving with consistent pace and in order to stay ahead one must stay up-to-date and follow the standards. With advance technology people are capable to access internet on the go using different mobile devices and according to a research more than 50% web traffic is coming from mobile devices, which means to cater mobile internet users, businesses must have mobile friendly websites. That’s why we offer responsive web designs that support multiple screen resolutions. Responsiveness
  5. 5. CAPABILITY PROPOSAL 04 Being the leading IT Company in Dubai, IT101 provides wide range of development services in order to meet the technology needs of small and large organizations. In terms of development our aim is to develop highly effective IT solutions that can provide businesses ease to carry out their organizational operations more efficiently. Development IT101 provide numerous different types of web development services based on international web standards. There are several different types of web development platforms available today and we at IT101 have experienced team of web devel- opers who have expertise in various development platforms. Having diverse knowl- edge about different development platforms, provide us competitive edge in the field of information technology. We provide unique and effective web develop- ment solutions based on PHP,, HTML5, CCS3, Joomla, Wordpress, Ajax, jQuery and more. Web Development
  6. 6. CAPABILITY PROPOSAL 05 Types of Websites The advancement in technology has made great impact on web as people these days can access internet from different mobile devices and in the era of Smart- phone, mobile applications have become more effective in terms of business. We at IT101 provide mobile application development solutions based on Android and iOS. Android and iOS are the most commonly used mobile application develop- ment platforms; most of the mobile devices are either powered by Android or iOS. In order to target the mobile internet users more effectively, it is highly suggested for businesses to have mobile applications. Static: A static website is the simplest website, which is based on fixed website content if you are an individual and looking forward to setting up your web identity than static website is the suitable website. Once the website is development and live, it is difficult to change website content as you need web developer to do it for you. Static website is the cheapest type of website available today. Dynamic: A dynamic website is the most commonly used type of website and considered the most suitable website for small and large businesses. In dynamic website customized content management system is provided to the website owner so that he/she can easily modify website content such as text, images or videos. For business website it is perfect, as most businesses have to update their content more often. It is more costly and more effective type of website. E-Commerce: Online selling and buying has become an effective online business, most companies are moving towards online business so that they can sell their products across the world. IT101 provide highly secure and user-friendly ecommerce website with payment gateway integration and SSL integration so that visitors on the website can easily execute their transactions. Mobile Application Development
  7. 7. CAPABILITY PROPOSAL 06 Software Development Most of the businesses these days are adopting technology with open arms as there are several software applications that have made great impact on the real world especially in terms of business. Without computers and technology the growth of businesses was pretty slow, but with wide range of software solutions one can enhance the infrastructure of a company or an organization smartly. There are several software applications that are proven to be helpful in terms of performing several business operations. We at IT101 provide a variety of customized software applications that can fulfill the requirements of different businesses, for instance if you want to manage your accounts efficiently and precisely, we have perfect solution to meet your business requirements. Based on different programming languages and international standards, IT101 is capable of creating remarkable software solutions. Our expert developers have profound knowledge and experi- ence in several software development platforms prominently including C, C#, Perl, .NET, VB and Java.
  8. 8. CAPABILITY PROPOSAL 07 Internet is the major source of connection between people around the world and it has become an effective channel for communication and information sharing that's why it is really important for businesses to have strong online presence. At IT101 we offer several Online Market- ing Services that are proven to be effective in terms of building strong web presence. Most of the businesses have established there online presence by having a website, but the most important aspect of web world is to have quality traffic which results in enhancement of busi- ness growth. In fact, most companies have adopted online marketing as permanent element of their marketing strategy. IT101 has experienced online marketing profes- sionals who draft effective and result oriented marketing strategies for different sorts of businesses. There are several different aspects of internet marketing such as: Internet Marketing Services
  9. 9. CAPABILITY PROPOSAL 08 Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Search engine marketing is another effective way to promote business online, but in user have to pay for SEM campaign which depends on the marketing budget. The most effective SEM channel is Google Adwords and it offers different types of SEM campaigns so that advertisers can pick the most suitable one depending on the budget. IT101 have expert SEM professionals who design and manage SEM cam- paigns effectively in order to drive maximum results. If you are willing to boost up your online marketing campaign than SEM is one of the best paid marketing chan- nels over the web. Most of the web traffic comes from search engines as most people prefer to Google their desired products or services, but it has been observed that people prefer to visit top 10 search results and they found their desired items. There are billions of search results available for different searches but to be on the top require search engine optimization. Google as a search engine giant has defined several rules based on which it analyze the authenticity and popularity of website so in order to beat the competition in search engine businesses have to implement SEO. IT101 SEO experts have immense experience in terms of optimization and they are well aware of the Google rules based on which they design SEO strategies for businesses. We perform keyword research and competitor analysis to form best online marketing strategy. If you have a website, but don't have traffic, SEO is the best marketing strategy to groom your website and business. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  10. 10. CAPABILITY PROPOSAL 09 Facebook is the most popular social media channel having more than 1 billion active users, at the same time it has proven to be an effective marketing channel as well. Facebook offers comprehensive channel for advertisement and to promote a product or service to 1 billion users can be highly beneficial for the businesses, but the Facebook ad campaign depends on company's marketing budget if you are willing to promote your business over social media Facebook Ad Campaign is the most effective channel. IT1101 offers complete Facebook Ad Campaign Manage- ment and monitor the ad behavior as well so that we can get maximum results out advertising campaign. Facebook Ad Campaign Management Social media has gained great deal of importance on the web world there are several social media sites that have strong online presence and people around the world are connected to them. That's why social media channels have become important for business promotions. The most commonly used social media channels include Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. With the help of strong social media presence one can enhance business identity and according to the latest web standards social media has become extremely important in terms of search engine ranking. IT101 have several experts who understand social media behavior accurately based on which they define social media campaigns for businesses. Social Media Promotion
  11. 11. Content management system is one of the most effective ways to manage website content. In dynamic website webmasters have freedom to modify or add various elements of the website such as text, images and videos. Different types of content management systems available these days the most popular ones are WordPress and Joomla, but another option is to have customized CMS. We at IT101 offer user- friendly customized content management system using which user can easily manage enter website content quite easily. The best aspect of customized CMS is that it can be designed according to the requirements of website so that later on anyone who manages the website can easily do so. CAPABILITY PROPOSAL 10 Content Management System (CMS)
  12. 12. CAPABILITY PROPOSAL 11 Professional content writing is the key element in every aspect of business, either its website or company profile it is of great importance to have highly precise and professional content. We at IT101 provide professional content writing services for several purposes such as website content writing, banner writing, advertisement content writing and more. Words hold great power and our professional writers are well aware of how to use them effectively. Content Writing
  13. 13. Make Things Happen CAPABILITY PROPOSAL 12 Businesses these days are using printing materials for different purposes especially businesses cards and letter- heads. There are numerous different types of printing materials available these days and different business has different needs, we at IT101 provide a variety of options in terms of printing such as: • Business Stationary • Brochures, Catalogues and Flyers • Roll up & Banners • Invitations • Packaging Etc... Print Solutions
  14. 14. CAPABILITY PROPOSAL 13 Brand recognition is the most crucial element for any company and it feels really great when people see your logo and they recognize what your company is all about. The brand awareness becomes more important when there are a lot of competitors; you have to present your company in a unique and amazing manner. The branding must be done in a way so that people can feel the difference between you and the competitors. We at IT101 provide complete branding strat- egy, which is based on several essential elements. Our experts perform in-depth analysis about the nature of business and perform competitor analysis in order to design an effective branding campaign. • Logo Business Card • Brand Book • Media Kit • Stationary • Press Ad Newsletter • Magazine Ad • Hanging Flyer • Wall Banner • Signboard • Catalog • Motor Branding • Spider Standee • Web Banner • Sticker • Email Newsletter • Billboards • Brochure • Vinyl Sticker • Rollup Standee Etc... Branding and Designing
  15. 15. CAPABILITY PROPOSAL 14 Web hosting is the most crucial service over the web as it is required to publish content online. There are different types of web hosting services available these days such as shared hosting, Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Dedicated Server hosting. The performance of a website majorly rely on the stability of hosting server that's why it is really impor- tant for webmasters to pick a reliable web hosting com- pany. We at IT101 provide highly stable web hosting servers depending on the requirements of website. Also we offer domain registration service so that our clients can easily register their desired domains and get the hosting server at the same time. Web Hosting Service
  16. 16. CAPABILITY PROPOSAL 15 To set up IT infrastructure of any businesses several equip- ment are required such as computers, laptops, network and servers, CCTV cameras and more. IT101 offers wide range of hardware solutions that can fulfill the require- ments of small and large businesses. Being IT Company we are well aware of today's business need that's why we offer numerous different types of equipment from top vendors around the world in order to ensure quality services. Hardware Solutions